A Bad Day & Bronzing Products I Love

Well ladies, I have some sad news to share. I got my first ticket today. Ever. The police officers were right at my street corner pulling people over. I am not sure how I was "speeding" since I was slowing down to make a right turn, but I guess they needed to make their end of month budget. Ugh. So upset.

I cried for like an entire hour after it happened (a little dramatic, I know...but the tears are on and off.) I think most people can just get a ticket and brush it off...but not me.

This is from Google Images...I did NOT take this pic! hehe!

It's because
I'm pretty obsessed with being a cautious and responsible driver...to the point where it is almost a bit extreme. Everyone who knows me knows I am completely and totally concerned about issues to do with safe driving such as drunk driving, wreckless driving etc.

I won't even drive if I had a glass of wine in the last hour or even several hours! I'm just super cautious about anyone getting into a car when they are potentially buzzed or drunk. A lot of people here in Texas do that on a regular basis and it's just not something I am OK with (and really, no one should be "OK" with it.)

I guess I just fell victim to a speed trap, but to me,
it feels like so much more. I just constantly witness irresponsible drivers and drunk drivers (especially in the area we live in which is night-club heavy) and I see these people continue to do it week after week and then I get pulled over. People literally stumble out of clubs wasted, and get into their cars and drive away as door people, security, etc look on (and sometimes even police officers!) It amazes me.

I know I am totally being "
woe is me" right now and I know that police officers have to reach their quota...but speed traps just feel like such a nasty was of doing it. I wish they were really out there pulling people over at night and doing breathalyzer tests and getting THOSE dangerous drivers off of our streets. I don't remember the last time I've encountered a random pull over to check for drinking (can you tell I'm passionate about this issue!???)

Anyways, please forgive me for this rant/vent. I know that no one is perfect and I certainly don't think I shouldn't have gotten a ticket...I guess I just feel horrible about the way it happened. I feel horrible because I truly try to drive in a responsible and safe manner.
I would never think my driving today was an example of driving that could potentially endanger someone. Plus, it was my first offense ever in my life. I thought you usually get a warning for that? Maybe I should have tried to charm my way out of it, but my lip began to quiver and I burst into tears while trying to speak through my sobs about how this has never happened to me...and I pride myself on being a super responsible driver...blah blah blah...the officer just said "nobody's perfect." Well yeah, obviously...

After this happened and my husband got home, we took our dog for a walk and
we saw someone RUN a STOP SIGN in front of the police, and that person didn't get pulled over. My jaw just dropped to the floor. I see people run that stop sign ALL of the time...I know, I know...I'm just mad because it was ME that got the ticket.

Anyways, sorry you had to read that...back to regularly scheduled programming! (and no, I'm not crying anymore...writing seems to have calmed me down!)
Let's talk: Bronze.

Typically the only time I use bronze is in self-tanning products and powder face bronzers...but then, I saw this photo of the gorgeous Charlize Theron, and I may have to reconsider my limited use of bronze:

I love that look! It is kind of intense but I think it's so pretty and really makes a statement.

Do you ever use coppery/bronze-ish eyeshadow?

Speaking of bronzers, though I do have an HG (NARS Laguna), I have been eyeing Guerlain's Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder.

I saw it in one of my magazines recently (it looks lighter than it does in the pic on Sephora's website) and I knew immediatelly I wanted to try it. Guerlain is pretty popular for its spray-on bronzer product , which my best friend Candice swears by, but I prefer powders and I like that this one is matte for summer. I love shimmer too, but sometimes when my face gets more oily in the summer, it's nice to have a matte formula. The price is steep though- $50. I am definitely going to have to swatch it in the store before I commit to something like that!

Other "bronze" products I love?

1. NARS Laguna Bronzer (my daily bronzer)
2. Benefit "hoola" Bronzer (a pretty matte bronzer)
3. MAC Eyeshadow in "Honesty"
4. Clarins SPF 6 Tanning Milk (I use this mixed with moisturizer on my face for color)
5. Airbrush Self-Tanners- brands I love include Neutrogena, L'Oreal, Victoria's Secret

What are your favorite bronzing products? Please let me know in the comments below!

