I Got It (Clarisonic) & Other Weekend Buys (Oh, and My Hair Cut)

Well ladies, I finally got it! I went and bought the Clarisonic Mia at Sephora with my 10% VIB discount. I got the pink one. I got the Mia because I like the size of the Clarisonic itself, and the charger takes up less space. Since it is the same brush head, I hope to get awesome results.

I have a strategy for my Clarisonic use. I pray I won't go through a purge period, so to avoid it, I am starting off slow. I am not going to use it twice a day (or even once a day) and I am going to use it only on my non breakout areas (so I'll use it on my forehead, nose and cheeks, and avoid my chin and jaw.)

I will give updates as I use it. I can't use it tonight because it has to charge for 24 hours first. So Sunday will be my first Clarisonic cleaning day.

Here is a pic of my Mia, right next to my Sonicare toothbrush:

Before I get to the rest of my purchases, I'll show you lovely ladies my new haircut. Today was hard because I actually had more cut off than I had planned to. I love it though. I needed it. Basically, my hair was so damaged and snapping off, that my "length" at the back of my hair was actually just the longest part of my hair that hadn't broken off yet, so it kind of formed a "V" at the back. When my hairdresser showed me in the mirror, I was like, just cut it off. David talked me through what he would do, I took at deep breath, and off we went to the washing sink.

I really love how much lighter it feels, and how he took the front layers up shorter. Now keep in mind, this is hair I've been running errands with all day, and laid on the couch with for hours before I took these pics (watching the last episodes of Season 2 of True Blood: love love love):

Here is a shot of the length so you can see how far it goes down my back now:

Here are some more shots of the layers:

Anyways. I really like it. It's a bit shorter, but it's healthier and softer.

I've made a new commitment to myself this year. I want to focus on making everything the best it can be. Taking better care of my hair, skin and body. I want to take my vitamins regularly and just focus on keeping my skin in great condition. Next on my list is a Vitamin C serum for my skin.

Now onto my purchases. My friend Heather (who got married on the beach) wore these gorgeous earrings on her wedding day from Swarovski. I had to have them. Not only are they oh-so-pretty, but they are exactly like my engagement ring! It is the same look of a round center stone with pave around it. Love them. They are the style called "Angelic." They retail for $75.00. I told my husband they were his Valentines day gift to me, and he said I ruin surprises. I think he meant to say "thanks for making gift-giving so easy."

Love them.

I also got this great final sale skirt from Ann Taylor today. It has an awesome animal-print-like texture (and we all know how much I love animal prints). It was $39.98...originally $120, which obviously I wouldn't have paid for it.

I was once again disappointed with my trip to Forever 21. The stock just wasn't great today. I tried about 7-8 things on, and bought one top. It's just a simple pink and black striped top, for $10.80.
It looks kind of shapeless, but it is really nice on. It's actually one of those tops I picked up thinking "this could be very good, or very bad." For $10.80, there wasn't much to lose.

You know I can't resist a Victoria's Secret coupon, so when I got one in the mail for a FREE lacie panty (they are my fave!) and $10 off of any bra, I was sold.

I got this cute animal-print bra for $24.50.

Here it is on VS model Miranda Kerr:

I love her. So pretty. Speaking of Miranda Kerr, how awesome is this recent pic of her ( I believe it's from GQ):

I love her hair...kind of actually reminds me of how mine is now (the length and layers.)

Back to shopping... I got this cute workout headband for $1.50 at Forever 21:

Yes, I wear headbands with bows on them to work out. I still like to have cute accessories. Plus, this one has little teeth in it to really hold hair back.

My final purchase was this awesome bracelet from Forever 21 for $7.50. It looks a lot like some of the ones I've seen at J. Crew and Ann Taylor for $80-$100.

It is much more sparkly and awesome in real life. Very happy to have gotten such a great deal on an accessory I've had my eye on for awhile.

That's all for today ladies. As always, thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!




  1. Your hair looks great. I am in the same boat as you--love my long hair but it weighs me down. I am going tomorrow morning for a slight trim and to add more layers.

    Cute skirt too.

  2. Thanks Mere. I think you will like a change...it really does feel good to have less weight and more styling options. When my hair gets too long and doesn't have enough layers, it's harder for it to hold a style (at least for me anyways.) Good luck! I'm sure it will look great :)

  3. I am laughing at your conversation with your husband about the earrings (very pretty by the way)! Sounds familiar! I am wavering back and forth on getting the Clarisonic so I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experience with it. I have pretty sensitive skin and finally struck a good routine with it so I'm afraid to mess with a good thing. I hope you love it!

    - Jennifer

  4. jennifer- I too am afraid of messing up my skin, but the benefits seem to outweigh the risks. I am also going to start taking zinc vitamins as blogger stephie suggested to me. Apparently it reduces inflammation and redness (it is an ingredient in a lot of skincare products too).

    I will definitely let you know :)

    glad to know someone else buys their own gifts (hey, I'm a picky girl!)

