OOTD: Zara Black Dress & Cooking Healthy Meals

Today I decided that H and I would try to cook 2 new meals a week.  I got this awesome cook book from my amazing friend Ed for my birthday called "Eating Well Serves Two" and I must admit I haven't ever really used it.  I would like to learn how to make yummy, healthy meals now so when we have kids I can just whip it up effortlessly.  I sometimes think I should buy myself one of those cute, girly aprons to encourage myself to want to cook more. LOL. Maybe that's just the push I need.

Today I wore that new black dress I purchased at Zara on Saturday.  It's really comfortable. I did wear a slip with it because though it's not sheer, it's not perfectly opaque in the skirt area either and it's better to be safe than sorry. It's just a cheap, nude, skirt-slip from Target.

Dress- Zara, size M, $39.50
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Necklace- Forever 21
Bag- MbMJ

I blow-dried my hair this morning and I definitely feel the lightness and different shape it has since I got it cut. I know it doesn't look drastically different (it's not) but it feels a lot lighter and more manageable and Stephanie definitely took my layers up a ton (and they needed it!)

What are some of your favorite healthy dinner ideas?  If you know of any great cooking blogs or have any recipes to share, post them in the comments below! Thank you <3



  1. Firstly...hair = amazing!
    Jamie Oliver has wonderful, healthy and easy recipes. My favourite right now is his chicken and leeks recipe served with a side dish of your liking. Delicious and simple! You can find the recipe for it on his website (I do it without the pancetta and butter)

  2. I love stuffed zucchini boats. Heathy, easy and yummy! I use Annie Eat's recipe (she is fantastic!) http://annies-eats.com/2009/09/21/stuffed-zucchini-boats/

  3. Right now I'm digging on all things squash. Here is an easy recipe that is delicious: http://eatlivebewell.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/roasted-delicata-squash-and-tomatoes-over-spinach-pesto-pasta/

  4. I wish I had some recipes to share, but I am not the greatest cook! I love to eat fish and grilled veggies as often as possible. When I am in need of a recipe, I go to food network.com and search around. Of course not all of the recipes are healthy but Elie Kruger and Giada delaurentis make some healthy options!

  5. i love annie's eats and elly says opa.


  6. What kind of stuff do you like to eat, Veronika?

    Cooking healthy meals really isn't all that difficult, and it also doesn't have to be about deprivation - you've just gotta make sure you stock your kitchen with great ingredients and learn what kinds of things you can easily sub out for your favorite not-so-healthy dishes.

    For example, feel like a burger and fries? Have a buffalo burger on a sandwich thin, with a side of baked sweet potato fries instead. Delish!

    I'm also a fan of a really simple dinner of grilled lean meant like chicken breast or pork tenderloin and a steamed veggie or two.

    Soups are also an excellent way to go if you want something hearty and filling, yet healthy. Just add lots of veggies!

  7. michele- I am pretty open to eating a lot of foods (except for like octopus and alligator LOL). I like your idea of learning to sub in healthier options. I don't eat unhealthy now, but I could do better, especially for dinners :) I do need to eat a ton more veggies...i must confess I don't eat them as much as I should.

  8. I love cooking healthy! My favorite salad recipe is this one http://casualconcoctions.blogspot.com/2010/07/chopped-greek-salad.html tastes just like a restaurant style salad, I add some avocado too. I also like the website skinnytaste.com tons of low calorie dishes.

  9. I steamed mussels last night for the first time in white wine and they were AMAZING. I was intimidated b/c I'd never cooked them before but they turned out perfectly.

    We eat a lot of chicken and seafood with veggies. I also like casserole-y and one-dish type things but they tend to be fattening, so I add a salad or side of steamed veggies. I have a few recipes w/ photos on my blog if you want to get some ideas; I add to it when something I make really impresses me (like the clams, which I haven't gotten around to adding yet).

    Cooking's fun! Just pick a couple of easy looking recipes for the week and grocery shop for just those ingredients and see how it goes.