Have you ever been pulled over? Did you cry like me? LOL. I am such a dork. Thanks for reading!




  1. Wow, that really sucks :( Speed traps really bother me because they are reactive. I feel like if they actually wanted people to slow down they'd put themselves out there in the open "I am watching you" style. People always slow down when they can see a cop, so to me a speed trap is just a way of saying "Hey we need to make money!". I'm yet to get a ticket (knock on wood) but back when I was a teenager and first learning to drive a cop pulled me over for a seatbelt check and I started sobbing hysterically. I have no idea what came over me! Anyway, hopefully you can get the ticket thrown out (if you decide to contest it). I've also seen the 'stumbling drunk and driving away in front of unresponsive police' thing, it makes me so angry. I'm glad I live in a city and can take public transit.. when I was in a smaller town I felt very unsafe driving around at night because of the drunk drivers!

  2. Girl don't feel bad about getting upset! I know that I would probably feel the same way that you did if I was in your situation ( I cried after my first speeding ticket). I also know the feeling when you know that you try so hard to be a safe and responsible driver and all around you are people that don't seem to take it any where near as seriously. It just isn't fair. I hope your night gets better soon!

  3. ticket boo! what a way to ruin your day! that is just as bad as a flat tire! that happened to me when I was stuck in a speed trap and it was a very big fine i was so mad! I always wear face bronzer everyday all year long. I am pale with dark hair and light eyes. I think it helps to give me a healthy glow and people notice. I use a mac compact bronzer and love it. I haven not run out yet but when I do I may try nars. I bought a few of their lip products and eyeliners recently and love both. I maybe willing to risk it with bronzer.
    I also checked with VS about their bronzer and said it would be out soon. I want to try so hopefully sooner rather then later!


  4. I live in a huge city but public transit here is a joke! A lot of people who live here don't take drinking and driving seriously (I have witnessed this first hand and it has made me lose respect for a lot of people I know.)

    I am just sad about the way it happened. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I've been pulled over all of one time and I too was a quota ticket. I was driving on the interstate and it was bumper to bumper traffic. It finally just started to lighten and I was able to slowly pick up speed. I noticed a cop who pulled up behind me and rode my butt for over a mile. He then flipped on the lights and I got a ticket for "following too closely". Hypocrite much?
    As for bronze, I love using it. I think you saw the eyeliner I used from VS. I like the way it looks on the eye. It brightens in an unusual way.

  6. I'm so sorry you got a ticket! I'm with you, I'm sure the cops had something much more important or meaningful that they could have been doing.

  7. Daisies- yes i do remember! I love it :) I am kind of scared to try it, but what have I got to lose!? right?

  8. That sucks about the ticket. I wouldn't say I am a bad driver but I am a fast/aggressive driver, that what happens when you live in Miami. I am good at driving that way and I know that isn't an excuse but I have had my fair share of tickets for sure. I think I even got tickets twice in one month when I first got my sports car @ 19. Just be sure to do the driving test. The worse part is money that could be spent on something way cuter!

  9. I am going to do the defensive driving thing so I don't have to pay the ticket.

  10. You poor thing :( I've gotten pulled over once so far but it was because the little light that goes over the rear liscense plate wasn't on. Surprisingly, I didn't cry (and I'm a big crier, let me tell you), I think because I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong.
    This guy felt bad for me and since I've never had a violation before, he just told me to get it fixed and sent me on my way. This was like 5 years ago, lol.
    I live in Bellaire and the police on this side of town are vicious so I always have to be careful for those nasty "hideaway spots" as well.
    Anyway, you reacted just like how I would, so don't feel bad.

  11. Ahh, sorry to hear you got a ticket. It happens to everyone (usually) so try not to be so hard on yourself! =) Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  12. I am so sorry about your ticket! I definitely have cried before from a ticket! I've only had one speeding ticket.

    If it makes you feel better I got a ticket too today! and so did my husband! Ours were both parking tickets but still. Kinda funny both of us got them on the same day at different times. ha. Seems like the police were out in full force today.

