Weekend Finds & Lauren Conrad Style Book Review

Happy Sunday everyone!  Today Kevin and I went to Rice Village to try and find a coat for him for our trip.  We didn't have any luck at any of the stores we checked out, so we'll probably have to try the Galleria next week. It's more difficult to find stylish, heavier coats here in Houston since it doesn't get that cold here, even in the winter.

Today it was SO hot out. I mean like you could lay out by the pool hot...and it's nearly November!

Banana Republic was having a 20% off everything in the store sale today so we got a few things there and Kev got a new sweater at Express.  Here's what I got:

Black dress from Zara- I actually bought this yesterday but forgot to include it.  It's a perfect length for work and very soft and comfy.

Bath and Body works Wallflowers.  I absolutely love these. They keep the house smelling awesome. They were on sale 2 packs for $20 plus I got 20% off of my purchase using a coupon.

GAP "always skinny" jeans.  I got black ones.  I got these in a 28 (size 6) I like the way they fit and love that they have the stretch in them because they are much comfier than my always skinny destroyed ones which are just a denim without stretch.  I used a GAP Groupon and a store credit so these technically only cost me $45.

I love this satin top from Banana Republic's Monogram Collection. It was on sale for $31.99 and I got an additional 30% off.  I love tops that have detailing at the neckline like this. It almost acts as an accessory, no necklace needed!

Yesterday at Sephora I tried on a bit of this glittery gold nailpolish and I thought- it's perfect for the holidays!  I like to do my nails Lorraine-style and just paint glitter on one nail (it is a PAIN to get off.)  So I picked this up today.  I also ordered some stuff online because Sephora is having their Friends & Family sale (20% off everything on the site, use code FF2010).

I stopped by at MAC and picked up a Mineralize skin finish natural in Medium-Plus. I have seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers using these powders and although my MAC Studio Fix is my Holy Grail powder, I thought I'd give this a go. If I don't like it, I can return it (I was not aware MAC had a return policy like this.)
 Here is is compared to my Studio Fix in C3 (on the right). The C3 is definitely a bit more yellow. I tend to enjoy yellow-toned foundations because they give a brightness to my skin.

I will report back when I've had a chance to use it.

I snapped some shots of my favorite parts of Lauren Conrad's Style book and wanted to share them here.  While I didn't think the book provided any ground-breaking information, it did give me a few cute ideas. My favorite feature was the Little Black Dress five different ways: (click to enlarge)

I really love the black lace slip under the dress in the first photo (from the left) I have been trying to find one online ever since I saw it with no luck!  I think it's great to have that one fabulous black dress in your closet that can really be styled so many different ways.  Every woman needs one of those dresses!

Here are a few of my other favorite shots from the book:

 Ohh a PINK bag!

Her hair and makeup are always so pretty and I love how she sticks to a signature look.  I feel I'm the same way. I know how I like my hair and makeup to look, and I stick with a look that works for me.  It's nice to try different things, but my hair has been every color in the book and I've tried different hair lengths...I've finally found a look I love (my current) and I'm sticking to it!

Lauren shows how a dress goes from day (office) to night (dinner)

Dear gorgeous rosette dress, I am in love with you. That is all.

Bottom line- if you love Lauren Conrad, I think you will like this book. The information isn't ground-breaking or something you haven't heard before, but it has great photos and great tips on things like organizing your closet, shopping better and even packing. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



PS- did you miss Motivation Mondays this week?  Check it out HERE!

Lulu helping me blog!


  1. I ALWAYS used the Studio Fix powder...always! But I have relatively recently started using the Mineralize powder and I really love it. It adds a really nice sheen to the skin which I like!

  2. @anon- the SA at MAC told me the same thing- that it gives a nice dewy look without being oily. Do you just use it on its own?

  3. I love MAC's mineralized skin finish natural. I use it over my liquid foundation, and it gives my skin such a flawless finish. Love the nail polish; I have been meaning to try the glitter polish on one nail.

  4. Ya. I am not a big fan of foundation (i use the same select studio fix concealer that you use for small spots I might want to cover) because I've always had BAD skin, so now that I don't I like to be as natural as possible on my face. Last time I bought a refill of the powder, the SA at MAC recommended a primer but I am not sure how I feel about them? SOMETIMES I will use the MAC Matte stuff (comes in a tube) but for daily makeup, just the powder itself.

  5. I LOVE those gap black jeans! I have been lusting for a pair, but am cautious about ordering the petite sizing online because I have no clue what size I'd be in them. Would you say those fit you true to size? Anyway, you look great! I wanted to shop today but didn't have the energy to leave the house. It's cold here!

  6. @beautygirl24- I usually can wear a 4 in pants...so I go up for skinny jeans, always. They are TTS in the sense that I have the same size in the denim destroyed always skinnies (28.) I have larger hips so I always have to go a size up when it's a really fitted jean. These are tight on me (which is good because they fit nice and if they stretch they will still fit great)

  7. What is the purpose of the mineralized skin finish? Does it act as a foundation? I saw TiffanyD using it OVER her foundation so I'm kind of lost...

  8. @Julia- it depends on the kind of coverage you want. Some people use it on top off liquid foundation and others just use it on its own for a lighter look.

  9. Fabulous finds! First off, LOVE wallflowers, and they go on sale a lot which makes them a more affordable air freshener. Can you explain the MAC return policy a bit more? What do you mean you can bring it back if you don't like it? Interesting.. and you should do a product review if you like your MAC buy : )

  10. Do you think those black jeans from GAP would work for a body with bigger hips? I am super picky about skinny jeans cause I have wider hips, especially compared to my waist (in my mind) and always feel like skinny jeans make them look wider...?

