OOTD, A Yoga Stretch Workout & YouTube Fitness Gurus

I couldn't resist immediately wearing my new BCBG purchases so my OOTD involves my new BCBG skirt and top. PS- I am totally getting a new full-length mirror for our bedroom because I hate having the distractions of our living room in the background of all of my photos. Don't get me wrong, I love our living room, but NOT as a backdrop.

Here it is:

Cardigan- Express; Top- BCBG; Skirt- BCBG; Tights- Target; Shoes- Jessica Simpson.

I really love the skirt and top. I am so glad I got both items. I think they look better in person but they photograph OK.

This morning, I woke up and my entire body was so sore. I couldn't even take one step today without feeling pain. I decided to skip my usual Monday evening power pilates class and head downstairs to my home-gym and try out the "Elle Make Better-Workout Yoga" DVD.

The instructor in this video is Yoga guru Tara Stiles who got famous on YouTube for her Yoga workout videos. I believe she used to be a model (or still is) but she now owns her own Yoga studio in NYC.

I did the stretching workout because I needed to release all of my sore muscles. It was about 20 minutes long and it felt great. I also realized how not-flexible I am. I used to be a super flexible gymnast, able to contort my body in every which way. Sigh. It's one of my fitness goals to improve my flexibility. My personal trainer actually told me that it's so important to stretch and do Yoga because it really helps you build long, lean muscle and recover more quickly from workouts.

I thought the Yoga video was good...but it was hard because you can't really look at the TV when you're in downward dog. The video is filmed with a voice over of Tara talking you through the steps, so you have an idea of what you should be doing (just by listening), but it's difficult to do each move correctly if you don't know any Yoga moves. Fortunately, I have taken Yoga classes before so I had a somewhat better awareness of the moves, but it was still difficult. It did stretch me out and make me feel great though. 20 minutes well spent!

Speaking of YouTube and fitness, Elle (AllThatGlitters21 on YouTube) recently made a video about her health and fitness routine.

In this video, she mentioned some of her favorite health and fitness channels, and after reviewing them myself, I thought I'd post them here for anyone interested in learning some new moves, fitness routines and health and nutrition advice.

The channels are: DietHealth, SarahsFabChannel, ToneItUp and Shell'sFitness101. I really love what YouTube has become and I am so thankful that there's such a strong community of women who share their beauty, health and fitness advice with the world. I genuinely enjoy watching so many of the beauty and health guru videos. They are such a part of my daily routine.

I also REALLY love Zuzana from BodyRockTV. Her workouts are definitely geared towards more advance exercisers (she is RIPPED!) but I do love her professional looking videos (well, professional looking compared to other YouTubers.) She also posts her daily workouts on her website.

Do you have any favorite YouTube Health and Fitness channels or websites? Let me know in the comments below, because I'm always looking for more inspiration.

Thank you for reading lovelies!




  1. I love youtube pilates and yoga videos, too!! I just finished doing the butt/thigh, abs, and leg videos with Sarah from diethealth. That's definitely my fave! The thing I love about pilates is that it's so easy to do at home. As I was dressing for the gym tonight it started thundering very badly, so I reluctantly decided to skip my cardio and stay in. 40 minutes of at-home pilates later, and I don't feel so guilty about gym-skipping! :)

    Love the outfit, btw!!

  2. stephie- I agree, isn't it so awesome to do tons of mat work and feel like you got an amazing workout? Pilates is all about those tiny movements that engage your core and just trim up your body! I love that I didn't feel guilt today for skipping the gym (same reason- the crazy rain)

  3. It is!! I've started doing Guiliana's treadmill sprint routine instead of my usual eliptical workout, and I can see and feel a difference! My main objective now, aside from the continual toning, is to cut my body fat (it's starting to build up around the backs of my thighs and my waist... not gonna happen). That small change is helping me do that so much better! I'm also taking advantage of the cayenne/lemon water tip, and I've noticed a lot fewer snack attacks! Have you incorporated any of the diet/fitness tips?

