Hair Coloring, Spring Cleaning, Couch Shopping & OOTD

Yesterday evening, some work colleagues and I attended an awards dinner for the Houston Association of Black Journalists. It was a great event! Here's what I wore (the dinner was a mix of business and cocktail.)
Dress- Ann Taylor (seen in this haul post); Belt- Club Monaco; Shoes- Paris Hilton "Senorita"; Bracelet- Forever 21.

Gosh I love those bow shoes. I wear them every chance I get! They do hurt a bit towards the end of the night, but hey, a fabulous shoe is worth a little discomfort!

I got my hair done today! At the last minute I chickened-out and canceled my trim. I just got the color (my roots) retouched. Here is how it turned out (my hair looks the same, but brighter since the color is fresh.)

I LOVE fresh color! It just brightens things up and makes hair feel shinier and better. I know it's going to fade all through the summer, but I actually love the faded ends look (kind of like how Gisele's hair is.)

After my hair appointment today, my lovely husband accompanied me on a little errand-running. I had spring cleaning on the brain and wanted to find a shoe rack for our closet. I didn't want the fabric kind or anything that would hang over the door because we have super skinny closet doors. I ended up finding an awesome shoe rack at The Container Store for $19.99 per rack (I purchased two.)

Here's how it turned out:

First, the box, in case anyone wants to know the name/packaging of the product. It's super easy to put together. It took me like 5 minutes to do both of them. They are expandable and assemble with a quick "click."

Ta-da! (and excuse our messy bed/room, like I said, I'm still cleaning) Isn't it great? it is with the actual shoes on
it (it saves SO much space! love it!)

Lulu came to check out the shoe rack. I think he likes it.

I'm keeping my most-worn shoes in the second rack from the bottom.

While at the container store, I also picked up this acrylic makeup brush holder for $6.99. I was tired of having separate containers for my brushes so this was the perfect fix!

As you can see, I also started using Maybelline Great Lash clear mascara as a brow gel. I finally remembered to pick some up a couple of weeks ago. It really does help keep brows in place. Great product, so thanks to those who suggested it!

I was also on the hunt for a new duvet cover/bed sheets today and after visiting Bed, Bath & Beyond, Pottery Barn AND Crate & Barrel to try to find ones I liked (fail) we paid a visit to West Elm where my husband and I fell in love with this gorgeous couch:

We have just started looking for a new couch recently (we plan to try to sell the ones we have now.) It's pretty rare for us to BOTH absolutely love something, so this couch seems like the perfect match for us since we both agree on it.

We tend to like more modern, clean-looking furniture and this couch fits that look to a "T." We also both wanted an L-shaped couch with a long chaise lounge which this set also has. I believe it is called the Tillary couch. The best thing about it is that you can completely re-arrange it to whatever best fits your space and you can also add more pieces to it. All of the pieces and cushions are movable, so you can completely customize the look and layout of the couch. I also really love the fabric. We haven't committed yet, but it is definitely at the top of our list! Plus, if you have a West Elm card, you get 10% back on your purchase to spend in the store!

Do you like the couch we fell in love with? What does YOUR dream couch look like!?

Anyways, we won't be buying for a couple of months or so, but it's nice to start looking and seeing what's out there.

I saw some cute duvet covers and bed sheets at West Elm but I just couldn't decide. The ones I liked were:

The Ruffled Circle Quilt (as a bed cover, in gray) and The Parachute Duvet Cover (in white). I would buy regular white sheets to go with the duvet cover. I don't know why I hesitate so much before making a purchase. I want white sheets/duvet cover because I think our rooms needs more white/brightness. I love our lime green patterned sheets, but I guess I'm ready for something new and fresh for spring/summer. What color are your bedroom sheets?

Before I go, I just had to share this adorable buy from BB&B: a dish scrubbing brush:

It was only $4.99 and it just makes me so happy! I mean, I hate dishes, but they are definitely more tolerable with a cute little flower scrubber :) It just looks so...happy!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful Saturday! Have any of you done some spring cleaning? Warmer weather always gets me in the mood to re-do my closet.

I haven't done it yet by my closet needs some MAJOR reorganization so that my summer clothes are easier to access. I reorganize my closet every 6 months or so. That way, the clothes I wear the most are more towards the center of the closet and within reach and my heavier winter clothes can move to other parts of the closet. Am I the only one who does this?




  1. Hi Veronika,

    Your outfit was too cute! I saw the holder for your brush sets and remembered I had a question.. How do you clean your brushes after you use them? Each time you use one or do you wait after a few weeks or days. I am asking because I noticed a breakout on my cheeks (where I apply my blush) and I try and clean them every week but not after every usage. Let me know! THanks!

