Victoria Beckham Goes Long & Outfit of the Day: Basic Black

When I checked out one of my daily go-to celeb gossip sites this morning (Gawker) I nearly squealed with delight when I saw a photo of Victoria Beckham...with long locks!  I have been waiting for her to wear her hair long again for quite some time. 


I have her book, titled "That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between" and I definitely recommend it for anyone who loves VB, needs a little style guidance or needs to get out of a fashion rut.  I actually never used to think much of her but based on the interviews she's done and her book, I actually really came to enjoy her and think she is lovely, clever and funny.

As a reminder, here she is years ago with her long dark hair (aww and there's the lovely Cheryl Cole with her too):

and here she is with her shorter hair (looking gorgeous, as per usual)

...and here she is today, with her hair extensions: (which I was surprised by because she said she hated "fake hair" in her book, but I guess maybe she got bored of having "the posh" and of everyone and their mom copying hair haircut)

I think she's pretty no matter what her hair is like, but I'm glad she switched it up a bit since she had her previous haircut for such a long time (though, it was fabulous so she was right to keep it so long!)

Speaking of long hair, I snapped this shot today and thought, wow, my hair is looking long:
In other news, I wore black today (I know, I know...)

 Dress- Target (similar here)
Belt- J. Crew (buy here, in brown)
Shoes- "Me Too" at DSW (similar here, with slingback)
Bag- Michael Kors

Hope you had a happy Monday! I am going to try and go to the AT&T store tomorrow to get my iPhone. I am going to get the black one. I've given up on the white one and I like the black one anyways. 

What do YOU think of VB's new hair?



  1. Love VB and her style. I almost like her better with short hair, but she looks fab either way. As much as I love her I didn't know she wrote a book. Will definitely have to buy it :)

  2. Very cute dress!
    I like VB with her long hair

  3. I love her hair! She looks great and I love how she reinvents herself all the time.

    Love your dress too!

  4. I saw this pic of VB today and thought she looked great. I like her with both Long and short styles but I think this whole ensemble is so classy.

    As for the iPhone, I head that the white isn't going to be released for two weeks or so. My brother is a serious techie and he told me that (he already has the black new one).

    Cute dress. Looks great on you!

  5. I love her long hair! The short hair was great, and she can definitely pull it off better than anyone else, but I just love her with long hair.

    I love your dress, and your hair looks great!!

  6. Oooh - my last post mentioned VB's "extra half inch" book :-) I love it too! She really is so funny - and puts a lot of thought into her style - very inspiring!

    I like her with longer hair too - it makes her look softer - sometimes she looks a little too fierce and angular with the bob. And I loved her highlighted hair from the last World Cup.

  7. Love victoria beckham anytime, so classy!!

    love your dress too, its really cute, especially with the belt. :)

  8. VB always looks awesome. There are few women who can pull off a short do and she was definitely one of them! I wear real-hair extensions because to me, long hair just makes me feel and look more feminine. I love them:]

  9. VB is always so great! And I love your black dress! You look so pretty! :)


    Please follow me if you can:

  10. I love VB! Your hair looks amazing! And, lastly, I saw that dress at Target a few months ago, and I wasn't sure what it would look like and didn't feel like trying on. It is actually really cute! Great post today :)

  11. LOVE that dress - I have that belt and wish I had that dress! I also love VB and always have... I just think she's so cute and chic with short or long hair, although the long hair is sexier. And she's married to David Beckham?!? Jealous!!!

  12. I never would have guess that your dress was a Target find. I looked at the pleating and thought, I wonder if that's vintage. :)
    Very cute!!
    And I personally think she looks nicer with shorter hair or maybe I'm just not feeling the extensions.


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