OOTD: Geometric Prints

Hello lovely readers! 

I hope everyone had a great day today. My day at work was really productive and I love having those days where you feel like you got a lot accomplished on your to-do list.

I know this BR skirt is not a favorite for some, but it always makes me happy when I wear it. It's crisp and pretty!  I think it photographs a bit oddly but IRL it looks lovely, I promise (or at least I think so!)

Top- Macy's
Skirt- Banana Republic
Cardigan- Express
Shoes- Jessica Simpson
Bag- MbMJ
That's all for today!  I have been working on my new blog template (should debut within the next month) so that's been taking up a little bit of time. As always, thank you for reading!



PS- How cute is Swifty's new video!? Love her!


  1. Loving the top, it's very summery but the print is a nod to fall - definate OTD hit!


  2. Love the long cardis you've been sporting this summer! I saw them in quite a few colors at BR this weekend (on sale).

    Question: Do you find it difficult to keep your white skirts white? I have always been a bit hesitant to purchase white bottoms in general. Let me know your secret!

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  3. What's the brand of that top missy? It's really, really cute tucked into that skirt. I need to go to Banana republic the next time I shop and look into their skirts ;)

  4. natasha- i just dry clean my white skirt :) keeps it nice and clean and I also keep a tide pen in my bag for any emergencies.

    beautygirl- not sure of the brand but it was in the Junior's section months ago...

  5. I'm really loving that top, super cute!

  6. Such a cute outfit, I especially love the Macys ruffle top. And your pink bag pops against the white! :) sooo excited to see your new blog template!

  7. love this outfit! Whats your rule for wearing white after labor day?

  8. Taylor- let's just say I'm a winter white kind of girl. I wear white after labor day...probably not this skirt but definitely a white top.

    Magazines are saying white opaque tights are IN for fall!

  9. Love the top! And I love that song/video too!

  10. Love the outfit - you really know how to rock black and white without looking boring!

    I thought of you today, because I was reading People Stylewatch, and one of their recommended pieces was a MbMJ bag - and their target audience was NOT teens LOL (not to beat a dead horse - just in defense of your bag choice!)

  11. Whatttt??? Ppl dont like the skirt?? It is absolutely adorable on you! Rock it out!

  12. I love your BR skirt! I think it is perfect for summer, and that top looks great paired with it! Can't wait to see your new blog template!

  13. this top is gorge! i love the ruffles and pattern! i love the mj bag with it as well! you can never go wrong with black, white, and hot pink!!!

  14. Just found your lovely blog - thanks for stopping by mine as well. The bag adds a fun pop of color to your outfit.

    PS - I have to say the wedding photos you posted a few days ago are simply stunning!!

  15. i love the outfit and the pop of pink from your handbag brings it all together. i don't see why anyone wouldn't like your skirt.

  16. you should try this new express skirt:

    I just got it and I love it!! It has a very interesting pattern, similar to the one you're wearing.

    Plus I think there's a coupon out right now! ;)


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