Honeymoon Packing & Fashions

If you watch Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," you know that one of the realtors, Chad Rogers is super-OCD with the way he packs. I can relate.

My husband always makes fun of Chad and his zip lock bags, but guess who's laughing now?

That's right ladies, we packed almost all of our stuff into zip lock bags. It's all about the roll and compress. Repeat after me "roll...and compress."

Here's how it started out- can you see my dear husband zip-locking? OH YES! I HAVE EVIDENCE!!! Please direct your attention towards the top left of the photo:

Poor Lulu. He gets sad when he sees suitcases because he just knows it means mommy and daddy are leaving. If you could see his face in the above photo, you would see how sad he looks. :(

Here's some of our product zip lock bags. I bought travel bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash. That way I can take good shampoo but not have to worry about bringing huge bottles (and thus taking up lots of room in our luggage.)

Yep, those are sour patch kids below (to the left). Gotta bring some candy fixes.

Above, you can see the inside of our luggage. Oh glorious zip locks! They just make me feel so happy and organized, and clothes stay clean if anything spills and the bag breaks.

Here are a few of my fave dress picks that I packed: (for dinners, etc)

The above dress is from Forever 21. Here is me wearing it this past summer (with a belt from Club Monaco)

I absolutely love that dress. I think it's the perfect vacation dress. Then, there's this white beauty:
And here I am in the dress last summer. I know you can't see it very clearly but it is a great summery dress. It is made of a taffeta material, I think. Also from Forever 21. I love the little flowers at the bust. They add a little something extra. I think it would be a cute after party dress for a bride having a beach wedding.

Continuing with my Forever 21 theme, I bought this cute dress on a whim right before our wedding. I wore it the next day when we lounged by our hotel pool for awhile. It is REALLY short, so I can only wear it as beach attire.

Oh the shortness. Going off on a tangent here but...Forever 21 really needs to consider making a "tall" line. Seriously. I will pay extra for the fabric. It makes me so sad when a gorgeous dress that would cost like $300 at BCBG is $27.50 at Forever 21 but I can't buy it because it's like a shirt on me.

Then there's this pretty cotton dress from Zara. I wore it while getting ready for our wedding. Perfect for slipping over a bikini. I think the detailing on the bust is what makes it so unique and not just a typical cotton strapless dress. It really looks cute on.

Love it!

I wore the dress below to my rehearsal dinner. It is also from Forever 21 (see a pattern here- they have the cutest most affordable dresses!)

I like it. It's bright and flowy, perfect for the beach, if I must say so myself! It is also one of those dresses that you need a tan to rock so this next week will be a good time to wear it! It has a cool criss-cross thing going on in the back with the purple satin strings.

I am also brining this black dress. It is such a staple. I really find it so easy to change the look of it with a belt or another accessory. It has a bubble hem, which can be tricky, but I think because of my height I can get away with it.

That was my bachlorette party- hence the crown. The pic below shows it with a bright pink flower I pinned to it. Believe it or not, the flower is from Papyrus (as in the paper store. yep) I saw it and though...this would look cute on a dress or cardigan or in my hair...it was like $5 so I just got it!

Those are just some of the dresses I packed, so I thought I would share. Let me know what you think! Some of my other picks can be find in previous haul posts where I bought bikinis and other beach wear :)

Then, there is this fabulousness. Behold my beach hat:

Please ignore my shiny skin. I got a spray tan earlier this evening and haven't washed it off yet.

Sigh. This hat makes me feel like a rich person who owns a yacht. LOL. I don't know why but for some reason it makes me think of those society women who wear one piece swimsuits with big huge rimmed hats and massive sunglasses. I love it. Mine is from Zingara Swimwear.

Do you love my plaid PJ pants and workout top? hehe! I'm not always so fashionable!

