Friday, May 14, 2010

Looks I'm Loving Now- Celebrity Hair, Fashion & Makeup

Once in awhile I like to do a little celebrity fashion and beauty inspiration post. Like I said in my last post of that nature, I tend to save photos of celebrity outfits, hair or makeup I love and wait until I have enough to do a fun entry like this.

I'll start with the lovely Kate Beckinsale. She seriously can do no wrong fashion and beauty wise. I have never seen her look bad! So not fair!
She just has the most gorgeous style. Her hair and makeup are always perfect as well. Sigh. Can I just be Kate for one day!?

Her nude heels are gorgeous and I am loving her carefree pouffy pony tail.  Seriously, just ONE DAY!!!

...and proving that she looks absolutely fabulous in workout clothes with her hair thrown up....we have this lovely photo:

The next celeb look I love is this outfit Jennifer Lopez wore recently. I just think the blouse has such a stunning pattern and it's so flowy and pretty. The color suits her so well too.

I love the simple black skinny jeans she paired it with.

Then, there's Marisa Miller. I love her pretty ruffly top paired with short shorts.  Can I also say I would LOVE to have her hair? It's gorgeous! I think the next time I get a trim I am going to ask my hairdresser to teach me how to style my hair like this (only mine isn't as long!) 
Cute brown wedges too! (they remind me of my CV for Target ones!)

The next celeb is LOST star Evangeline Lily. I don't really watch LOST anymore, but gosh she is cute! She is such a natural beauty. I love her layered ruffle dress here. She also has such gorgeous, healthy hair and glowing skin. A very lucky lady!  I'm continually amazed at how phenomenal she looks, even without makeup on (like those jungle island scenes on LOST when she's got mud on her face- STILL CUTE!)

I saw this pretty photo of The Hills reality star Audrina Patridge recently and I thought she looked so natural and pretty. Defined eyes, glowy skin and light pink lips. I just love when she does a more natural look. She looks great all done up too, but she really does have pretty features that don't need a lot of makeup to "play them up."

Then there's The Hills star Kristin Cavalleri. I loved this shot of her because she just looks really happy. I also admire how great she looks with her hair pulled back. Very sophisticated!

I'm also IN LOVE with the way Kristin's hair is styled here. So voluminous and pretty! I may have to bring this picture in for my next trim!

What's an inspiration post without a little Brooklyn Decker in the mix? I saw this photo of her (not sure how recent or not it is) and I just feel in love with her sultry, smokey makeup. Yes please!

If looks could kill, huh? and just for good measure, here she is on a more natural day! still gorgeous...

OK, maybe one more of the smokey eyes photos. I wish I could do my makeup like this! I love how the liner looks so smudged and messy, yet absolutely perfect at the same time!

I hope you all have a happy Friday evening!  More blogs to come over the weekend. Miss USA is on this Sunday and I can't wait to watch it (YES, I LOVE to watch pageants!)




  1. Kate Beckinsale and Marissa Miller are two of my favorite celebrities. I think they are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. I love watching pageants too! I seriously get too excited for them!

  3. Great taste! Can I please pull off a ponytail like Kate please? Rumor has it that Evangeline Lilly is not acting anymore after Lost. I hope it isn't true because I love her.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I loooove Kate Beckinsale. If I could look like one person, it'd be a very very very close toss up between her and Heidi Klum. *sighs*

    Great pics! So inspiring and fun to look at!

  5. Marissa looks amazing, if my hair had so many roots like her it would NOT look as gorgeous as it does on her.. she can rock it!

  6. love these selections! they all look great! x

  7. chloe- I'm with you! I wouldn't mind looking like brooklyn decker or alessandra ambrosio either ;)

    MsHark- when i was blonde, I had mega roots and I could never quite work it like she does!

  8. Love these pictures. Kate is always gorgeous, love that poofy pony! Evangeline Lilly is such a natural beauty. I love KCav and her hair is perfect in that pic!

  9. Love this post! I've seen Kate Beckinsale in person (shopping @ Kitson in LA) and she is even more stunning in person. Her hair was up in her signature ponytail, and she is seriously flawless!

  10. I had two different pics of Kate Beckinsale for wedding hair inspiration! I love her up-do's and messy pony tails. I need to have my hairdresser teach me how to try to do that pony tail myself! I always love Evangeline's easy effortless look, too.

  11. Heart Brooklyn BIG TIME! And I agree K. Cavalleri's hair is super hot there!


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