Contest Winner! Congratulations & Thank You to Everyone Who Entered

Good Morning Lovely Blog Readers!

I must admit I am extremely tired today because I was up until almost 4 a.m. which is absolutely unheard of for me because I am totally an "8 hours of sleep a night or I can't function" type of girl. We had a friend visiting from Dallas and ended up going to another friend's house to hang out and play Wii, etc. I had an awesome time but now I have a massive headache (and I drank water all night, not even one drink!)

But but but...I was SO excited about announcing my contest winner this morning, that it lifted my spirits! Yay for contests!

OK, so in the spirit of full disclosure, I'll tell you how I arrived at my winner. I used to generate a number. There were a total of 127 comments, and of those, the random number generated was 79. So I started to count the comments and kept losing track of which comment I was on (no doubt the headache played a part in that) and my husband was like "why don't you just count from the bottom?" and I was like "because then it will end up the wrong number." But then he explained the math to me (because math is so not my forte) and I realized that 127 minus 79 was 48, which means less counting and a happier Veronika. So I counted from the bottom, and went up 48 comments to get to my 79th comment. I skipped past any deleted comments too, since those are not valid.

So...the lucky winner is...



...... (OK OK I'll stop now)


This was the lovely comment she left:

"Hi Veronika, I love following your blog for great fashion and beauty tips. I am pretty sure now that I will be purchasing a Clarisonic now :) I would love to be entered in your contest."

Yay for Laura! Thank you for being a blog follower and congratulations on winning the "Big Hair, Big Lashes" contest! I will email you right now and you can send me your address so I can ship the prizes to you!

To everyone who entered: THANK YOU!!! I hope to have many more contests in the future, so there will always be more chances to win.

I am so honored to have each and every one of you as a reader! Thank you for all that you contribute to this blog.




  1. Yay for Laura! She's one of my good friends and I just texted her to be sure she knew :) Fun!

  2. Yay! For winning contests!! I hope you feel better today! It's absolutely gorgeous outside. DH and I are headed downtown for some shopping (??) and maybe even a little bowling :)

  3. Too bad I just discovered your blog today!!! Found you by searching Houston bloggers, FYI. I'm having a giveaway over at my blog if you're interested!! A $59 Stella & Dot necklace!


  4. Just wanted to say that I bought that mascara yesterday and tried it - WOW - loveeeeee it! Its the first mascara that ACTUALLY lengthens and doesn't clump all my lashes together. Proud to say Chad thought I was wearing fake lashes last night!



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