Cardio Fail & An OOTD

I AM SO OUT OF SHAPE! Yes, that deserved to be in all caps.  I was all confident about my fitness since starting Pilates again, but my utter and total lack of endurance has made cardio extra hellish for me.  I tried to use my elliptical today and made it to just about 15 minutes before I thought I'd literally plop over and collapse.  I did some strength stuff after that (thank goodness for YouTube videos on the iPhone) but I didn't get the greatest workout since I could barely breathe.

I guess it's going to take some time to get into the swing of things when it comes to cardio.  It's always my least favorite part of working out. I'd rather do twice the strength training and NO cardio at all if it would get me the same results.

So basically today's realization was that no matter how many crunches and other awesome pilates moves I can do, I am clearly out of shape since I got winded after two minutes of being on the elliptical. Phew.

I was feeling uninspired today so I wore pants. I always wear pants when I have one of those "I don't feel like dressing up" kind of days.  I did wear my new top from Forever 21 though and I love the neckline on this one. So pretty!
Top-Forever 21
Pants- Express
Shoes- Aldo
Sweater- White House Black Market

Does anyone else have a hard time with cardio like I do?  What are some tips to make it easier? Please share them in the comments below!




  1. i struggle with cardio too! the only thing that works for me is to slowly build up. so, i'll start with a slow pace for 15 min for a few days, then 20...30...40. once i can do a steady pace at 40 min, then i slowly increase the speed. hang in there =)


  2. I am SO with you on the cardio! I've been seeing a personal trainer for three months now, and I'm doing great at that, but I still suck at cardio. you really just have to try to push yourself passed those limits and know that you won't die just because you're breathing hard. start off with 15 minutes and increase it each time... if only for a minute!

  3. Slow and steady wins the race V!

    You have to ween your way back into cardio and patience is the biggest virtue! Do not get discouraged and give up or you're back at square one. 15 min is a great start - good for you. It's better than not having done that 15 min!

    Mandee FoFandee is right - one minute more each day and before you know it you'll be fully conditioned! You'll be surprised at how quickly it comes back.


  4. Yup- like everyone else said....just gotta keep at it to get your heart used to pumping faster again.

  5. Do something more fun - the elliptical is boring! Dancing, step-aerobics, kick boxing - I don't even mind spinning when it's in a group setting. I love group fitness for cardio - Zumba is my FAVORITE! Your hour will be over before you know it! Les Mills classes are pretty good too if they are offered in your area.

  6. Gah - I'm the opposite, I'd rather do cardio till I toss my lunch versus strength training. I have no patience and all the breathing tricks and reps for weights really gets me aggitated.

  7. You just need to keep at it! Add a few minutes every few days, and in a few weeks you will be at an hour and feeling much stronger. I just did an hour on the elliptical tonight at the gym and I feel much stronger than I was just a month ago (I fall victim to summer laziness and vacations).

  8. You still look great in your "uninspired" outfit. I like your top and I'm so jealous of your beautiful long hair! I feel like I've been trying to grow mine out forever and it's only a little past shoulder length!

  9. @pearls- it took me 3 years to grow it this long from just past my shoulders!

    Thanks for the sweet comment about my outfit :)

  10. Listen to Aretha Franklin! That helps me, anyway.

    Your outfit looks very elegant to me-- you wear soft draping so well!

  11. Even your "uninspired" look, looks great! I love those pants on you!! I especially love that they are long I am 5'10 so it's always a little harder to find dress pants that fit nice and long for me.

    As far as cardio - ughhh just the thought of it gets me winded! I think starting off slow is better than doing none right? Maybe I should take my own advice! haha

  12. even with minimal effort, i think your outfit looks great! love your top :)

    it really is hard to get back into working out. i haven't gone to the gym in months ever since summer started and i'm just getting back into it now and boy, is it tough!

  13. I just have to change up my cardio routine all the time! One of my favorite things to do is shuffle my IPOD workout playlist and work the elliptical to the beat of the music. I'm aware of this game when I pick my music, so it really is a good mix of slightly slower beats (up the resistance a little) and uptempo ones. You are lucky in that you won't be at the gym...once I swear this man next to me thought I was competing with him--he'd speed up whenever I did and then look at me confused when I suddenly backed off because my song changed!

  14. Man, I have the exact opposite problem! Cardio I actually like, it's the strength training that gets me everytime! Can't I just do cardio?!?

  15. cute outift!!! I love the cardigan, i REALLY need to get one like that :)
    Come check out my blog and let me know what you think :)
    I'm giving away free Jeffrey CAMPBELL SHOES.

  16. Oh my gosh I am loving this tank top. You look absolutely stunning and so put together:)

  17. Well, I don't do any cardio. Or any exercise at all really... (note to self: get on that!).
    But I agree that that neckline is totally cute! Just discovered this blog and I just love it so far. :)

  18. thanks polyvorina :) cardio is essential...but it's hard!

  19. Don't feel bad about the cardio - I am terrible at it as well. Even in my most physically fit days I lacked in the cardio department big time.

    Can I give you a GREAT pointer...that worked for me, at least. Take a class that incorporates cardio instead of sitting on a machine. I still to this day cannot use a machine but I can take a kickboxing class for hours if I wanted to. A lot of the Les Mills classes incorporate cardio without making it seem like it...see if you can take any of their classes in your areas.

    btw - HIGHLY RECOMMEND a kickboxing class :)

  20. I don't like doing cardio on the treadmill or elliptical, so I've been doing circuit training. It's really hard in the beginning, but it feels good when you're finished.

    This particular circuit is really hard, so you could google and find other circuits that are a bit easier to start with!

  21. Hey V -

    Keep at it! As a former provinical gymnast myself, I had 0 aerobic endurance. I could sprint no problem, but ask me to run longer than 2 minutes and I couldn't. So I decided to set a goal, and signed up for a 5k back in May- and having that goal made me stick to it. It's definintely hard, but now I can do a full 5k without stopping. I know how frustrating it can be, but you can do it! :)

  22. I love that top!
    I used to be terrible at cardio but now run for hours. I decided I would run a half marathon and started training about 14 weeks before the race. I started at 2 miles and added a mile every week. I have my 12 mile run tomorrow and the race is in two weeks. It really amazed me how much my endurance increased by just adding an extra mile every week. When I first started training, I really never thought I would really be able to do it.
    Maybe start small, with a 5K (3.1 miles) and train for that. Having an end goal helps me a lot.


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