OOTD: Black & Blush Pink, Sephora F&F & American Eagle Jacket

This week just flew by.  On Tuesday I saw my trainer and last night my H and I went to see Jonsi (he's the lead singer of Sigur Ros, we love him!)  If you haven't heard anything be Sigur Ros, I recommend checking them out.  They are a band from Iceland and have a very unique sound.  We even played their music at our wedding. You can see a video from last night's performance on my YouTube page if you're a fan!

I wanted to share with you ladies what I picked up at the Sephora F&F sale:
I got Benefit's "eye bright" pencil (mine is running low), the Philosophy Microdelivery Mini Peel (I've never used these) and a Victor & Rolf Rollerball Perfume in "FlowerBomb" which is my next favorite scent to Marc Jacobs Daisy, which I wear everyday.  I also got a few samples with my order.
Did you pick up anything from Sephora's F&F?

Here is my OOTD for today. Black and soft blush pink:
Top-  Ann Taylor
Skirt- Banana Republic
Necklace- Forever 21
Cardigan- White House Black Market
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

On Sunday I took advantage of the last day of the 20% off sale at American Eagle and ordered this olive-colored parka.  It's lined with faux fur and is really warm (which surprised me.)  The online reviews say to go UP in size, but I ordered both a medium and large and the large was too big on me (I'm returning it). The medium was perfect so I would stay with your regular size.

so warm and cozy!
Though it's more casual, I plan to take this to Paris when we go in addition to my longer wool coat.  It's really warm and is cute for a more casual look.  I love the fur on the hood. When I lived in Canada I had this awesome, long, down-filled white parka with fur on the hood and I loved it.  We don't usually need coats that heavy in Houston so I didn't bring it with me when I moved.  I don't miss winter, but I do love jackets!

Hope everyone had a great week so far!




  1. Love that blush pink and black combo. That olive jacket is great too, I've seen lots of stores styling it up with pearls and jaquard, it looks really cool.
    Good Sephora haul! I'm not done ordering yet, but will post it all when I am :)

  2. I have that Flowerbomb rollerball too and it is love =) I hope to recieve my order from the sale tomorrow!

  3. oh my gosh, Veronika, I LOVE flowerbomb! I got it when it first came out and it's my signature scent. Then it got popular :( haha but I'm glad you found it, it is truly amazing.

  4. Do you really not miss Canada winters? I wish Houston would just get one good blanket of snow... just once.

  5. I can never order from Sephora, it always tells me that the order can't go through and it deletes everything! So sad. I love your outfit, and I'd love to hear about that peel some more once you've used it!

  6. I love Sigur Ros! I didn't know he was in town, I am going to go see Blonde Redhead in November, have you hear of them? I highly recommend them, if you like SR. ;)

  7. I wish I had known about that Sephora sale! Darn! Is the benefit pencil an eye brightener? I really need to find a product that lightens dark circles. I am stuck with them and it takes a lot of makeup to cover mine up :(
    Love love the parka! You'll get a lot of use out of a coat like that.

  8. I hate that the nearest spehora is 2 hours away from me. boo.

    super cute coat. sadly, i live in northern illinois, where cute coats get you through halloween before you have to break out sub-zero parkas made for antarctic missions just to get your mail. *sigh* i loathe winter.

    ps - i agree, sigor ros is great. a friend of mine actually used part of one of their songs at her wedding, and thats how i 'discovered' them.

  9. what sigur ros song(s) did you use in your wedding? i walked down to "hoppipolla." :D

  10. That coat looks so warm! I live in the upper Midwest, so I can never have too many coats. I still haven't ordered anything from Sephora; I should really do that tonight. As always, love your outfit!

  11. I see a sample for the Touche Eclat in there. That product is amazing!! I tried it in the store last weekend, then saw the price tag of $40. Then I discovered a sample I had at home that I must have gotten with my last order. I tried it again this morning and decided it was an HG kind of product. It really is amazing and I'm definitely ordering it!

    Also, Benefit has a set, Some Beauty to Love, for $29 that includes a full size Eye Bright, full size Coralista blush plus a couple of other things. I thought about ordering, but it went on the Christmas wish list! It's a great deal though. :)

  12. You are beautiful! I love all Benefit makeup products - I stumbled across your blog through another blog that I follow! I love seeing a blog with direction and substance :)

    Consider me your newest follower!
    style activist

  13. @styleactivist- thank you, you are so sweet :)

    @shannon- I just tried the touche eclat this morning and I love it too!!! Not sure if I am going to take the plunge and buy it, but I used it under my eyes and I enjoy it.

    @lena- i have not heard of blonde redhead, I will look them up! My husband introduces me to a lot of music :)

    @sommer- we had their sonngs playing before our ceremony began. It was awesome. Their music is so beautiful.

  14. We did have a good time, you will def have to go with us next time!!
    We still need to meet up in person!
    I absolutely love the pink top from Ann Taylor!
    Are you going to do a review on any of these products? Would love to see!!


  15. Love Flowerbomb! I love jackets as well and that olive one is great.

  16. i missed a sephora event? gah!!! boo.
    adorbs outfit, btw.

  17. I absolutely love black and blush pink together! So pretty and feminine! Love how you paired these two together!

  18. I have Flowerbomb, too! It's great - hope you love it!

  19. Oh, and I have a Jonsi song on my iTunes, heh.

  20. Veronika, that is such a cute coat! I would love it if you did a review on that peel. I've been trying to find a really good home peel. I was wondering if you ever ended up purchasing a camera? I know you were thinking of buying one. I'm so excited to hear about your trip to Paris! My fiancé and I are going to Paris and London for our honeymoon in June and we would love to purchase a quality camera. I thought you would be the perfect person to ask for recommendations :)

  21. Thank you for the Clarisonic review--I trust your opinion and appreciate how much thought you put into reviews. I got mine Thursday from Sephora F&F and love it, so far. Thanks!


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