Victoria's Secret "Body by Victoria" bras and Giving "Eye Bright" a Second Chance

This past week has been a real fitness fail for me. I was on location almost the entire week shooting a video for work, so as you can imagine, after lugging heavy filming equipment around all day, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home is work out (or hear Tony Horton's voice.)

I ate fairly well all week and I did go to Pilates class on Saturday so I do feel that I at least did something (plus, I must have burned calories while carrying all that heavy equipment.) I hope to get back on track this week. I may even try to complete one month of Bikram Yoga this month (they say you should go a minimum of 10 times in 30 days.) We shall see.

After Pilates class on Saturday, my bestie Candice and I paid a visit to Victoria's Secret to check out their new Body by Victoria line (it's the one with the "I love my body" commercials...umm yeah I'd love my body too if I looked like Alessandra Ambrosio.)

First, I tried on the new Multi-Way bra, and it was OK, but I felt like it flattened me out a bit. This is what it looks like:

I didn't purchase the multi-way bra, but I did get the new Body by Victoria Push-Up. It is a-mazing. It is so soft and comfortable, fits like a dream and does what it says it will. It has just the right amount of padding. The bras they've been making lately with that super soft cotton material are always my favorites to wear. I even have an un-padded version that I wear to work out sometimes because it's
that comfy.

My friend and I each purchased this bra, so we were able to get about $7.50 off each using a coupon she got in the mail.

I also stopped by Sephora because I wanted to pick up Benefit's "Eye Bright," which I had a so-so relationship with. I've actually purchased it before and exchanged it for Anastasia of Beverly Hill's "Sand" Highlighting Pencil. Lately, Tiffany D from YouTube kept using it in tutorials and raving about how much she loved it and I thought to myself..."maybe I need to give it another chance." I'm glad I did. I love the Anastasia pencil because it's more sheer and shimmery...but the
Benefit pencil is a little more opaque and a true baby pink. When you blend it, it gives a gorgeous highlight. I have been using it on my inner corners and also on the brow bone. It is super-blendable and really does brighten the eye area. You can also use it as a highlight on the nose or cheekbones, you just have to blend out the line. Benefit's "Eye-Bright" costs $20.

While checking out at Sephora, the SA told me I had 500 and something points. Usually I just stock up on them, but this month, the 500-point gift was a great value so I just went for it.

This is what I got (by Tarte:)

The exclusive 7-piece sampler set is stocked with Tarte bestsellers: Vitamin-Infused Lipgloss in Apple-a-Day, Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol, Clean Slate Primer, Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara. Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara, Lash Hugger Mascara and EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil.

I can't wait to try these products- especially the lipgloss and eyeliner (it's made especially for the waterline!) I will report back on these products as I use them. I'm not sure about the mascaras because I like to stick to my tried-and-true formulas, but it's always fun to try something new, even if it's just for a day or two.

The kit also comes with a primer. I am very anti-primer. I've tried Smashbox Photofinish Light, LORAC aqua prime and even the Monsitat chafing cream (Google it, people rave about it as a face primer, seriously!). I just dislike face primers. I feel they actually make my skin look worse, my makeup go on worse and overall I just don't like them. Maybe it's because I use powder and not liquid foundation, but they just do NOT work for me. I know a lot of people swear by them, and I tried so hard to like them...but I just can't. I will probably give the Tarte primer one try, and then give it to my bestie who already uses it.

Did you do any shopping this weekend? Do you love VS bras as much as I do? Do you use primer? If so, which one?

Hope you all had an incredible weekend!




  1. Two things V - Def do the Bikram and stick with it- it's a great workout and the benefits are amazing! and Two, Anastasia of BH makes a dual end pencil with Sand (the shimmery end) and the other end (can't think of the name!) is exactly like the eye bright. Can't go wrong with 2 products in 1 :)

  2. Hayes- I actually did see that product but I didn't love the pink matte shade on the other was too...peachy I want to say?

  3. I bought the same bra you did yesterday, in the light purply pink color. So comfy, and the color reminds me of spring!

    I have the Benefit Eye-Bright and I love it, but I find that I have to take my time and blend it really well. If I don't I'll notice a few hours later that it has kind of caked on a bit at my inner corners.