    I love bronze! Its sort of my signature I'd have to say, its my favorite. I love it. I have several favorites from MAC for eyeshadow, I'm going to do a post on it on my blog in a few days. Though I don't have a bronze eyeliner and I loved the way Andi used it the other day - maybe give that a try.


  13. Sorry Veronika, that stinks. I remember when I got my first and only speeding ticket (so far) I was SO upset....and cried for a good hour, in front of my mom. It happens. You are not a bad person I promise. That is one awesome picture though! He looks so copish? :) It reminds me of Sandlot...
    Cheer up chica!

  14. kristina- maybe that's the difference between us and real criminals- we all cry for a minor speeding ticket!

  15. kristina- I found that pic on google, that's not the officer who caught me hehe!

  16. Ah sorry about the ticket! I've never gotten one... Although once in high school a cop positioned himself near the entrance to the access road to the school and pulled me over (in front of the entire school) for going over the speed limit of 15mph on the access road. And then security revoked my parking pass for like 2 weeks!

    About the bronze... I love this look too. However I typically like a more yellow gold as opposed to the coppery gold on Charlize Theron. The result is often less intense and looks better with my skin tone.

  17. Thought I would delurk from your blog to tell you sorry about your ticket... I also cried both times I have been ticketed :(

    Also I looove the bronze eyeliner! One of my favorites to wear is a similar shade to the one Charlize is wearing. Its called Lucky Penny from Clinique (although it is slightly more pink toned maybe). I have never tried it in the inner corners of my eyes like that, but I love the look!

  18. I got a speeding tickets a few years ago on Memorial Day weekend. The cop specifically told me that there were a lot of cops looking for speeders to meet their quota for the month. Luckily I was able to argue down the violation to only 5 miles over so I didn't receive any points on my license.

  19. I'm sorry to hear you got a speeding ticket today, but I think it's a little harsh to label yourself as a "quota" ticket.

    What I don't think most people realize is that in a city the size you live in, there are many divisions to a department. The officer that ticketed you is probably a traffic officer. They are a part of a traffic squad and do nothing more than traffic stops. Though a lot of departments have quotas, a lot also don't. Yes, there are a lot of people that get away with much worse offenses - but it's also not fair to say the officer who ticketed you should have had something better to do. I don't know how Texas works, but "poaching" from bars and random DUI check points aren't legal here in Washington. Maybe you haven't seen one because Texas has decided it violates people's civil rights.

    You have the option to contest your ticket and you also have the right to make a complaint to the department for both the person running the stop sign and whether your stop was fair.

    There are a lot of really good and fair cops. I can't promise they are all that way, but I do believe the majority of them are. I apologize if this sounds like a huge rant, but I'm very passionate about supporting law enformcent officers. As a law enforcement dispatcher and a wife of a sheriff's deputy, I stand behind them in trusting they do their assigned job to the best of their ability.

  20. oh no - I'm sorry you got your first ticket Veronika! I have never gotten a speeding ticket before, but I have been pulled over by the cops. My heart was beating really fast but luckily I kept it together (it was for expired registration - completely my fault).
    I can understand your annoyance for being the one to get pulled over when multiple others are probably driving drunk. I am completely against that too!

  21. If you have the time and willpower, fight the ticket. It is rare that the cop will show up at court to resist it.

    I LOVE Nars Laguna - I use it every day!

  22. That stinks Veronika! I've gotten a lot of tickets, though none in the last 10 years or so. I feel the same way you do about drinking and driving.

    Anyway, I think you could fight the ticket. It might be more trouble than it's worth but you could probably win. Feel better!

  23. I've been pulled over twice, but got out of it. Both times weren't for speeding, one was cause I pulled out in front of someone(couldn't see them due to so much traffic) another time was cause they thought my license was suspended (it wasn't.. i just think they wanted to pull me over for the heck of it and that was their excuses lol)
    I have been using Benefit's hoola since high school, I like it but i'm kind of sick of it now & ready to try something new. You should try MAC bronzer in refined golden, it's my favorite. I like it so much better than NARS Laguna bronzer.

