Motivation Mondays: ET Canada's Angie Smith Shares Beauty, Fashion and Fitness Tips &Tricks

I'm very excited to bring you an awesome Motivation Monday!  Today, I'm featuring Angie Smith.  She pretty much has my dream job-  she's a Fashion Producer on Entertainment Tonight (ET) Canada!

I first met Angie when I worked at a tanning salon where she was a client.  She was always so nice, positive and energetic when she came in and I remember even back then asking her for career advice.  She's just such a sweet girl and I'm thankful she was able to share these tips with us despite her very busy schedule!

Here's a little bit of her bio from ET's website:

From the front row of international runway shows to interviews with some of the hippest designers, Angie Smith has covered fashion from all lenses.

Although "Canadian Made" is one of her favorite phrases, Angie has been lured by international brands to shows across the world. From Bahamas Fashion Week to the runways in Barcelona, she has transformed the fabulous runway fashion look into realistic attainable pieces for the modern day fashionista. She has been featured on Slice's The Mom Show, helping moms wake up their tired wardrobes.

Angie has interviewed fashion powerhouses DSquared, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie, Guido and Mary, Lucian Matis, Nada and even elegant media mogul Barbara Walters.

With her journalistic background, she has exposed the beauty fashion secrets of international models Coco Rocha, Irina Lazareanu, and Camila Alves. Angie also had the opportunity to have a tête-à-tête with fashion model Simona McIntyre whose mother's battle with cancer forced her decision to leave modeling to go back to school.

Angie has been modelling professionally for 11 years with international agencies, landing campaigns for Nike, Bacardi, L'Oréal Fashion Week, various magazines and runway shows.

Angie Smith has a Masters of Journalism from the University of Western Ontario and a degree in Media and Information Technoculture. She has freelanced for various media houses such as Canadian Geographic and CG Kids and completed internships at CBS in New York for 60 Minutes and 48 Hours Investigates.

What an impressive resume!  Not only is Angie beautiful on the outside, she's beautiful on the inside too and on top of that she's incredibly smart. 

Here's her interview:

1.  You work on television- what are some of your best on-screen beauty tips? (this can be anything from makeup, hair, how to stand on camera...anything you can think of!)
On an average day, I shy away from foundations and hair products, but on camera you can never use enough.  I have frizzy hair.  So Frizz-ease finishing products and Moroccan Oil really helps to define waves and finish off looks.  And on camera, you want to seal the deal.  And a clean, even complexion is key so a smooth foundation helps to hide shadows.  Also, a lighter tone under the eye helps to brighten that area and widen the eye.

2. Where is the most interesting place you've ever traveled? 
Traveling to Cambodia with World Vision was one of the best eye-opening work experiences.  I've been to a lot of places and done many things that often are replicas of events we have in Canada or the United States.  But visiting families who live day-to-day and take pleasure out of every little was heart-wrenching and put a very different perspective on what I do and how I live.

In terms of Entertainment work, Amsterdam and Aruba have been my favorite places.  I love the food, the heat, the energy...

3.  What are your favorite things to do to stay in shape?  Describe your typical weekly fitness routine...
I'm enrolled in Booty Camp Fitness, which is a twice a week boot-camp fitness course.  It's one of the most motivational and exhilarating routines I could recommend to anyone.  You're not only competing with yourself to keep up but you've got a drill instructor and other women in your peripheral vision that keep you pushing onward for a full hour. And, I'm not going to lie, I have Reebok easytone's that I try to wear everywhere I walk. I'm not kidding - these shoes sculpt and tone. I don't have the best diet - I like fries (Poutine).

4. Where do you love to shop for clothing? What items should every girl have in her closet?
I am a huge fan of FCUK for every day wear and online shopping. For red carpets, I enjoy certain lines - Nada, Greta Constantine And Romana Keveza.  Denim - it's Guido & Mary, Fidelity, Sevens, True Religion - I have a shapeless frame so I try to create curves.  For must-haves, girls have got to have that ONE pair of go-to sexy shoes that make you feel incredible no matter what has happened in your life.  Perfect-jeans, a killer navy cardigan, an updated nail polish (Like Essie's Merino Cool), fun socks (you always have to remove your shoes so funk up your look with personality no matter your age) and a functional hand bag. 