  10. Oh and I also love Bethenny Frankel's recipes http://www.bethenny.com/food/recipes/ she has some great ones!

  11. Eating healthier definitely makes a difference. My husband and I made a conscious effort to eat better back in the middle of September. Nothing is forbidden, we just sub in lower fat versions. For Thanksgiving earlier this month we even had a low fat pumpkin pie, and served smaller slices. It's working...since September 21st I've lost 9lbs. One site I like a lot is http://www.veggiebyseason.com/.

  12. loove the layered hair! it really suits u :)
    when it comes to cooking healthy yet easy food these couple of blogs are the way to go for me! check them out:

    http://www.danispies.com/ (she has a youtube account as well)
    http://www.loveveggiesandyoga.com/ (this one has amazing and very easy to make sweets and cookies for the health-conscious)

  13. hey!
    I love healthy cooking and follow many websites and blogs for recipes. here some that I visit/use regularly :)
    Hope that helps :)
    ps: LOVE the pink bag
    xoxo Roz

  14. I love your hair Veronika; it looks fantastic!! I have also been trying to cook at least 4 healthy meals a week, and there are a couple of blogs that I get the majority of my recipes from.


  15. Your hair looks amazing! It looks so bouncy and pretty! I have been through many trials and errors in the kitchen since I got married and started trying to really cook. Practice makes perfect! My H and I like to think of what we like to eat when we go out and try to re-create those meals (or simplified versions) of them at home. It keeps us from getting bored! I highly recommend Giada's first cookbook Everyday Italian. The recipes are simple and delicious! I also love this site:

    She has tons of great recipes on there! Good Luck!

  16. You should check out hungry-girl.com. There are tons of recipes that are healthy alternatives to non-healthy favorites. Good luck!

  17. Ellie Krieger on the Food Network makes healthy dishes that don't lack flavor. Her white chicken chili is awesome!
    I get a subscription to Cooking Light magazine and have tried out quite a number of their recipes and was only disappointed by one. You can look up recipes for free on their website.
    Allrecipes.com is a great recipe search engine that has a bunch of categories as well. I always search by the "best rated." I use the ingredient search function a lot and will put in, "turkey sausage," or "ground turkey." Or, like a previous commenter suggested, you can utilize ground turkey/chicken and turkey sausage as a substitute for ground beef or pork sausage.
    We just had spaghetti squash last night with a chunky marinara sauce, peppers, onions and ground turkey. Low in carbs, lots of veggies, and lots of flavor!

  18. Veronika- I've been reading your blog for a long time and I've been wanting to tell you this for a while. I'm not trying to be mean so don't take it that way. I just wanted to say that I think you should wear some more color other than black. I know you love it and you're comfortable in it but I think it's doing you a diservice wearing it all the time. When you do wear color, you look so nice. Please don't take this the wrong way!

  19. anon- I take no offense, I just really love black and it's easy. I do enjoy wearing color as well but tend to gravitate to black, especially for work :)

  20. I have a few favorites on my blog. Click "recipes" and they'll pop up. I really don't cook unless it's healthy. = )

  21. http://www.abridescookbook.com/blog

    Lots of easy and healthy meals here!

  22. I haven't commented for a while, but just had to say that your hair looks GREAT! Much lighter and more fluffy! :-)

  23. It isn't exactly "healthy" cooking, but when I was learning how to make a meal and not just cook something, I bought the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It's got EVERYTHING, including a section on crockpots. I swear by it.

  24. your hair looks STELLAR in these pics!
    That LBD is a staple piece!!


  25. cute dress! i love black too. it just always looks good.

    this isn't the healthiest dinner in the world, but its super easy & wins me major (!!!) points with my husband every time. around here (chicago area) there is a restaurant called Portillos that is crazy popular & they have an Italian roast beef sandwich. I can duplicate it with zero effort. It's my go-to super bowl/football party dish.

    1 beef pot roast
    1 packet dry italian seasoning mix (from the salad dressing isle)
    1 jar pepperchinis (aka banana peppers...choose your spice level)

    - put in crock pot, cook at low heat for 8 hrs until beef falls apart with a fork. serve on sliced italian bread with deli-sliced sharp cheddar cheese and additional pepperchinis.

    i usually make a big olive garden-style italian salad as a side.

  26. I love to cook, but I don't have any recipies of my own to share. lol.

    <3, natasha


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