My Emmy Award Dress Kisses and Disses & A Quick Outfit of the Day

This post has to start off with the gorgeous January Jones who has been trashed on other websites and blogs for her Emmy dress choice...her dress was actually one of my favorites (gasp!)... I just love its shape, bold color and uniqueness. I thought the dress was made for her. I can't apologize for this---I LOVE it!

Another favorite- and perhaps the most beautiful she has ever looked is Claire Danes. She has really blossomed (thought I loved her in her Romeo and Juliet days too...)

Here are a few of my other favorites:
OK. I'll admit I don't love the dress...but Jewel is just so adorable! The dress would have been better without the bow!

I'll admit I thought Keri Russel was a bit under-dressed...but the dress itself is so pretty!
Maria Menunos was just stunning. I often ask myself if she is capable of looking bad, and the resounding answer is always "not a chance." She's always so pretty...even in sweats.

I thought Lo looked really cute too :) 

I was disappointed with Kim Kardashian's dress.  I thought it wasn't really that flattering and it kind of didn't look that fancy. I usually love her dress choices!

What were your favorite Emmy looks?

I have to give mention to Heidi Klum too...after 4 kids...WOW!

Onto my OOTD, I wore my new BR skirt that I got for 40% off:
Top- Forever 21 (old)
Skirt- Monogram Collection at Banana Republic
Cardigan- White House Black Market
Shoes- "Me Too" at DSW
Bag- MbMJ Hillier Hobo "Rosie"

I just love how the skirt drapes at the front like that. I must admit this skirt is not the most comfortable. It is quite fitted through the thigh area. I do love how it falls though.

I went out for dinner Saturday night and snapped a quick shot of my makeup before I went out so I thought I'd post it for fun:

I used lipstick that night (MAC's "colorcrafted) and I really love that color for a night out. Most of you know I don't wear lipstick that often, but when I do, this one is always a fun choice.  It's limited edition but some people say it's similar to MAC's "saint germain" and "gaga."

I will do a post sometime in the next week or so about my favorite lipsticks...maybe it will inspire me to wear them more often!


PS- one of my readers, Carly, is recovering from surgery so I wanted to give her a "get well soon" message!


  1. I too think Maria Menounos is gorgeous! Did you know she used to be overweight? She lost like alot of it now, obviously, but it's so crazy to think cause she looks sooo great always!

  2. I agree with your comment about Maria Menounos - the girl always looks amazing! I like your pink lipstick and look forward to the post about your favorites. Within the last month I just started wearing lipstick again. For the past 5 years all I've ever worn is lipgloss. I have to say that I am really liking wearing lipstick again.

  3. Yes, yes, yes to your January Jones comments!! I completely agree! I loved her dress and thought she looked amazing - her hair was fabulous!!

    Lo looked cute, and I loved Stephanie Pratt's dress and shoes also. I was also disappointed by Kim Kardashian's dress - I do not think it flattered her body and I hated the cape on the back.

    Pretty make-up Saturday night! :)

  4. V- what is the deal with the 40% off you refer to often? I'm dying for a particular item at BR & would love 40% off!! :)

  5. ashley- it's a coupon you get that they give away on a random weekend when you buy something- and then every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks you can get one item for 40% but that day only and it has to be full priced. I got the coupon from a friend at work!

  6. Hi Veronika! LOOOoooove the blog! I'm a mom to an 11 month old, and I feel like I have just gotten out of my "new mom frump", and am getting back to the real ME again (into fashion and thus into your blog!). I wanna know: do you read other makeup blogs too? Who are you favs? Love all your outfits, and keep up the great work!

  7. Maria Menunos is just stunning in that dress!

    Veronika, looks like your MbMJ bag was a perfect find. Your outfits have definitely brightened up a bit!! Every time i see your black and white OOTDs, all I can think about is Coco! :)

    <3, Natasha

  8. I thought Keri Russel's dress would have been perfect if it was longer and had a slight train. Other than that I would was a gorgeous color on her.

