Weekend Haul (Oh Yes, It's a Haul)!!!

My feet are still burning.  Oh yes ladies, I shopped for a solid 6 hours today with my husband.  Bless his heart, he was such a trooper.  We started off at the Galleria where Kevin got a beautiful coat from Zara for our trip to Paris. It's a very nice, long, black wool jacket that's heavy enough for winter.  It's gorgeous!  He also picked up some jeans and a pair of TOMS shoes.  Guys are always so easy. 

I did an unexpectedly large amount of shopping today.  Most of you ladies know that I only shop when there's a deal going on and when I truly love something...and oh were there deals today!!!!

Let's start off with my shopping ensemble.  I finally broke out the JS boots and they were admittedly very comfortable for the first few hours. By the end of the day the balls of my feet were burning...BURNING!  I'm going to add some gel insoles like I do with most of my shoes. I do love these boots so much though.

Tee- Love Culture
Tights- Lulu Lemon Wunder Under Pintuck tights
Boots- Jessica Simpson Collection
Zip-Up- Lulu Lemon

Now onto the shopping!  I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous eyeshadow set from MAC's Tartan collection--- and ladies, this is NOT a collection to pass up.  I try not to get too into all of those collections MAC does because it's easy to go overboard and buy products you don't even need and won't use...but this collection has so many incredible sets that I urge you to check it out.  The packaging is also my favorite packaging MAC has EVER done, and when you see it in person, you'll know why.  The e/s set I got was the brown neutrals one.  The picture simply doesn't do the colors justice. They are gorgeous!  It retails for $36.00:

I just realized I totally forgot to take a picture of the top of the compact.  It's the same blue tartan print of the box and it's velvet and has a gold MAC emblem. It's very high-quality looking.  I almost bought a brush set JUST to get the amazing bag it came with...but I somehow resisted because I didn't need any brushes. I have a feeling this collection's going to go fast.

LOFT was having a 30% off of your entire purchase promo today so of course I just casually stopped in...and I came  out with three absolutely incredible additions to my wardrobe...and one of the items took a trip to another mall!

First up was this navy skirt with silver metallic flecks.  I know I said this earlier, but the picture doesn't do it justice. It looks incredible on.  It's a size 4, was on sale for $39.99 and I got it for 30% off of that.

Next up is a jacket I had to travel for. My LOFT store only had this in a size Extra Small Petite.  It was just too small in the shoulders, but I had to have it. This jacket is probably my favorite thing I got today. It looks absolutely incredible on.  It originally retailed for $148. It was on sale for $59.99 and I got it 30% off of that price.  We ended up driving to Memorial City Mall to pick up the size Small (regular) in the jacket.

The jacket just has so many great details! I can see why it originally had such a hefty retail price.  My final item I got at LOFT was this blouse. They only had a size Large left which turned out to be perfect because I wanted it to have that billowy look.  Believe it or not, I tried all three items I bought on together (with this blouse tucked into the navy skirt and jacket on top) and it looked amazing together. It was really unexpected.  This blouse retails for $54.00 and I got it for 30% off.

I will wear these in an OOTD soon!

Next up are some boots from Charlotte Russe.  BOOTS! Yes, you heard that right.  I have been on the hunt for some flat, cognac-colored boots for our trip and I went to seemingly every shoe store to try some on.  I kept finding boots that were $150-$250 that I didn't love. I thought to myself..."I'm not spending that much money on a pair of boots unless I love them."

So, while checking out the offerings at Charlotte Russe I wandered over to the shoe section where I saw a sign "BUY ONE, GET SECOND FOR $10."  That just couldn't be right.  I asked a sales associate who confirmed that every shoe was in fact, buy one pair, get the second for $10. I was shocked.  Then, I spotted them.  Flat, cognac boots.  At Charlotte Russe. I was hesitant but I tried them on. The felt comfortable and looked nice on.  They retail for $40.  That pretty much sold me since I'll be wearing these to walk around all over the place in winter weather, so I won't be upset if they get roughed up since they are so affordable.

I got the cognac flats and also a black pair with a heel.  The black ones were $10.  I still can't believe it.

 The girl who had no boots, now has three pairs.

I'm happy that my boot hunt has come to and end :) I LOVE boots now, but boy is it hard to find the perfect pair!

I also picked up this fun sequin evening bag at Charlotte Russe. It retailed for $19.50 but all handbags were 30% off.

This bag can really pop against at LBD or all-black outfit.  I just love it. 