  4. stephie- I am thrilled to learn that someone got something out of that post!

    I have added lemon to my water, but mainly i drink (hot) green tea all day (which is basically water...with herbs lol.)

    I want to try her treadmill workout too. I will do that the next time I go to the actual gym (which I dread!) I'm trying to completely eliminate the gym from my life and be fitter than ever (so i'll continue to take pilates, see a trainer in a smaller gym and work out at home.) We'll see how it goes!

    I'm so glad the post gave you some ideas...that was my intention, to give people little tips they can add to their diet.

  5. I thought it was very helpful!!! Cardio is really the only thing that I do in the gym. If I didn't make a point to do that, I would never get any cardio, haha! All my hard work would be hidden under a cushy layer of carbs and butter :)

  6. PS- You should totally do a post about your own fitness routine and diet! You were rocking your vaycay pics!!

  7. I'm actually way too embarrassed to do that. I just ate 3 lindor truffles and a handful of sour patch kids. NO ONE should eat like me. I also ate superbowl leftover pizza for dinner. Yep, I am disgusting right now.

  8. I have no control of my sugar cravings. I need to get with it!

  9. Sigh...Zuzana is my fitness idol. I was a little shocked to find out that she used to be a porn star (!!!) under the surname "Spears".

    p.s. Sour Patch Kids are one of life's little morsels of awesomeness.

  10. Veronika what were you thinking? The top and skirt don't go together at all. I'm going to say this is a fashion miss.

  11. I love it Veronika especially the top it is beautiful! Don't forget I'm anxious to know how you are liking the mascara!

  12. anon, thanks for your opinion. I feel differently. I like mixing black and navy.

    OMG anon- I didn't realize she used to be a porn star!!!! where did you find that out?

    Leah- I LOVE the mascara. I would say it's definitey worth buying.

  13. Hey lady! WOW, I love that outfit, you put it together so well!!!

    I have a similar goal, I really want to improve my flexibility too. I can't even touch my toes. I've been trying pilates a little bit and really like it.

  14. Hey Veron - It's Joanna !
    LOVE YOUR BLOG !! I started doing Zuzana's workouts about 4 times a week a few weeks ago (actually I saw your facebook wall post to Maja and that's how I heard about her- hahaha facebook stalker I KNOW !! ). Anyways, I really love the workouts because I don't have to go to the gym and they are CRAZY intense !!
    I love all your blog posts, you have amazing ideas ! Keep them coming !!

  15. aww thanks Jo, you are so sweet :) I'm amazed you are able to do her workouts, you must be in tip-top shape I am so jealous! I think Maja and I were possibly separated at birth. It is so creepy how much we have in common!

    I want to try her workouts now but they look so hard! I just watch her videos because it's cool to learn new moves...but now I'm motivated to try them!

  16. the shirt is so pretty! It would also look super great with dark denim skinny jeans and flats, or gold sandals if its warm enough there.

    Have you tried the sour patch kids watermelons? omg. so. good. I am a chocolate girl myself, don't really like sugary candy, but those watermelon sour patch kids are SO good!


  17. MsHark- I LOVE the watermelon sour patch kids! love!

    I agree that the top would look awesome with skinnies! It is unseasonably cold right now in Houston though. :(

  18. I really like Thedailyfit on YT. His workouts are super short and geared toward running. Mostly body weight exercises as well. Love them.

  19. Hi, I have following your blog for the past two weeks and absolutely love it. Thanks for the tips and inspiration. You mentioned in one of the posts about a power pilates work out you did in the morning. Which one do you do? TIA :)

  20. anon- i take power pilates at a studio in Houston called "Your Body Center." I just remember some of the moves and do them on my own at the gym when i'm not in class. :) thanks for the awesome comment! I'm happy to have you as a reader :)

  21. Hello Veronika! I have read many of your blogs and I think you are great! You have lots of style so I'm a fan of you, besides, you are always so pretty. Beautiful clothes Veronika!

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