  24. I bawled when I got my first ticket. I could tell the officer felt bad for me but he gave me the ticket anyway. I even continued crying when I got to work for the day!

  25. At some point you were speeding, otherwise you wouldn't have been issued a ticket. Yes, it's frustrating when you don't feel like it is justified or deserved but you broke the law and now you are forced to deal with it. I’m sorry that you were traumatized by a traffic infraction, but really, it’s a fine not jail time we are talking about.

    The disrespect shown for Law Enforcement in these comments and your post is ridiculous. Officers, Deputies and Troopers are paid (by you, tax payers) to protect and serve and guess what, that is what they did today. I’m sorry that you don’t feel that speed traps are ‘fair’ but Officers set up speed traps because they are known problem areas, not because they want to be ass holes writing tickets innocent drivers. So ladies, put things into prospective, it’s truly not the end of the world so suck it up.

  26. I can't even tell you how many times I've been pulled over, and it's always been for speeding. Sometimes I've gotten tix and sometimes I haven't. It's not that big a deal, really.

    Also, you didn't say what law enforcement entity pulled you over. . .I just wanted to add that HPD officers do not have ticket quotas. Not sure if others in the area do or not.

  27. I *had* to comment because your statements about drunk driving really got to me - I could not agree more about how worrying the lack of respect people have for not combining alcohol with driving.

    I'm from Norway, where they have extremely strict laws regarding this (.02 legal limit, very high fines that are given as a percentage of your monthly salary and low thresholds for getting your license suspended and jailtime).

    The attitude here is completely different from what I've seen many places in North America. I've never had a friend or aquantance get into a car even after one drink here. If you drink, you get a ride/taxi/bus.

    When I moved to Canada for university, however, I was shocked by the attitudes. A friend of mine told me a story about how she'd been to a boozy party by a lake, and when she was driving home, she had to pull over at Tim Horton's to THROW UP! And went on to say, "Haha, I probably shouldn't even have been driving". Um. No shit, Sherlock - if you're so drunk you're throwing up you are CERTAINLY not good to drive.

    While I can see how one should be fine to drive after one drink, what scared me was the "sliding scale" - I had friends who were only going to have a beer or two since they were driving, but then after those two beers, they loosened up and would have an additional two before driving home.

    I'm not at all trying to put all of North America in a pen here (I am fully aware that most people are very responsible), but I really wish law enforcement would make a better effort with doing random tests and higher penalties (fines/license suspensions) to change the attitude many people have right now.

    And for the life of me: it is FULLY possible to take a taxi home! Yes, it is expensive. But worth not risking your own life/health and others' on the roads.

    On a lighter note, I'm really sorry about your speeding ticket. At the end of the day it's SO unfair about who gets ticketed for what, and the best thing is just to pay up and get over it. Don't take it personally!

    Oh, and I love hoola bronzer too :)

  28. I know how you feel. I got my first ever ticket about a year ago, and for a very dumb reason.. "for driving below the speed limit" (I was pulling out of a parking lot in front of a cop who gunned it when the light turned green for her. I always see cops gunning it when the light turns green, only to get caught on another red light up ahead. Such a waste of tax payers' money and very hypocritical of them to do so.) I really wanted to contest the ticket because I believe it was an absurd reason to be ticketed and because the fine was for $350 w/o traffic school, but I eventually got the fine down to $250 w/ traffic school.

    I see people speeding and driving recklessly all the time here in southern California, especially on the freeways. It's really unfair and biased how these cops ticket people. Some do deserve their tickets, but sometimes you can't help but to think that they're trying to fill their "quota for the month". And I cried a little too after I got the ticket, so don't feel dorky. It's just one of those incidents where it's really lame and unfair, and you can't do much about it but cry and move onward.

  29. I don't usually wear bronze, but am getting more into it now with the advice of other beauty bloggers.

    That is BS about your ticket, can you contest it? I know in FL we can. I agree with you 100000000%, drunk or buzzed people should not be driving. Period. The police should concentrate their time on controlling that, so many innocent and wonderful people have died because of the carelessness and selfishness of drunk drivers.