    I really like Eva Longoria's dress. It was beautiful. Would have liked to seen her in something other than black, but it fit her so well.

    My favorite was Lea Michele. I love that fit and that navy color. So bold!! Loved it!

  9. Do any of you find any woman that is above a size 4 attractive? Do you find any woman that has short hair attractive? Do you find any woman that has not had plastic surgery attractive? Do you find any woman that does not wear a lot of makeup attractive? Do you find any woman that has her natural hair color attractive? It just seems all of you have a very narrow view of what is attractive. God forbid any of you get cancer and your hair falls out, or you get sick and have to be on drugs that,OMG, make you a big old size 14 fattie like the old maria was, or you get some kind of skin condition that causes you not to be able to wear makeup. Geez, what if they run out of blond dye...OMG!!!! I just hope none of you have daughters that you are passing your insecurities to.

  10. Woooow....I dont see anyone saying they dont think woman above a size 4 arent beautiful, or women who have short hair arent attractive. For the most part the comments are about the FASHION and not about the person...

  11. I completely agree with you...January Jones looks stunning! I love her dress! Claire Danes was by far the best dressed of the night; she looks so gorgeous. I love your new BR skirt; it looks so versatile! I need to start wearing my lipsticks more too; thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Claire Danes looked stunning - the dress is so sparkly and gorgeous - and her hair and make up were perfect. I really liked Lea Michele's look as well.

    I could totally see you wearing Keri Russell's dress (maybe because it's the colour of your bag LOL!)

    I loved the colour of Jewel's dress - it's one of my favourite colours to wear. I also really love your F21 top - I wish it was still available - I need more ruffles and rosettes in my wardrobe :-)

  13. Hi Veronika! Thank you so much for the shout out!! I appreciate it! It's always cool to see someone mention you in a public forum like this. :) You made my day, and I will continue looking for new blog entries and beauty tips!

  14. I AGREE about January Jones!!! LOVE IT!!! I also agree about Claire Danes - wow! And Maria Menounos, AND Kim Kardashian. We must have the same taste in awards show dresses :). I also love the draping on that BR skirt. And get well Carly!

  15. Yes didnt think january jones should have been so trashed for that dress. have to admit dont love the shape and style but LOVED the colour and the messy hair. Claire Danes was defo my favourite, I did a post on my emmy picks too haha

  16. Loved January Jones. Looooved it. And I'll say it once and I'll say it again- I am so jealous that this girl that grew up and went to high school in the same town as me in Nowhere, South Dakota is out there on the red carpet killin' it in Versace. Major props to her! *falls over*

    Your outfit today is darling, and I'd love to see a post on lipsticks! I'm awful about wearing them myself, and I keep thinking I just need some motivation, grrr...

  17. Don't know if anyone else saw this but I saw Kim Kardashian on E's red carpet and she said she was planning to wear a different dress and had to switch at the last minute. She didn't say what the problem was with the other dress but this could explain why she didn't quite look like herself.

  18. anon- yeah it didn't quite seem like her...maybe she did have a dress malfunction or something?

  19. I was surprised J. Jones got trashed for that look too. I always love Heidi Klum...she looks great. My hairdresser today was saying she thought she (Heidi) needs to stop dressing like a teenager. What do you think about the mini?

    Did you notice how many women went for the one shoulder look. I have always been a fan of that look.

  20. I think they all look great. My personal favorite is Lea Michelle's gown - mainly because the bottom of it reminds me so much of my wedding gown, so I guess I'm a little bit biased!

    Like some people are hesitant to wear red lip colors I always shy away from the really light pink. As much as I would love to slick on a shade like yours I'm afraid it would look awful on me because my skin is so fair! Actually I think I have a sample of "Pink Sugar" lipgloss that I got from Sephora that's a really really pale pink, maybe I'll give that a try tomorrow for work, thanks for the inspiration!

  21. I don't know how I missed this post! But I am a MAC's colorcrafted lipstick lover myself. I adore that color, especially for a fun night out!


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