  2. Oh, closet organization... touchy subject! My closet desperately needs to be organized. Today I pulled out a skirt that I forgot I had, and it was in plain site when the door was open! I can't imagine what else is back there.

  3. anon- I wash my brushes once per week. I also use a clean towel to "wipe off" any makeup that stays on my powder and blush brushes after I use them so they don't build up and get to much product in them.

    Acne on the cheeks is pretty common, that is usually "true" acne and not hormonal acne. If you are just starting to notice it change your pillow cases every other day.

  4. deconstruction- I like to clean out my closet twice a year or so and donate what I don't wear. I also organize it in sections so all of my skirts, pants, dresses, tops etc are together and in color order. It really helps me keep track of what I have :)

  5. your hair is gorgeous! I hope when your colorist leaves you find another amazing one to replace him! I think good ones are so hard to find, and he really does amazing with your hair. I think it was a good idea to skip the trim - I had a tiny bit trimmed off last time and I wish I had just waited!

  6. Love your hair !
    I've been using Maybelline's clear Great Lash mascara as a brow gel for years and it works so well. It's hard to find in France, though.

  7. It's funny that you made the comment about your new shoes becoming a little uncomfortable. I bought a pair of purple pumps from Paris' line and was going to ask you how comfortable they were. But, I agree if they're an awesome pair of shoes, dealing with a little discomfort can be worth it.

    We reorganize our closet when the season changes as well. But, I organize my side with things I wear towards the front and non-seasonal items at the back. My Fiance' organizes his side the way you do though.

    Love your hair by the way!

  8. That couch is fantastic, I love it! I bought a new couch a few months ago, and really wanted a greyish suede couch. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that fit our budget. It will have to wait until we buy a house.

    You hair looks great. I agree with the feeling you have after you get your hair colored. I always feel so much brighter and confident after my hair is freshly colored.

  9. That couch is beautiful! I am currently looking at bedding to update our bedroom, so I look forward to seeing what you pick! By the way, I would kill for your hair! It looks beautiful!

  10. I agree with the previous posters--your hair looks just gorgeous. It looks so shiny and 'healthy,' and the color is lovely. Very jealous : )

    My SO and I just bought a house, and furniture shopping has been so much fun (and a little scary since it's often a lot of money to commit to something). I love the way a great piece of furniture can transform a room! That couch looks like it would be really versatile.

  11. I love fresh color too! I usually never do anything drastic, but fresh color makes the hair so much softer and shinier.
    On another note, I totally need your closet veronika! It's so much bigger than mine!

  12. Lovely haul!!The brush is so cute!And your hair stunning!!!Did by any chance ask about the color base!!!

  13. I love that couch!

    I have some MAJOR spring cleaning to do! I am definitely going to get it done soon!

  14. Your hair looks so great--perfect color!!
    Your closet looks great too, love the organization :)
    The gray couch would be fab and would hide stains really well.

  15. violet- I will have to ask my hairdresser to email it to me because I didn't get it while I was there. Sorry!

  16. Hair looks fantastic as always! Hey been meaning to ask you. Where did you get those 3 lovely paintings on your bedroom wall? And is your dresser from Ikea? I love them!

  17. missjuli- they are all from IKEA (paintings too), I was actually thinking of selling the paintings because I got bored of them! If you are in Houston I'd be happy to sell them to you hehe! :)

  18. Darn I'm not in Houston but my mom is....hmmm...but I doubt she'll lug it to me on a plane. hehe.

  19. missjul- they are inexpensive at IKEA...less than $100 for sure! :) I am just tired of them in that room. I want to re-do our entire bedroom.

  20. Great post V! Hair looks good, can't say I'm entirely surprised you nixed the trim, lol.

    I had bought those shoe racks and despised them because although they were such a space saver, anytime I'd remove shoes from say the 2nd rack, the shoes above it would fall through and it would just annoy me to death. So we built in shoe shelves with those pre-made shelves from HD/Lowe's.

    I <3 that couch big time - I Love the color, the look, the shape, etc. - do you plan to get the pillows too if you do decide on that one?

    I really don't like either of those bed items at all. But that's just my opinion. That scrubby brush is very cute!

  21. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I have the West Elm Tillary couch and I LOVE IT!! I have it in the color you posted, the grey/blue. It is awesome!!!

  22. Megan- if you have pics of them in your home email me! veronabrit at gmail dot com! would love to see them. We are buying it in the next few weeks!


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