  30. hehe...I was like "man she took a picture of him as he was walking up to her car! That's brave as crap!"...lol...

  31. cassie- i think it is pretty well known that they do these things at the end of the month to meet quotas. I respect what you are saying, but I just feel differently about it.

    Also, it violates MY civil rights and safety when somebody drives DRUNK putting me and others at risk on the roads. I truly think all people leaving bars should only be able to get into their cars if they pass a breathalyzer test. Maybe that's extreme, but that's how I feel. I am super passionate about it because it kills too many people each year.

  32. BTW- My husband and I donate to the fraternal order of the police. We DO support law enforcement officers! I just happen to live in an area where I habitually see people abusing the law and nothing happening.

    An example of this would be the crack house that got shut down a few months ago. It was there for YEARS and we oftentimes saw cops there talking to the people but nothing ever happened and it took years to shut it down. Maybe that's "normal" but I just feel like there is a lot going on in our community (we get emails from our homeowners association about people getting held up at gunpoint and robbed at 2am when leaving nightclubs etc...) where are the cops then? I guess I just feel liek going a few miles over the speed limit is still considered breaking the law, but there are far worse tragedies happening that need to be focused on.

    I am just upset because I got a ticket and I consider myself a very responsible driver. I WILL get over it, I just haven't yet.

  33. I live in NJ and they do DUI checkpoints ALLLL the time, especially around Holidays like Thanksgiving Eve, NYE, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, random days...all the time and I couldn't agree with you more about drinking and driving but the law enforcement cannot stop everyone, every time.

    Like a previous poster said, clearly you were speeding because they cannot give you a ticket if you're not...they had to clock you with a radar gun and as such, if you truly and honestly feel like you weren't speeding all you have to do is show up to court and request the calibration and record of the radar gun, esuring its accuracies.

    It really does not matter whether or not that 99.9999% of the time you are the world's best driver, all it takes is one itsy bitsy little wrongdoing to get a ticket and unfortunatley for you that's what happened.

    I'd be willing to bet that if you went to court to fight it, just based on the fact that it's your first offense it'd get dropped. Idk how it works in Texas but I know here in NJ you can "fight" a ticket even for no apparent reason, just basically saying you're sorry and will never happen again. They give no point tickets that just carry a higher fine but in the end, its usually worth it because then your insurance won't go up.

    Feel free to email me...I've been through this several times as a teenager!

  34. Kristen- thanks for your comment. I am totally not denying I was speeding. I know I got the ticket for the reason...I am just sad about the way it happened. I know that 99% of the time I am a super safe driver and in the end that's all that matters.

    Texas has a safe driving course you can take online for a first offense so that is what I am going to do. I would fight it, but I just don't have the time to do that because I work full time and it's just too busy at work. I wish I did though. I felt because it as a first offense (EVER on my driving record) they could have let me go with a warning, but hey, it's fine. It happens. I just get emotional about these things because I'm a perfectionist and takr pride in how much I care about how I drive on the roads.

  35. Just wondering how fast the officer said you were going over the speed limit?


  36. After reading some of the comments about how cops only pull you over if you deserve it, I had to comment. Last summer, my cousin got pulled over b/c a cop saw a warrant for her arrest. He asked her to get out of her car, and proceeded to arrest her w/o even telling her what it was for. The warrant was for a traffic ticket a few years back that the police said she never paid. HOWEVER, she did pay it, had a receipt for it, and had proof from her bank account that the check had cleared. B/c of this 'clerical' error, she was in jail from 6 pm to 4 am the next morning b/c some cops (especially at the station) think they can do whatever they want. I'm sorry to hear about your ticket; I cried when I got my one and only speeding ticket a while back too. Unfortunately, sometimes they do get it wrong.

    Anyways, I use bronzer pretty regularly. I love MAC refined golden, and love MAC honesty shadow.

