OOTN: A Ruffly Floral Dress for a Date Night & La Roche Posay at CVS

Tonight my husband and I went out for dinner at P.F. Chang's (one of our faves!)  I decided to wear my Zara floral ruffle dress because it was SO hot out today (like 93 degrees) and I wanted to wear something feminine and summery.

I absolutely LOVE this dress.  It is one of my favorites out of all of the ones I own. This was my first time wearing it.

Dress- Zara; Open-faced cardigan- Charlotte Russe; Shoes- Cynthia Vincent for Target

Sigh. That dress is just so lovely.

After dinner we encountered a downpour (that's Houston for you- if you don't like the weather, just wait 15 minutes!) It was like a monsoon rain.

We also saw like 100 cyclists hiding under a gas station roof !!! I've never seen anything like it. They were all crowded there like sardines. I felt so bad for them.  I tried to get a shot...not a good one but you might get an idea if you enlarge it.

I also stopped at CVS because I heard they carry La Roche Posay products.  When I got there, there were only a few products on the shelves. I asked the manager if they had more and he came back with a cardboard box FULL of LRP products. I was glad they had them because I HATE ordering things online. Dear CVS, thank you for carrying these products, it has made my life so much easier.

I got my tried and true Effaclar face wash, a new acne spot treatment and the new Anthelios SPF 60 sunscreen:

La Roche Posay is the best skincare line I've ever encountered. It was orginally recommend to me by a dermatologist when I used to have severe cystic acne and I can't imagine what I'd do without their incredible products. The acne treatment is a new one for me as I usually use their Targeted Breakout Corrector (which is amazing) so I'll report back on it soon! 

I think if you tend to break out, even once in awhile, you should use an acne product preventatively. This has been tremendously successful for me. Every night before bed I apply a thin layer of the acne treatment to my chin area where I used to have bad acne, just to make sure nothing flares up. I also dot Proactiv's Refining Mask on any areas where I either have a developing pimple or I think something might pop up there. This has helped my skin stay clear. Yes, I look like a weirdo before bed, but hey, clear skin is worth it!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  Tomorrow we are going out for my birthday, which is this Sunday, May the 30th!  I can't believe I'm going to be 27! This year has just flown by!

Oh and on Sunday, my girlfriend and I are seeing the new Sex and the City movie! Yay! What a perfect birthday weekend :)




  1. What a downpour! All those cyclists! WOW :(

    The dress is pretty!

    Aw yay!! HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!!!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  2. thanks girl :) I know (re: the cyclists) it was crazy! there were at least 100 of them there!

  3. I've been looking for a good facewash. I'll have to try that.

  4. traci- it is amazing and so gentle. It's a PH 5.5 so perfect for delicate facial skin :) I hope you love it as much as I do!

  5. Oh how funny. Tomorrow is my good friends birthday too and she wants to go to PF Changs. My birthday is on Tuesday. Happy early birthday.

  6. FJ- we are fellow geminis :) awesome! happy early birthday to you as well! what are your plans?


  7. dude, I am in LUST with that dress - it's feminine and summery! perfectly paired with the wedges!

    happy birthday to you on Sunday... hope you have an awesome day!

  8. Happy early birthday Veronika!!! =) Wishing you a wonderful year!!! xoxo

  9. Aww, happy early birthday! I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend! I think I am going to try that face wash. I have literally been bouncing around, trying so many different ones because I just can't seem to find anything that is either A) gentle enough, or B) doesn't make me break out. Have a great weekend and birthday!

    - Jennifer
    PS: Love P.F. Chang's too. The lettuce wraps are sooooooo good!

  10. The dress is so pretty! For a different look, it would look awesome w/ a wide tan/cognac belt.

    And Happy Bday! I'm a fellow Gemini too (bday on Tues.).

  11. LRP sounds really great - all the facialists I've been to keep stressing how important proper pH products are - yet when you go to buy products - it is so hard to find out what their pH is!