Since we had to go to Memorial City to get my LOFT jacket, I was able to stop by Forever 21.  They have a lot of cute stuff right now, but the store was an absolutely clustery mess.  I must admit that the Memorial City store is usually clean and well-organized, but today was definitely an exception. It made it a bit more difficult to shop but I picked up so many great items!  Here we go:

 Tapestry-style scarf, $7.50

Striped open-face sweater $19.80, size Medium

Textured dress/tunic, size Large, $27.50
This dress is absolutely gorgeous but I had to size-up because it's so form fitting on the hips and thighs.  I could wear this as a dress if I wore it with black, opaque tights, but it can also be worn as a tunic over skinny jeans.  The texture is just beautiful.  It's really an expensive-looking piece, IMO.

Black and lace top, $15.80, size Medium.
Forever 21 is usually a hit and miss for me.  As in, there are a lot of misses, but when there are hits, the hits are pretty good.  I am really happy with the items I got there today. Can't wait to wear them! If you can find that striped sweater, I highly recommend it. It's just beautiful on.

OK, I swear I'm at the end now.  I also picked up this beautiful sweater by Kensie at Nordstrom Rack- they have lots left, Houston girls!  I got a size small. It was originally $88 and the Rack price was $39.50.  It looks great on and I can see it being cute belted as well.  It's got a very interesting texture, not like any piece I own. It doesn't look like much in the photo, but it's really a nice piece when worn.

Lastly, I used my Express Cash on this long cardigan. Many of you know that I also own this cardigan in white, the one with the crystal buttons.  It was $49.90 and i got $25 off of that (though, I had to buy a lipgloss because you have to spend $50 before taxes to use the coupon. That kind of upset me, but whatever.)

My sweater collection is great right now because I have a balance of all of the neutral colors now that I've added gray.

We also picked up a few antibacterial hand soaps from Bath & Body Works today. We had a 20% off coupon. They already have a lot of the holiday scents in! YUM!

What did YOU buy this weekend? Please please please make me feel better and tell me about your purchases too (in the comments, below!)




  1. vitamins, Halloween candy, groceries.

    I'm no help ;)

  2. AMAZING haul!! So exciting about the boots and I'm drooling over the F21 striped sweater! That F21 dress is sooo beautiful too (bummer it's a lil' on the short side, but what else is new, right? ;)

    I haven't bought anything this weekend :( bc I had to get my car fixed and dished out a major chunk of change yesterday to do so. Boooo.

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  3. I also bought waaaaay too much! Do you find that the Galleria Express people are about the most unhelpful ever? I do, it's so frustrating.

    I also stopped in to get a hair makeover from lovely Steph!

  4. @A.Co- boo to the car fixing! I think with an amazing shoe closet like yours, there's plenty of inspiration for you to make whole new outfits.

    You MUST get the F21 sweater. I seriously swooned over it.

  5. @chasity- I want hair pics! steph is amazing!

    i went to the express at memorial city and i wasn't thrilled either...but I must say 2 employees there were very helpful, I was just bitter about the coupon!

  6. great haul! i actually tried on that loft tweed jacket and it did nothing for me. it was really boxy looking. :( glad it worked out for you because the style is really cute.


  7. Great purchases?
    I am LOVING navy blue right now. I don't know what it is, but I get a huge kick on different colours at different times. Was plum for the longest time and now I am attracted to everything with navy blue (AKA LOVE THE SKIRT).

    Interesting to see the MAC palette. Was in the midst of debating between that, and the Urban Decay Naked Palette...

    Would love to see some different looks with it. Been watching TiffanyDs makeup tutorials with the UDNP...and having BOTH--would be ridiculous...

  8. Damn V! You got great stuff though. My husband & I splurged on a fancy mattress set today. He told me I wasn't allowed to buy a new bedroom suit until we move into a different house. He really is setting some boundaries. LOL!

  9. @anon- I'd go for the UDNP because it has more colors. I got the MAC one because I don't wear e/s on a daily basis (I do wear an off white color on my lid to even out the skin, but I don't do any kind of look with e/s, I just wear liner on my top lashes and e/s on the bottom lashes, to get the look of a liner, but softer.)

    If you wear e/s daily, I'd get the UDNP. If you don't, get the MAC. It has 6 great colors.

  10. I might do some online shopping for F21. I had to return something that had a stain on it before I had even left the store and they would only give me a gift card.
    I recommend putting old magazines rolled up into your boots. They help them stand upright and not get creases or stress from bending.

  11. P.S the question mark after "Great purchases" was meant to be an exclamation mark...sorry hah!

    I don't even wear e/s on a daily basis. I have been trying your eye look lately and am loving it. It works great for what I need it for on a daily basis. Not too much, just enough to look bright, pretty and pulled together--without being heavy. So perhaps the MAC would be a better option (since I'm already addicted to MAC anyway)

  12. Wow!! Awesome shopping trip! I love your purchases, I cannot wait to see the OOTD with the ATL purchases, so cute. Boots for $10, amazing!