5. What are you top 5-10 makeup products? The ones you absolutely couldn't live without!
Very Black Waterproof Mascara
Mac Eyeliners (Teddy, Smoulder and Tarnish)
Benefit Bronzing powder for contouring
Cargo Bronzing cream (it's like tan in a bottle...amazing)
Sephora eye brow sculptor
Sephora eye shadow pencils (especially maroon)

6. What are your favorite hair products? 
Frizz-ease finishing cream to finish a look
Moroccan Oil (before blow-drying
Frizz-ease moisture defense hair spray to hold a look in place
Marc Anthony shine gloss
7.  You've met a lot of celebrities through your job- which celeb's style do you admire most?  There's a difference between admiring and channeling.  I admire celebrities who have a definitive personal look and it's indicative of their personality.  Katy Perry was a great interview -- she has a quirky, funky look.  She throws on wigs, bright lip stick, leopard print...and somehow it all works.  Would I wear comment.
8.  Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
I am most proud of my Master's degree. And I still hope to get my PhD.

9. Shoes or bags- what do you love more?  Shoes, shoes, SHOES!

10.  Do you follow a skincare routine?  Which products do you love to use to take care of your skin?
I love Kirkland makeup remover wipes.  They feel great on the skin.  Following that, it's Aveda face wash and moisturizer.  It smells as earthy and fresh as it feels.

Thanks Angie for inspiring us this Monday!




  1. I love this feature! Angie seems like such an awesome, empowering, and down to earth woman. and I love that some of her favorite makeup products (Benefit bronzer & Sephora brow sculptor) are mine as well!

  2. PS - the new look of the blog is absolutely flawless! it's so YOU! I especially love the header!

  3. thanks mandee :) I'd like to think it reflects my style!

  4. WOW - she is SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!!! I love her look - it's totally my style

  5. Great interview, and I meant to post about this earlier but EEEEK I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG LAYOUT! <3

  6. thanks so much Chloe! you are so sweet! it was a long time coming!

    maja- she does kind of remind me of you- the dark hair, gorgeous skin, totally fit! twinsies!

  7. Awww she is so cute and definitely a perfect fit for Motivation Mondays! That's so cool she was one of your clients at the tanning salon. She seems to have what some would call a perfect "dream job." I would love to do what she does!

  8. What a great interview! She is so gorgeous!

  9. Loving this post Veronika! Angela, you look gorgeous in all these shots! Where are the pics from Cottonelle's Cashmere collection, those were fantastic :) Thanks for the Booty Camp mention!

    Lisa Richards
    Communications Manager
    Booty Camp Fitness

  10. great post! her style is amazing, as are her tips.

  11. Yay! Thanks for the post. It was fabulous and informative all at the same time : )

  12. Great use of resources Veronika. This fabulous blog of yours (not just our post) but the whole concept you've got going here) demonstrates that you never know where a conversation will lead. Veronika and I met randomly...this is true and stayed in touch sporadically over the years. I'm so proud to see you accomplishing your dreams and I'm honoured to share what I know with your readers. Celebs dish on their secrets and they've got it down pact. Thanks for reading everyone.

  13. Steven, Production CoordinatorTuesday, September 28, 2010 at 3:56:00 PM CDT

    Great Tips - I work with Angie everyday and she is beautiful inside and out!!!! If you like her product recommendations you should also check out the following (Great for glamorous girls and even fashionable gents)

    Benefit’s The Pore Fessional – makes your skin look flawless and removes any shine without blocking your pesky pores. One tubes about $36 dollars but last forever and is worth every penny

    Sephora’s Green Color Corrector – use it under the eyes on those dark morning bags. Just a bit of concealer on top and no one will ever guess you’ve been out partying the night before. One stick is about $16 dollars – but after long days and long nights – I bet you’d be willing to pay a lot more once you get your hands on it!

  14. steven- those are great tips, thanks for sharing them :)

    I have never tried the benefit product above so that will be on my list to try!

    I tend to use a more yellow/pink toned concealer under the eyes to really brighten them up and contrast the purple/blue tones...but luckily I usually get my 8 hours so I'm ok, for the most part!

    Angie- thanks for your sweet comments and for participating in this interview :) It was such a great read!

  15. Here's the post:

    Hope I did your amazing style justice, even if it's a casual look!

  16. @elle- awesome! i just blasted the link on my FB and Twitter page!

  17. I love motivation mondays, great post! She has some of the cutest dresses, what a cool job!!


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