  11. Hey Veronika! I really like your blog! I have been reading it for a while now, but I usually never comment :). I'm not a blogger, just a blog reader. I found interest in yours since you live in Houston. I grew up & still live 30 minutes east in Baytown (have you heard of it?). If you are on facebook then maybe we can "meet". (Katrina Hjelle Goodman)

    and yes it was so hot today! I think I got sunburnt running outside! I am trying to will fall-like weather by wearing sweaters but it is not working! But I should be used to it by now!

  12. @anon- I have wide hips and I wear my skinnies with longer tunic-style tops to create balance.

    @katrina- yes I know Baytown! I have been there once before :) Thanks for reading! I almost wore boots today...what a mistake that would have been LOL!

    @Rebecca- I asked at MAC "what if i don't like it?" and the SA said keep the receipt and I can return it. If you don't have your receipt they said you can exchange it.

  13. I love the wallflowers, but I hate how they run out so quick. I really want to try the skin finish. Lulu is so adorable!!

  14. Hey V, who makes that black tank top? I love it!

  15. @anon- the black tank I am wearing is from Forever21

  16. Love that black Zara dress! You and some of my other favorite bloggers always have the best luck in that store! Me, not so much.
    Thanks for sharing the photos from Lauren's book, I love seeing the same item styled differently. I like Lauren's style so much, it never looks like she's trying too hard.

  17. Ooo, thanks for posting some pics of LC's style book. I really want it now! Those are some great tricks. :)

  18. I love LC's style...I should get that book! Love her hair and makeup too!

  19. I purchased these jeans as well! They fit me perfect. Also, love the review on LC's book. I think I'm going to get this too!

    (The Pretty Pauper)
    Feel free to follow me!

  20. cute, I love the jeans on you, they fit you great!

  21. Coat shopping in Houston suggestion! When I lived in Houston (until just a few months ago) I used to go to the Katy Mills outlet shops a lot- and the Saks Off 5th store there has AMAZING coats for both men and women for winter. Really gorgeous coats, really really great prices! Plus before you go I think if you check out their website you can sign up for sort of a weekly sale email I can't remember what it's called but I got emails at least 1x a week saying 20% of this or 50% off that and you can print the emails to get the discount. I highly recommend this, good luck!!!

  22. I love Lauren Conrad, I think she's gorgeous and like you said have found the look that works for her. I may just have to pick up this book!

  23. Looking forward to the new powder review!!

  24. Great jeans! After having a long 'break-up' with Gap jeans, I recently tried a pair of cropped Always Skinny and loved them. I want to go back to try more washes/regular lengths. Although a little pricey, Anthropologie has a slip with lace trim that would work to do the layered look - its on their site and called "Foolproof Half Slip". Hope that helps!

  25. Love the jeans! I've been meaning to try them for a while.

    As for the MAC powder, I tried the mineral powder and didn't care for it as much- it doesn't offer as much coverage and the product itself doesn't last as long (in terms of the product itself, not on your face)

  26. So jealous of your weather! What I wouldn't give to be out shopping for a coat in 'hot-enough-to-lay-by-the-pool' weather. That weather's been gone here since at least August. ;)

    I really like your black jeans. I have a pair but never know what to wear them with since I always find black jeans to look funny on me. Maybe my shoes are off or the tops I wear with it. Any suggestions? What do you wear your black jeans with?

  27. @polyvorina- my question is what DON'T you wear black jeans with! hehe! I got them for their versatility actually. I feel you can wear any color with them and you can also wear anythign with them that you'd wear with black leggings.

    I like to wear skinny jeans with longer flowy tunic-style tops over them and a pair of heels or flat or boots. I feel the options are truly limitless. They even go great with a button down shirt and cardigan.

    If you don't like black denim try a super dark indigo wash :)

  28. Marvellous blog! Congrts for it. Love your positive attitude. You own a lot of great stuff, but are there things (cosmetics, clothes, etc.) you really would love to have, but you just can't afford? Maybe you have a top 5 of these items (and be so kind to share with us- your lovely readers) ? :)

  29. @anon- my top things that I would love to have but can't bring myself to spend the money on are:

    1. christian louboutin classic black pumps (maybe the peep-toe nude ones too!)

    2. Chanel handbag

    Those are the only two items I can think of off the top of my head that I would really really love to have if price weren't an option.

  30. Leaves is my favorite B&B scent ever. Practically every room in my house has a leaves candle or wallflower once it hits the shelves. Its just the most cozy, amazing smell!

    I may have to give Gap's jeans a try after seeing your pictures. Those look great! I usually stick to True Religion or Rock & Republic, but I did love Gap's black magic skinnies & it would certainly save some money. I'm 5'9.5" and size 4, so sometimes its hard to find great fitting jeans (or I'm just really picky?).

    I'm so jealous of your warm weather!

  31. Thanks for the tips! I guess I'll stick to dark washes. I just can't seem to pull off pure black. Of course, ask me again next year - I've only just started accepting black leggings into my wardrobe. ;)

  32. I've been eyeing that glittery Sephora polish for so long now. I might pick it up sometime, I think it would be cute to have for the holidays.
    Thanks so much for sharing the cute photos in Lauren's book! I love the page where she shows how to transition a dress from day to night. Her ideas seem simple and sort of common-sense-ish, but I feel it would still offer some good inspiration!


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