27, Sunscreen Rave & Birthday Wrap-Up

It's 12:02 a.m. right now, which means my 27th birthday is officially over, and it was such a great one!

I started my day today with a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte and a spinach egg wrap.  Perfection. If only every day could start that way.

Then my husband some friends and I headed to the Four Seasons for some pool time (because really, you can't ever really have enough pool time.)  There were a lot of people there so we didn't stay long, but it was fun and relaxing nevertheless.

After the pool we had mexican food as a late lunch and called it a day.  I spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and taking naps.

As I woke from one of my naps, I realized I needed to kick it into high gear because um, our bed is coming in tomorrow.  We ordered the West Elm Diamond Tufted Headboard and a new bed frame and it has arrived so we are going to pick it up tomorrow.

I have spent the last 4 hours or so cleaning my entire house. Sometimes I go on these cleaning rampages and I just don't stop until everything is spotless.  I think the cleaning fumes have gotten to me, lol.

Our new bed is my birthday present from my husband and I can't wait to show it to you guys!  Our bedroom is very neglected decor-wise, because I wanted to focus my decor efforts (and budget) on rooms we hang out in all of the time (ie: our living room area.) I can't wait to give our bedroom some much-deserved TLC!  I'm going to get new bed sheets too...and throw pillows...but don't tell my husband... I have a pillow addiction so I have to nonchalantly just buy them at the register acting like nothing's goin' on! (I hope he doesn't read this hehe!)

(this is our headboard, but in the color "otter" which is a darkish gray)

Now onto a review. I mentioned a few posts ago that I had purchased La Roche Posay's new fluid sunscreen (called Anthelios SPF 60).  This is a product I feel is going to be a HG product for me, for so many reasons:

1.  It's a fluid, so you don't have to use a lot and it spreads so easily
2. No harsh scent
3. Leaves skin matte
4. Doesn't look or feel like you are wearing sunscreen
5. Looks incredible under makeup
6. Makeup still looks great hours later, even after being in the sun

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid for Face, 1.7-Ounce Bottle 

I believe I paid $29.00 for a bottle of this sunscreen, but since I only use it when I'll be outside for long periods of time (like pool days) the cost feels justified to me.  I really love it.  I know Kiehl's has come out with a similar product called Super Fluid UV Defense but I haven't tried that one.  It is a bit pricier than the LRP sunscreen.
Kiehls Super Fluid Uv Defense 1.7 Oz

I will definitely post pictures tomorrow. Thank you again to everyone who left lovely comments and birthday wishes. I appreciate you all <3




  1. Wow that bed is gorgeous! Sounded like a great weekend!

  2. Glad you had a great weekend! And I totally understand the cleaning rampages...I am the same way. It starts with a little re-organizing and it ends with scrubbing the walls and a color coded closet! By the way...where did you get your hat? I love it!

    - Jennifer

  3. Happy belated Birthday!! I wish I could start every morning with a skinny vanilla latte as well :)

  4. Happy Birthday!

    You really should read the 2010 Sunscreen Guide from the Enviromental Working Group.

    I looked up the La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen did not get rated that well. It got a 7 rating. The best sunscreens get a 0-2. The study says to avoid sunscreens rated 7-10.

    The La Roche product has oxybenzone which is synthetic estrogen that is absorbed through the skin. It can trigger allergic reactions, is potential hormone disruptor and penetrates the skin in large amounts. Some experts say you shouldn't put it on children.

    It also has an misleading SPF (you can read more about that in the study).

    It is a good study to read. Talks about some how some sunscreen ingredients have even been linked to causing cancer. They update this study every year. I read it every year and really have tried to switch to more organic skin care and makeup products because everytime I read one of these studies it really freaks me out. Like seriously...I am tring to protect my skin and stay young & healthy...not kill myself.

  5. michele- that's funny because I looked the anthelios sunscreen up on another sunscreen safety website and it rated a 2, I believe. There is so much contradictory information floating around everywhere. Having said that, I only use this sunscreen when I'm going to the pool, not on a daily basis. thanks for the info!

  6. I also read another person saying that site is the extremist group in the "sunscreen" world so to speak. I browsed it myself and noticed one sunscreen said it was like 60SPF, and contained an ingredient the site said was bad, then another sunscreen said it was 20SPF and contained the SAME ingredient as the first, and that site rated the first one an 8 in terms on safety (really bad) and then second one a 2. How does that make sense?! They contained the same "bad" ingredient but the first one was a lower SPF and didn't "make false claims" - so its suddenly that much safer? ridic.

    Anyway la roche posay sent me a bottle of this when I ordered something else (for free) and I will try it out for sure once my shipment arrives from the US!


  7. Word for word she said: "I saw the post earlier this week about the Environmental Working Group's report on sunscreens. I used to work in melanoma research. This group is regarded as being extremist in the industry, and they don't publish in peer-reviewed journals."


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