    Hope today is a better day! :)

  37. I'm sorry about your ticket:( I would totally feel the same way if I were to get one!

    I really like bronze on the eyes! I've seen it on several celebs so I tried it on myself a while back. Unfortunately, it looks TERRIBLE with my complexion:( Bummer. But I hope you try it! I'd like to see how it works out!

  38. The same thing happened to me when I got my first ticket. The cop said to me, "There's a first time for everything" and walked away. Nice.
    Sorry Veronika!

  39. Bronze products: I have used bronze eyeshadow like in the photo of Charlize Theron but it can be too intense. I prefer to use a bronze eyeliner with neutral shadows. It really brightens the eye with a little shimmer effect, but is subtle. I use MAC Eye Kohl liner in Teddy.

  40. I'm totally sympathetic! I was pulled over yesterday, too! boo! mind you, not my first ticket, but he gave me not one, not two, but three citations! on one ticket! speeding (it's a warning citation but I was behind someone, who was obviously going just as fast as myself), front window tint (illegal in CA but still, I hate it when people look at me when I can drive), and no front license plate. I promptly told him that there is no place for a front license plate and he replied "then I guess you'll be drilling holes in your bumper, won't you?" ummm..... excuse me?! this is a $45,000 car you're talking about! no, I won't be drilling holes in my bumper. asshole. ugh.

    I'm sorry you got a ticket. look at the bright side: we can just have some cheese with our "whine" hahaha


  41. I have been pulled over 3 times and only one was legit (I was driving to the beach to meet up with family and was so focused on not getting lost I didn't realize the speed limit dropping). I get so nervous whenever I see a cop- not because I am doing anything wrong, they just make me tense.

    I have a MAC bronzer my MIL gave me (she has awesome taste) that I love, it looks really sparkly in the container but goes on very subtly and looks natural.

  42. Jessica - are you really expecting sympathy for your tickets? YOU BROKE THE LAW - not once but three times. Do you know why window tint is illegal? Because it is scary as hell for an officer to approach a car and not know what awaits him/her inside. Imagine how much more scary it is to not be able to see inside the car and see if the driver/passenger has a gun.

    And calling the cop an asshole for insisting that you follow the law and have two license plates? Are you for real? Who cares how much your car cost, princess - FOLLOW THE FREAKIN' LAW!

    And veronika - your comments about traffic cops are pretty far off base. You weren't a victim of anything here - you broke the law, now wipe your eyes and pay your ticket.

  43. anon- I think it's pretty clear that I've acknowledged that the ticket I got was not off-base. I get why I got it. It was my first ever ticket and I waas shocked, scared, dissapointed etc. I also think most people who have never comitted an offense usually get a warning first, but due to the situation of it being a speed trap, that obviously was not going to happen.

    I am not saying I shouldn't have gotten a ticket, I'm just so upset that it happened. I will get over it. Maybe to some people getting a ticket is "no big deal" but I certainly feel very differently about that.

  44. I've been pulled over a couple of times but was lucky to be let go with a warning. I would've been furious over seeing people run the stop sign.

    I need to get a self tanner & a bronzer. I'm just so scared of the whole orange look. I'm really pale & don't want it to turn out awful but I hate all this paleness!!!!

  45. traci- that is what is so frustrating about our system...on the one hand, i completely 100% understand that they can't catch everyone...on the other hand, I think someone going 5-10 miles over the speed limit on a main road in a non residential has a much lower potential for harm than someone running a stop sign on a street where families are walking their dogs, playing with their kids or going for a run. We depend on driver to stop at stop signs so we can safely cross the road. So it makes me upset to know that I was penalized for a pretty minor infraction and someone else "got away" with running a stop sign right in front of the police.

  46. I have never gotten a ticket (yet...knock on wood), but would for sure cry as well - don't feel bad about that for a second!

  47. weird! I just got my first ticket ever yesterday! I live in a college town where people repeatedly drink and drive and I get pulled over?!? I seriously wanted to ask the cop to see his gun that said that i was going 19 over! I was in the middle of passing someone but i was only doing five over to do so. I am going to court to FIGHT it like all hell!!!


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