  5. OMG!! (I say that in a completely non-ditzy voice) I bought that same tank, a similar headband from F21 that I blogged about but in grey, and that same bra in pink and black... You are my shopping soul mate :)

    Can't wait to hear the clarisonic updates! I've always wanted one, but I'm terrified both of the price and the purging. If you're open to rec's for vit c serums, SkinCeuticals makes a fab one! It's pricey ($120ish), but when I used serums it was the only one that didn't leave an oily feel.

    Hope you have a super relaxing Sunday!

  6. stephie- we may be soulmates. seriously. you and I plus shopping would most surly lead to a lot of awesome purchases.

    I love that we have the same style. I talked to david about you today! I said how much you liked your hair!

    thanks for the rec for the serum. I might try the Murad one, but going to read reviews first :)

  7. I love your new hair! And that black skirt, I have been needing one in that style and shape for awhile now...

  8. beautygirl- if you have an ann taylor near you go now! things are going fast in the final sale!

  9. Your hair looks amazing! I love the layers! I might have to use your hair as inspiration! I've been growing my hair out for a while and it's finally pretty long but I'm scared that if I go get a trim I will lose lots of hair!
    Cute stuff from f21 by the way!

  10. ana- you just have to specify that you want a "micro-trim" which involves more shaping the hair and layers than removing length.

  11. I have the same earrings.. There were a graduation present, and I love them. They look so pretty for a reasonable price. I love the hair by the way :)

  12. You really are so much prettier when you SMILE in your pics and don't do your "this is my sexy look but really I just look constipated" face.

  13. Great haul!... I committed to a Clarisonic today too ;) AND I also got my haircut. My stylist put on a clear gloss/glaze free and its sooo smooth and shiny... <3 him.

    GL with the clarisonic, post your results good or bad - curious minds are looking for the best way to start the process :) Congrats on 300 Followers!

  14. The hair looks great and I love those earrings.

    Btw, season 3 of True Blood starts in June! I'm practically counting down the days. lol If you are looking for some easy reads, check out the Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. (Obviously what Alan Ball loosely based True Blood on.) Very entertaining!

  15. Great cut! It looks awesome!
    Enjoy your weekend. Can't wait to hear your clarisonic updates. I am too nervous to use it since I have a great routine that works for me.

  16. That last bracelet is beautiful! I absolutely love all of your purchases. The VS bra in the animal print is so fun.
    Your hair looks amazing too, I love how you style it, and I think it's a good length on you. Have a great Sunday doll!


  17. Great, exciting buys V! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! It looks fab and it really does resemble Miranda Kerr's style in that picture. It is amazing. Also love the F21 bracelet, can't wait to hear how you like your Clarisonic, I heart mine! :)

  18. Your hair looks great! I love those earrings and bracelet too! I don't have a Forever 21 near by, so I just ordered it online. I was also eyeing the J Crew one for $60...this is a nice alternative...thanks!

  19. Hi there!
    I just found your blog today and LOVE it. In fact, I just spent half an hour reading a number of your older posts.

    I am actually posting about my new love of fashion blogs today and including a link to yours. Keep up the great writing and photos! Look forward to reading more!!

  20. The earrings are great! I saw a similar pair on www.whiteaisle.com for $14.99 if anyone is looking for a super good deal. They are called Sandra Earrings. I almost got them for my own wedding.

  21. anon- the earrings you posted are a great alternative. Thank you for posting them :)

  22. michelle- thanks for the sweet comment, and thank you for reading!

  23. I love your new haircut! It looks amazing and I think you look really stunning!

  24. Love the hair; it looks so much more healthy and lively.

    Agree with the previous anonymous poster. You are exponentially more pretty when you smile. Lose the "sexy" pout face because it just doesn't do you justice.

  25. Veronika - you are pretty either way...I sense some jealousy in those anonymous posters comments :). I absolutely LOVE your new haircut, great buys, and I am interested in hearing about the Clarisonic. :)

  26. Love the earrings:) I bought the same ones on our honeymoon nearly 4 years ago and I still wear them almost everyday. They are a great basic earring. I get so many compliments on them too! I think people assume they are real diamonds. Haha! I have had some issues with some of the smaller pave stones falling out, but Swarovski has been wonderful and I just send them in for repair/replacement.

  27. This might help.

  28. haha thanks anon! that is one funny website. I try to show a variety of expressions, as people always say I smile and pose the exact same way in every picture (which is pretty much true.) I guess I was taking the pictures more to show the hair, not focusing on my facial expression :)

  29. Veronika,
    Hahah I think its funny because EVERYONE says that I have one smile and I look the same in every picture I take but I dont care, you are stunning in every pic no matter the expression! Love your hair I cant wait for my "micro trim" next week I need some major layers, love the earrings I almost bought them too actually because they look so classic! Cant wait to see all of your spring purchases as the season goes on! I love when the season changes for clothing!xox Leah

  30. thanks Leah :) I am excited for spring this year as well! I miss brights and pastels, I have been rocking black way too much.

    My hair is actually quite different than it was before, and no one has noticed at work. LOL. go figure.


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