Rock Climbing Adventure (w/ Video!) & Our Wedding Album from!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post,  H and I went indoor rock climbing today!  It was really fun and SUCH a challenge. I couldn't do any of the walls that were inclined towards me.  I could do the straighter up ones though. H actually told me he was really proud of how well I did.  It was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  We brought the FlipCam with us and I just had to share this hilarious 20 second video with you ladies! 

LOL! I am such a dork! I just fell right off on that try!  Here's H and I at the end of our session! I definitely recommend trying rock climbing if you have an indoor center located near you!

...and here's what I wore on our little adventure!

Hot pink sports bra- Old Navy
Tee- Zara
Tights- LuluLemon Wunder Under Pintuck
Flip flops- Old Navy
Jacket- LuluLemon

Onto another topic: After getting our wedding photos back, I took advantage of's 40% off deal and made deluxe albums for us and for Kevin's parents.  They turned out so beautifully and I wanted to share our album layout with you ladies in case anyone was interested to see how they print.  The albums are very high quality with thick covers and gorgeous, thick, glossy pages.  We are extremely pleased with how it turned out and it was so fun to pick the photos and design each and every page to our liking.  We are also getting an album from our photographer but I wanted to also have one that I designed myself because I am crazy picky. I 100% recommend this company for album printing.  Their customer service is incredible. I used both the live chat and called their 1-800 number and got outstanding service and all of my questions answered!

Hope you had a lovely Saturday! I think I'm going to go to Sephora tomorrow. I think I've finally caved and might go ahead and get the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I just love seems like a no-brainer that I should own this product and ever since seeing Tiffany D's tutorial using this palette it's been on my wish list:. Here's the video I'm referring to:

Do you own the naked palette? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Firstly I love indoor rock climbing. We did it when we lived in Miami but now we don't have one in our area. I think its so fun. My mom used the MyPublisher for my wedding album also. Yours came out so nice.

    I hope you have luck finding the Naked palette, every time I go to Sephora or Ulta, it is sold out. Good luck :-)

  2. I love indoor climbing. I did it several times in college, since our REC had a climbing wall. It was challenging to say the least! Your wedding album is gorgeous, such beautiful pictures! I love all the details. Can't wait to hear how you like the Nakeds pallette. I would like to get it sometime, but I have so many neutral shadows that I'd like to use up before I spend the money.

  3. P.S I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and this is first time I've seen your hair in a ponytail :)

  4. Jessica- i only wear it up for working out and I wore it up a lot during our beach vacation :) I prefer it down but when I'm working out it needs to be out of my face! :)

  5. Cute video! Good luck finding the Naked Palette. I called every Sephora/Ulta in Houston and then I got lucky. Someone put one on hold at the Memorial City Mall one but she never came to purchase it so her loss was my gain! I loove the palette, the looks are endless!

  6. sally- every single time I've ever gone to sephora in the last month or so they've always had it in stock...hope that's true tomorrow!

  7. Good luck with the palette- would love to purchase but I don't live close enough to a Sephora to stalk the product & can't get it online. Grrr!! Glad you posted more pics of the album- it looks beautiful & I can't wait to do this with my photos! :)

  8. I wish The Woodlands would get on the stick - nary a Naked palette to be found around here. I've wanted one for weeks and didn't even think to check when I was at the Galleria the other day.

  9. V, you look adorable with a ponytail! I hope you find the palette! I love mine & use it everyday. My MAC shadows haven't been touched in months.

  10. I went to my Ulta today and they were completely sold out of the UD Naked palette. I had one of those "shoulda, coulda, woulda" moments because three weeks ago they were in stock. A SA told me they might get some more on Monday so keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck on finding it! Love the wedding book!

  11. Loved seeing you on film Veronika! I would love to try rock climbing. I bet I'd have the same experience.
    The book you made came out gorgeous! I should do one of these with all of my favorite pictures!

  12. Both of you are adorable on camera. You should definitely do more videos.

  13. What a gorgeous wedding album! I havent seen anything like that its such a neat idea to have it like a coffee table book. I want the naked palette so much too but I spoke with a woman at Sephora and she said it wont be back in the US until January but at that point it will be a permanant item so we can all get one :)

  14. I have been coveting the Naked Pallet as well, but it's even more impossible to find in Canada. Love the rock climbing video clip!

  15. How fun, that takes a lot of upper body strength, something I'm lacking. I want to be an aerialist (silks, lyre, trapeze)....that's on my to-do list.

    You and your husband should try ballroom dancing sometime!

  16. so great to see a video! i did my first one on my blog and it was tons of fun. hope we get to see more videos from you!


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