    Also, thanks for doing that Q & A post the other day, it was fun reading all your responses!

  4. hmm, I never used the eye bright so I can't compare... but it does have a pinky tint to it.

    I really only use it under my brows to highlight, so I blend it in, then use a light shadow over. Maybe they make another option that would work better with your skintone??... regardless, I'm glad you are happy this time around with the eye bright.

  5. Hayes- how long have you done the bikram for? what changes did you notice? I hear it burns a ton of calories. I've only done it once, but it was at a studio where the humidity wasn't at the right levels.

  6. I did it a few years ago, but had a gym membership at the time so I stopped. Then I went all out and did it 3x weekly for 3mths leading up to my wedding. I've since stopped bc I again have a gym membership and can't rationalize both expenses (plus I've gotten lazy this winter with my workouts)...

    It will do similar things as pilates regarding the stretching,strengthening and toning of your muscles, but it will also provide sooo many internal benefits all the stretching and compressing works different internal organs, so you'll actually be healthier internally. Make sure you drink plenty of water before hand, and afterwards have a piece of fruit or Emergen-C to help you recover.

    My aunt & cousin used to own their own studio... My aunt is in her mid-50s and is the greatest shape ever.. I envy her.

  7. I've been wanting to try the new VS line!! I was a little disappointed when I got the flyer in the mail because not all of the styles are available in my size. With summer coming, I'm ready to stock up on comfy, flattering, and versatile bras! I actually use MAC's white kohl pencil as my highlight since running out of an Anastasia pencil. As highlighters go, I almost never buy the same one twice. They last forever, and there are just too many to try! Haha!
    This week was really frustrating for me as far as fitness goes. I've really intensified my cardio and strength, not to mention the foods I've been eating. Still, I have a fluffly little layer of padding on my belly that just won't budge! I feel like it's exactly the same as it was months ago when I first restarted my fitness routine. Even as a teenager dancing (ballet) for 30hrs a week I had this pudge. I guess it's just going to be the last area to improve. Tell me there's hope! :)

    I hope you have a great week!!

  8. I bought that Body by Victoria bra on Friday. I loooove it! Also, I am now obsessed with the Lacie's. They are incredibly comfy!

  9. I have heard such great things about Bikram Yoga. The studio near my house is doing a special, one month for free! I am planning on giving it a try this week.

    I use the Benefit brightening stick as well and really do love it. I like to dab it on my cheekbones and brow bone. It is a really flattering shade.

  10. I've just tried yoga for the first time over this last week and really enjoyed it. I think a class would be beneficial, I just haven't been able to find one in my area.

    The Victoria's Secret line looks great. My favorite, most comfortable bra is from them, but even it is too big. I'm very small in the chest, and they rarely have my size. Even whey they do, it's often still too big. I'm in the market for a few new bras, so I'll have to try and check these out sometime soon.

  11. cassie- sometimes they have smaller sizes online (like 32A and other smaller cup sizes.)

  12. You could try Philosophy's primer called "The Present". I used it a few years ago and loved it. I don't use it anymore but thats because I just don't like to add anything extra on my face that I don't have to.

  13. Hubbs banned me from VS for a couple months because my Angels card bill was like $1200 (eek, I know). Needless to say I won't be able to try the new line for quite a while.

    I do want to try that pencil though and am eager to get hooked on a primer, I know I need one but just need to find a good one.

  14. justinsmami- primers truly aren't for everyone. Please don't think you need one. I think they only work for some people, so don't sweat it that you haven't tried it yet.

    1200? wowza! I'm not sure how much I spend there each year, but I've never shopped there without using a coupon. I hardly ever pay full price for anything at VS! they will even give you 5$ off for trying ON a bra usually!

  15. Tarte's vitamin infused lipglosses are my favorite, they smell like popsicles! I also adore the regular formula of Lights Camera Lashes! Tarte is a great line that I don't think get's enough credit. I hope that you enjoy your new goodies!!!

  16. candice- i agree that tarte is often overlooked. I saw one of their lip gloss/stain pencils that I wanted to try but they were 24$ which I thought was pricey for a brand who doesn't have as much of a following as say NARS, Chanel or Smashbox.

  17. what size bra do u wear??

  18. I have posted this previously, but I wear a 34D


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