    The Express coupon bugs me too, I had to do the same thing last week when I used my express bucks. I love the long cardis I have three in black, teal, and a really pretty burgandy color.

  13. @anon- I do the magazine trick too! I haven't yet because I just got them but I plan to! :)

    @anon2- I love the MAC one and plan to buy more from the collection :)

    @jillian- I bought a lipgloss just to get the freaking coupon! that is so sneaky of them! I love that cardi though. I almost got the purple one and then I remembered that I didn't own a gray cardi and it's better to get neutrals before colors...I justified it somehow, LOL :)

    The buttons on those cardis really make them gorgeous...the length is perfect too...glad you love them as well!

  14. GREAT purchases! I haven't had a good shopping spree like that in a long while! U r so good with ur coupons! I love it! Haha x

    P.s long time reader first time commentator - I just LOVR ur blog!

  15. @sally- thanks so much for commenting :) please do more often! Have a great night:)


  16. Great buys Veronika! I did some shopping as well. I bought:

    - 3 cardigans and 1 cowl neck sweater at Target
    - Took advantage of the FF sale at Sephora:
    -2 Clinique lipglosses
    - Pacifica Tuscan perfume in Blood Orange (I highly recommend this.
    Smells fantastic!)
    - OPI nail polish in I'm with Brad (a great dark burgundy color w/ gold
    - Tweezerman tweezers (to replace one I had lost).
    - New Vans for my hubby
    - Cute black wedges at DSW
    - BCBG Kitten heels for work
    - Steve Madden cognac pumps

    Wow I realized I bought a lot of stuff too now that I'm writing it all out. Eeek!

    - Julie

  17. You got lots of goodies! Woohoo!

    I love that sequin purse!

    I did a little shopping of my own and got a chiffon tank from Target and I was inspired by you to get a black blazer! : )

  18. @joi- yay for blazers! don't you love them? :) so versatile!

    have a great weekend!

  19. Wow that is quite the haul! I'll have to stop buy MAC, I love me some neutrals, but i just got the UD naked palette. Great score on the boots, love the black ones in particular.

    Janice (Couture and Crayons)

  20. Love your finds...my favourites are the Chanel-inspired LOFT jacket and the striped F21 sweater.

    I've been buying a lot of fall clothes - because we'll be going to England for 3 weeks...I always do this - shop a lot before a holiday...but I'm trying not to get too much, because I also want to shop once I'm in London, LOL!

  21. @janice- i am trying to figure out how to wear the black ones...tights...skirt...boots? let me know what you think since they are shorter I'm not sure how to go with them.

    @ella- looks like you and I are the same way---when will you been in London? we are going as well!

  22. love your new JS boots, I think I already said that, though. Now I want that MAC palette even though I know I don't need it.

  23. You did haul!! lol. I love it!!

    I actually didn't buy anything this weekend, except now you are making me want to go to MAC asap!

    I'm saving for NYC and hopefully I get lots of goodies there!

  24. Wow, good finds! I'm on a hunt for some boots too so I'll probably hit up Charlotte Russe if I feel like it today. It's 45 minutes away though!

    A new massive Forever 21 opened and it's about 15 minutes from my house so I went shopping yesterday. Bought more cardigans (I'm inlove with cardigans right now. So versatile!), a dress (have to return it, doesn't fit quite right, should have tried it on at the store) and a couple of sweater tunic tops.

    I am on a hunt for coats and boots so that will be my mission for today. I like the MAC palette. Those are the colors I usually wear!

  25. I bought Ian a bunch of clothes at Osh Kosh and Target, does that count? :)

    For myself, I'm waiting for the Half-Yearly sale at Nordstrom that starts Wednesday...I wanted to buy some stuff a couple of weeks ago but held off b/c I want the double points on my credit card to get more Nordstrom Notes. So now, I've got about 36 items on my "wish list" I have to go through and cull.

  26. Love that Loft jacket, looking forward to seeing how it looks on!

  27. Wow, great stuff! I need to get to CR for those boots! Those are exactly what I want!

  28. I bought that same jacket and top from AT Loft on Thursday. I love love love that jacket! Amazing deal huh? I found this great leather skirt too that was about knee length, originally $147, but got it for $27 or something. I don't wear leather skirts, but it looked so good on and for $27 I couldn't pass it up. I was wondering if the MAC Tarten collection was any good and like the palette you picked. Looks like you had a very successful shopping trip!

  29. Great buys!! I love all of the stuff you got at LOFT - can't wait to see them in an OOTD soon.

    I didn't shop much this week but I did buy this super cozy Mink Pink sweater: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3123089?origin=keywordsearch&resultback=393

  30. @the look 4 less- that sweater looks so comfy! love it :)

    @laceandblush- eek! isn't that jacket SO fab!? can't wait to wear it, glad you love it too!

