OOTD- Wearing Navy & Staying on Track

I always watch (or rather listen) to the Today Show when I get ready for work every morning.

I wake up at 7 or 7:15 a.m., turn on my TV, turn the volume way up and listen to the latest news as I shower, style my hair and apply my makeup (it makes me feel like I'm starting my day knowing the top headlines...plus, I feel totally scared when I'm alone in a completely quiet house.)

In between Today Show reports they show local news and today's weather report indicated that it could get up to 80 degrees! (yay!) I immediately knew this meant NO TIGHTS!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love tights, but when it starts to get into the mid to high 70's tights can be uncomfortable.

I wore a "new" dress for the first time today. I say "new" because my beautiful friend Kari who lives in NYC (jealous!) gifted it to me when she moved back to NYC from Houston where we worked together.

It's a simple navy blue dress from Banana Republic, and I love it (Thank-You Kari!)

I paired it with a wide belt and military inspired cardi.

Dress- Banana Republic; Belt- Club Monaco; Cardigan- Forever 21; Pumps- Jessica Simpson.

After work today my husband and I took our dog for a walk and then I did some quick leg toning moves from a YouTube video (courtesy of ToneItUpCom) at home. I remembered to take a picture of the black tights from Target that some of ya'll asked me to post over the weekend when I first mentioned them.

They are just plain, black, cotton tights. You can purchase them on Target's website, here. They are really comfy and great for workouts. I do caution though that they aren't 100% opaque so I always wear them with a superlong tank or tee. They aren't see-through or anything, but I just like to be cautious.

I've been feeling much more motivated and energized this week. Even going for a brisk walk helps me stay on track on days where I don't do a full workout.

This Saturday my bestie and I are trying "Hardcore Pilates" which is a Pilates class that uses reformer machines. I'm really excited! It's supposed to be pretty intense, but I'm ready for a challenge!

I'm also feeling much better today about the traffic ticket situation. I'm one of those people (as you can tell) that is completely over-dramatic about things like this. I think it party comes from just being a passionate person and also because I get super upset when I think I've done something wrong (probably a result of my upbringing.) I know we all make mistakes, so I just have to take this in stride and move forward. Thank you to everyone who wrote supportive comments and told me their "first ticket" stories- it really did make me feel better! And just to clarify, I'm 100% aware that I broke a law and thus the result was the ticket, but that also doesn't mean I can't be upset about it. Of course I am! I think it would be weird NOT to get upset about getting a ticket.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!




  1. I really like the way the wide belt looks with the dress!

  2. Oooh! I love, love, LOVE your navy outfit! Nicely done :)
    Love, P

  3. Cute dress! I'm so excited that it's finally warming up here. I'm just not cut out for winter.

    This is kind of random, but your mention of trying new workouts reminded me of this. Have you heard of the Brazil Butt Lift workout? It's made by Beach Body (the same company that makes p90x). It's new out, but doesn't look as intense as p90x. The trainer in the video supposedly trains Alessandra Ambrosio (among other gorgeous models). I saw it advertised the other day, and it looks like of interesting. Just thought I would point it out!

  4. alexis- I have heard of it...and now I definitely want to try it! I LOVE workouts that focus on the legs and butt!

  5. thats so funny, my friend just did a blog post on the brazil butt lift workout! LOL

  6. Cute dress! I bought one similar to it from Macy's for 39 bucks! Got one in black and one in a khaki!

  7. The dress is fantastic! What a wonderful friend! Reformer is awesome! I used to take those classes at my old gym and loved it! It is super intense and man was I sore after. I think even more so then a spin class or a body pump class. Anyway good luck and cant wait to hear all about it!!

  8. I love that dress! It looks great with the belt. I'm so ready to go tights-less. We are supposed to have great weather this weekend, plus I start a new job Monday where I don't have to be in until 11am. Hopefully I can work out in the mornings now and enjoy the spring/summer while it lasts. Oh and I do have a question for you....you have mentioned that you use spray on self-tanner. I'm so paranoid of spraying my walls or floor! Do you spray yourself in the shower? Even then I'm worried some of it will stick to the grout between tiles.

    - Jennifer

  9. Jennifer- Yes I spray myself in our large shower (lots of room to move around so it's the perfect space) Having said that, I have sprayed myself not in the shower and it was fine :)

    11am start time! I wish :) you'll be able to get so much done in the morning!

  10. Love the outfit! It got so warm here today that I had to ditch my tights and my cardigan! I was ecstatic! lol

  11. I love reformer pilates; I did it for a span of almost a year. I remember being very sore the first few weeks, but I was often a little sore on a regular basis. Made me feel the results! Hope you like it!

  12. Love the work outfit! I also listen to the Today Show on full blast when I get ready in the morning...it's comforting. :) Have a great "no tights" day!


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