A Little More Shopping- Rosettes, Stila and American Eagle Denim

Well, I pretty much think the picture above says it all. Baby pink. Rosettes galore. I told my husband the sweater was the epitome of who I am as a person. LOL. I got it today at The Limited for (gasp!) regular price. I just loved it too much. The rosettes are large, so a simple camisole is all you need under this pretty sweater. It is crop length. Love it. I can also see it being adorable with pearls.
Baby and nude pinks are supposed to be big for spring, so I'm glad to have gotten a great pink piece to start the season off right! My second purchase was this pretty blouse from Macy's. I believe it was $25.00. It is sheer, so I'll have to wear a camisole under it. I really like the geometric style pattern. It was in the juniors section, which surprised me. Chloe from The Chloe Conspiracy always wears the "Artist" jeans from American Eagle, which look really cute on her, so I popped into AE today to try them on. I know I've been whining about how much I ate on vacation, but I guess I am OK because I was able to get a size 4 (long) jean, which I've never gotten from there before. Here they are: I don't have a pic of me wearing them yet but they fit great. AE jeans tend to stretch like crazy, so the snug fit of them now is perfect. They cost $39.50 which is great for denim. I also stopped by at Sephora to make an exchange, and picked up this cream lip/cheek color by Stila called "petunia." It's a pretty bright pink/peachy color. I've never used cream blush, but I've tried it on my lips already and love it.

The swatch above shoes the pretty warm pinky color. It was kind of a random buy, but I love it. I will try it on my cheeks this week, and report back!

Other than our little shopping trip (my DH got a few things too), today has been a pretty high-energy day.

I once again purged my closet of older clothes I never wear to donate to charity. Then I cleaned and organized to my heart's content.
This is my workout clothes drawer!

I want to actually make a Flip video of how I organize my closet, but it needs a little more work before I do that. I need more drawer dividers too.

I also want to thank each and every one of my readers in this entry for being a follower. Today I reached more than 300 followers, so I'm going to celebrate with a contest. I'm actually not certain what the prizes will be yet...I'll have to take a trip to Ulta and see what goodies I find!

Tonight, I will use my Calrisonic for the first time...very excited!

I also have an awesome Motivation Mondays post for tomorrow.

What did YOU buy this weekend? anything exciting? Thanks for sharing your comments with me!




  1. I went crazy and bought several things I've been eyeballing- online shopping is evil and dangerous for me.

    Hope you enjoy your Clarisonic wash tonight :-)

    Your purchases were great today! I really love Stila's lips/cheek color. I saw them today actually, and picked it up, but didn't buy.

  2. Can't go wrong with ruffles and rosettes! I'm always of fan of Stila!

  3. That sweater is adorable, and the blush color is gorgeous. Sephora can be a dangerous place!

  4. Love the sweater! I'm obsessed with rosettes as well and hope I can find a similar sweater in Canada!
    I have the Stila convertible in Lillium and love it! The colour you bought looks fab.


  5. That's a great sweater. I wish I could pull off a cardigan, but it's just not in the cards for me.
    There were a lot more purchases made at Target to help get the house better organized as well as a few things to finally pull the bathroom redo together. I'm trying to stay away from clothing purchases as I am doing a huge purge myself. Though I did buy a great new purse!
    I hope the Clairsonic is awesome!

  6. Nothing for me this weekend, we were snowed in! I'm really interested in hearing how the Clarisonic works for you. I'm on the verge of buying it too (just gotta get the OK from the hubs). I'm surprised to hear you say that your skin is in bad shape, though- your skin looked so perfect in your vacation pics!! =)

  7. Leslie- sorry if I made it sound that way, I tend to be a little dramatic. My skin is good. I rarely have big breakouts or anything like that...I moreso meant that my skin tone isn't that good. Kind of uneven and a bit splotchy at times. I have a skin condition (mostly on my body but sometimes on my face) where extreme temperatures and sweat make me break out in little hives, bumps and rashes. I control it with allergy meds, but sometimes I think that is why my skin gets a bit weird. My skin is good, and I am thankful, but I hope the Clarisonic will bring it to the next level and really make it even-toned and glowing.

    Also, I am wearing makeup (MAC studio fix) over my sunscreen in my vacation pics :) I dusted it on lightly after my SPF 70.

  8. Hey Veronika... I know you said you bought the sweater from The Limited at regular price (which is really cute by the way), so that reminded me that I always see coupons for The Limited but I never go there to shop. They have a $15 off any purchase coupon which I pasted below (or more discount off a larger purchase), so maybe you can go back and return/rebuy, or just have the coupon on hand for future purchases!

  9. I love that sweater i bought one similiar at NY&CO its burgundy .. I think they pull any outfit together lahv's it!

  10. thanks for the coupon link...I might want to wear it this week though so not sure i'll take it back :)

    I appreciate the coupon, I might use it on another item :)

  11. The Sweater is too cute! I can't wait to hear about the Clarisonic. I NEED something for my skin but I need a good recommendation!

  12. traci- i really love La Roche Posay products for skin :)

  13. I love that sweater! I might have to pick one up!

    This weekend I bought nothing! I am saving my pennies for a pretty house right now....at least I am trying.

  14. housewife- good reason to be saving! :) there are some great deals out there right now.

  15. No beauty buys for me. But I did buy three books. Gillian McKeith's Food Bible, New Rules of Lifting for Women, and the Eat Clean Cookbook. :)

  16. sweets- those all sound like great buys! I've been meaning to buy new rules for sometime now :)


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