  31. I love everything you bought Veronika! That MAC eyeshadow palette is beautiful! I definitely need a new palette. I'll have to consider that one (I'm also looking into Urban Decay's 'Naked' one)
    You're so lucky you have a Love Culture store near you! I stopped into one while I was in California and loved all the clubby, cute tops and dresses they had. It sort of seems like a copy of Forever 21, but still some cute going out type clothes.
    Glad you had a successful shopping haul!

  32. You seriously found some great stuff this weekend, great haul. Nothing wrong with buying so much if you find things you love.
    Yesterday I bought a camel pencil skirt, couple tops, booties, leopard print scarf and couple items at Sephora. I've yet to post the haul.

    Can't wait to see some OOTD.

  33. I'm so jealous that you get to go to the mall and shop to your heart's content. I bought a jacket for $29 yesterday at Old Navy and that was sadely my "splurge" for the season.
    I hate being poor :( Good thing I have your blog to admire though.

  34. What a great haul! I was wondering, what kind of gel insoles do you use in your shoes? I have a pair of Nine West ankle boots that I love to wear, but whenever I wear them for too long (like today at the mall!), my arches & the balls of my feet start to ache. I would love to pick up something to make them more comfortable, but don't know what to get....

  35. @liz- I get the gel kind they sell at Walgreens. Either the full insole or just the ball of foot gel pad. :) Dr. Scholl's is great!

  36. I love that you dressed up your luluemon clothes for a shopping trip. I don't own any of their clothing but I know you've also mentioned Target as an alternative so I'll keep that in mind. I also went to MAC this weekend, I recently purchased Lancome's fresh wear foundation and have read in several blogs that MAC has great concealers and finishing powders. Apparently Halloween weekend is a bad time to go and expect any help. I waited for 10 minutes just to be rushed out with the wrong products. Very annoyed with my experience there...I'll have to trek back out to make a return. I also went to Forever 21, got one sweater and a few nacklaces. I love the charms on them, but I wish the necklaces were a bit longer. I've overspend already, but I think I am going to get on clinique.com and order more of their 3 step acne line and also get 6 free gifts with the purchase :)

  37. @sheila- sorry your experience sucked! I always hate the MAC store at my mall because it's jam-packed with girls and women just looking around. A lot of people get makeovers and it just takes forever to get help. I always try to walk in knowing what I want and go straight to the register. If you want better help at MAC go to the ones in Nordstrom stores :)

  38. Fantastic goods. You must be so excited for your upcoming trip. I got the Loft jacket you have and the irl pic isin this post. Such a deal for a great, great, jacket!

  39. Girl you made quite a haul!! I have had my eye on that jacket from the LOFT!! I cant wait to see how your wear it!
    Have a fab week!


  40. looks like you had quite the successful shopping trip! FYI, I own a pair of boots from CR and they are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn... and they were only $30! :)

  41. WOW That is a haul!! Love the boots! Sadly, this wasn't a big shopping weekend for me. I picked up a cute sweater & some Christams decorations!

  42. Hi Veronika!
    Great haul! I didn't do much shopping this weekend as I spent the previous weekend shopping the LOFT sale online! However, when I saw your new boots from Charlotte Russe, I did make a quick errand out to get some last night after work! :)
    I got the brown knee-highs (just like you've got) and a pair of grey "leather" fold-overs with 3 in. heel that's apparently marketed as a 3-in-1 (meaning you can wear them not folded as well (a knee-high boot) or a knee-high with just a little fold at the top. I'll probably wear them entirely folded, though I wish they were more of a knee-high style and could be folded down entirely (much like Janice from Crayons and Couture's Coach boots). Oh well. The grey will be a nice addition to my collection!

    In fact, I'm wearing the brown ones today at work! Very comfortable! :)

    Are your black fold-over boots the suede ones or are they more of a leather texture?

  43. @kate- I love that you got the boots! yay :) my black ones are kind of a velvety/suede texture. I did not see the gray ones you're talking about but they sound awesome. I will have to check out the shoes there more often. Especially for trendy stuff that you don't want to spend a lot of money on- it's perfect!

  44. Exactly. I spent $60 between two pairs of boots, so that's not so terrible. I hope they last though; I usually only go for real leather boots, but that gets so pricy, esp when you just want the trendy stuff. I suppose if it even lasts 2 seasons it's worth it!

    Have a good day!

  45. Hi Veronika,

    I just ran across your blog and I'll definitely be a reader now! I was just wondering, is LOFT the same as Ann Taylor loft? I went on their website but couldn't find that cute blouse that you just bought... If you could let me know, that would be great.


  46. LOFT is owned by Ann Taylor but they are two different stores :)


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