    I had no idea you had severe acne - your skin looks so glowing and gorgeous! Obviously what you're doing is working!

    Have you tried the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask instead of the Proactive mask? I'm curious to see if they're similar.

  12. Thank your for the skincare recs I need to look into this brand. Oh and that dress is darling

  13. We went to PF Chang's for date night too. Love that they had the pre-fix dinner for 2. $39 what a deal! You look adorable in that dress. And ditto to your skin looking so glowy. I'm always looking for a good spot treatment. I'll have to give La Roche a try.

  14. Happy Early Birthday! I think we may have gotten some of the Monsoon rain in the Carolinas today...total down pour and flooding in areas.

  15. It's crazy how much we have in common. We're both Slovak (LOL), we both turn 27 on May 30th (argh! lol), and both of our weddings were black and pink.

    I can't wait to try the La Roche products, especially the targeted breakout corrector. I hope it works because I occasionally get those painful cysts.

  16. That dress looks lovely on you.
    And yes, it was a hot day today. Not just hot, but humid too...gotta love Houston heat! Although, in my part of town, we didn't catch any rain.
    I saw the midnight showing of SAT2 with a friend and I let me tell you that it was AWESOME, you will love it!
    Happy birthday!

  17. That dress sure looks so feminine and summery. Very cute look on you!

    Happy early birthday for you Veronika! I actually share my birhtday with you! I will turn 26 though. I'm a new Finnish reader to your blog :) I totally love your style!

  18. Love the dress. So girly and feminine. Have a great weekend and happy birthday!!

  19. jennifer- that's what I had- the lettuce wraps!

    ella- I don't have acne anymore, but I used to have very severe cystic acne in my very early 20's. I have tried the queen helene mask but I see that as a wash-off. Proactiv mask is sulphur based and is more of a treatment product, IMO.

    ashley- wow! I think we might be twins!

    sally-I can't wait to see it! I'm going to rock some heels to the movie :)

    krisi- thank you for your sweet comment and glad you found the blog!

    carolina- i hate rain that leads to flooding...I hope it doesn't rain today because I have a pool day planned!

    mere- thank you :)

  20. a new reader here. i love la roche posay, that is the only line of skincare that hasn't caused me to break out. i use their sunscreen on my 2 year old too.

    happy birthday!

  21. Ooh, I will have to check out LaRoche Posay! Do you use the facewash with your Clarisonic? My fiance has acne trouble and the clarisonic has helped him so much, but I think an acne-treatment facewash would do wonders!

  22. maria- I do use it with the clarisonic (but I don't use the clarisonic daily). I also combine it with neutrogenas acne stress control foaming wash. I use them mixed together usually :)

  23. Pf changs is such a great restaurant, I've only been there a couple of times, but I love their bomb pop martinis and red velvet cake desserts! Love your OOTN!

  24. You look stunning in that dress! I love the cardi/dress combo for this time of year. In fact, I am wearing something similar tonight!

  25. I'm a huge La Roche Posay fan ! I've been using the Effaclar line forever and I love love it. The purifying foaming gel is the best ever ! I'm lucky enough to have my brother working at L'Oreal so we get La Roche Posay, Vichy, YSL and all the other brands with an amazing discount ! I'm gonna miss this when I move to Canada ;)

  26. This specific wash didn't work for me but I use quite a few things from La Roche Posay after hearing about the line from you, and they are the best!


  27. Happy Birthday! I am in love with that dress. It fits you so well. I on the other hand do not look so good in flowy things. I have such a broad back that flowy things make me seem really pudgy. =(


  28. Just thought I would pass this along...not sure how this website is as far as shipping or customer service but I did spot a pair of heels pretty similar to the Paris Hilton bow pumps for cheap. Just in case any of your readers wanted to know!



  29. that dress is awesome.

    Happy Birthday!

  30. love the dress! i saw the cyclists crowded under that chevron too...gotta love houston weather! :)

  31. targeted breakout corrector...i think they discontinued :(

  32. just ordered both those acne products per your reviews!


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