Our Wedding was Featured and the Most Amazing Necklace...Ever!

I have some exciting news. Some of my lovely readers may already know about this, but for those who don't: our wedding was featured in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Houston Brides Magazine.

I submitted some photos after our wedding and they ended up picking ours as one of the featured weddings. You can follow this link to see our feature, and the rest of the magazine online (we are on page 90-91)

Here is me, excited to finally get my hands on some copies!

And a shot of the inside (please ignore my goofy crazy-eyed smile!)

Needless to say, seeing your very own wedding in print is awesome. It felt like all of that hard work paid off. I have to give a special thank-you shout-out to my mother in law, who helped hand make more than half of the gorgeous Martha-Stewart style tissue peonies for my candy buffet boxes, and my beautiful bridesmaid and bestie Candice who also helped make a lot of the stuff by hand. They both helped create so much of my personalized items. I couldn't have done it without them! Advice to future brides: ask a friend or family member to help!

I'm glad I had a somewhat DIY wedding. It feels good to know that all of those little details and personalization made the day that much more memorable (at least for me, because I'm obsessed with details!)

In other news, my gorgeous necklace came in from Regina Pierallini. OMG. It is gorgeous. I saw the necklace on The Look 4 Less blog. It's a similar style to the Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra necklace but without the 7-15K price tag (I did an online search and found out that's how much some of these necklaces go for.) I have always been drawn to that clover pattern and the length of the necklace (the longer, the better when it comes to my long torso.)

I was so thrilled to find the necklace on Regina's Etsy page called NYLightMetals. Unfortunately, it was sold out due to the popularity springing from the Look 4 Less blog. I emailed Regina, and she was so awesome and kind. It turns out she had found a few more of the necklaces in her studio and mailed one to me immediately. It was love at first sight.

Here is the photo from Regina's Etsy page. Love love love. So pretty.

Here it is on me:
If you love this necklace as much as I do, check out Regina's Etsy page and see if you can score one as well. It was 45$. Love. They come in different colors too. I would love some matching stud earrings. I am going to see if she makes or sells those.

Ok onto other cute things. These flats. From Target. $19.99. I needed flats for work. I wanted ones that were not too casual. I saw these and fell in love. I wore them with my Gap Always Skinny jeans to dinner tonight and no matter what I wear them with, they just seem to work. So versatile and awesome. Love. Lord knows I can't resist a cute bow!

I got a size 10, for reference. My feet are huge (I like to think they are in proportion to my height, to make myself feel better.)

And...because I am in a wedding kind of mood, here are a few of my fave shots from the big day:

Ok...maybe I went a little overboard there. Sigh. Memories. I still watch our wedding video sometimes (not the whole thing.) I just like looking at all of the pretty flowers. Speaking of flowers, my mom and grandma were awesome and took most of our wedding flowers back to our home after the wedding.

This is what we came home to:

It was fun to have all of those flowers in the house. I even dried my own bouquet out and still have it. There were more, but I won't bore you with even more photos.

Thank you so much for reading. For those still planning their wedding my advice is: make each detail count. You won't regret the time and effort!




  1. Wow wow wow!! Those pictures are amazing. You made such a beautiful bride. Congrats on making it on the magazine, what an honor!


  2. that is so awesome that your wedding was in a magazine. seeing those pictures it's easy to see why they chose you, you are beautiful!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding! I'm planning my wedding now. I actually just ordered a hair fascinator very similiar to yours. Congratulations on making the magazine!

  4. olivea- you will love it! the hair fascinator really completed the look :)

  5. How exciting! My wedding planner submitted the top 200 shots from my wedding to all the bridal magazines in California...we're waiting patiently to see if they get published!


  6. So exciting, Veronika! It makes me want to post a few pics of my wedding... maybe I'll wait for an anniversary, hehe. Congrats!


  7. Of course your wedding made it into a magazine--it was gorgeous and so are you!

    Please keep posting outfit of the day pics! :) I am also 5'10" (and have size 10 feet, thank God for Target's shoes!) and your style inspires me!

  8. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on getting in the magazine!
    And also, I am in love with that necklace, I may have to order one for myself!

  9. Veronika,
    your wedding was GORGEOUS!!

    LOVE your flats!

  10. You looked absolutely stunning on your wedding day! I think that when I eventually get married, I should save some of your wedding dress pictures as inspiration ;) And the way you wore your hair was beautiful as well, exactly how I want mine to look. BTW, those flats are adorable! I have an obsession with flats these days ♥

  11. Congrats! That is so amazing---!!!

    On a side note, I love the dresses on p. 80 and 85. ;-)

  12. Your wedding pics lead me to believe you had one of the most gorgeous weddings of all time!
    I love all the details the pics revealed!
    Wow...you have amazing taste and made an absolutely gorgeous bride!!!


  13. I totally remember when you first found out about this - CONGRATS on having it in-hand! That's amazing and such a great keepsake for you and your hubby! Lovely =)

  14. You're wedding was picture perfect! Simply impeccable.

  15. ladies- thank you so much for your thoughtful and amazing comments. I appreciate each and every one of you!

    :) you guys make me smile!

  16. V--I love the colors you chose for your wedding. It looked really elegant. Love the pink flowers too.

  17. Hi Veronika! I know this is an OLD post of yours but I just recently got this necklace b/c of your blog and linked you to my recent post: http://schuelove.blogspot.com/2011/01/four-leaf-clover-necklace.html.

    Plus, if you watch the Bachelor, Emily's wearing one that is very similar!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Love the necklace! :)


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