Before I go, I want to mention that I found a great way to re-use those zip-up clear plastic packages that bed sheets come in- I use them when I pack! I am SO paranoid about losing my luggage that I pack all of my expensive stuff in my carry on. So in this case, I packed my pricey bathing suits, cover ups and dresses into my carry on. I wasn't able to include everything, but I picked what mattered most/what I would wear the most/what was priciest. This way if anything were to happen I'd have some options (though I pray my luggage comes through!) I used the clear zip-up thing that came with my bed sheets and it fit almost all of my bikinis and helped compress them so they fit perfectly into my large, carry-on handbag.

What is your packing system? Are you crazy enough to even have one like me? Do you unpack when you get to your destination, or live out of your suitcase? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you so much for your support, for reading and overall for being lovely!




  1. Super cute dresses! I'm sure you're going to have a blast in DR :)
    I have a question about your packing- Do you pack everything into Zip-Lock bags or just toiletries? I'd love some packing tips as I just found out we'll be going on a cruise to the Bahamas this spring!!!!!

  2. Candice- I realized I forgot to post the pics of the inside of the luggage- almost everything includes clothes are in zip locks. I will add them right now.

  3. I love all of your dresses! Can you just buy two of everything and ship one to me? Seriously!

    Have fun in the DR. I am SO jealous!

    I love your style!

  4. I love your dresses! My best friend owns that same dress you wore to your rehearsal dinner. I just love forever 21. I think they need to make a tall line and a short line as well! I'm only 5'2 and some of their stuff is so long on me! Like their jeans and stuff. The total opposite problem you have.

  5. i agree!! forever 21 is waaay too short, and i'm only 5'2''!! i can never get skirts to work for me, too short. vacation sounds nice!

  6. I am very Type A when it comes to packing as well. I am so paranoid about losing my luggage so I also cram as much as possible in my carry on! I usually un-pack and make use of the closets and drawers in the hotel room. It just makes me feel more at home. Oh and Forever 21 was my go-to when shopping for my honeymoon. They have such cute and inexpensive sundresses! Have fun on your trip!

  7. V, such CUTE dresses, love everything you packed! The hat is great also. Have so much fun!!
    (and ps-Lulu is a BOY?!? I thought it was a girl this entire time. Why is his name Lulu??!!)

  8. You have the cutest collection of dresses, Veronika!! And I love that most of them are from F21. Your suitcases look so organized too. I always need the occasional candy fix too, so I thought it was cute that you brought Sour Patch! Have fun!!


  9. thank you for your comments everyone!

    Andi- his name is Louis, but we call him Lulu...I know, I know it's kind of a girly name hehe!

  10. Love the dresses, maybe I need to give Forever 21 another try. I ALWAYS unpack, even if it's just for night. Have fun!

  11. Oh, I can only imagine Lulu has the same expression my little Sprout gets when he sees me getting ready to leave!

    Very cute dresses! Love the hat, too. And I see Sour Patch Kids in one of those pictures. Yum! :)

    I do the same thing with my carry-on. Anything I would be totally devastated to lose gets carried on in my little wheelie bag - which I usually end up having to gate-check, but at least I know it will be on the plane!

  12. Your dresses are all so pretty! You look great in everything, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous vacation.

  13. Though I wish I were a more organized packer, I can't lie, I'm a mess. I just throw a bunch of stuff I love into a suitcase and sit on it to zip to up. HORRIBLE I know :) I do however try on outfits before I go then lay them out to make sure I have a "complete" look. Have an awesome trip and ps: your hat is my favorite thing you posted. SO awesome! Have fun!

  14. Thanks for the great packing tips! I travel a few times a year and I am pretty bad at packing.

    Also, love all the dresses! Any tips for keeping up a strapless dress? I'm always having to yank and tug mine back into place. :(

  15. Niomi- that happens to me sometimes too. Try a nice supportive strapless bra....or buy in a smaller size to help make it tighter.

  16. All of those dresses are gorgeous! I love how you added the pink flower. And I especially love your big floppy hat for the sun! Have soo much fun on your honeymoon :)

  17. DH and I do the exact same thing when packing -- we use ziploc after ziploc! It is also a good idea to pack beauty-type products in ziplocs, even if they are just going in checked luggage, because your clothing will be protected if the product accidentally leaks.

    I also pack expensive items into my carry-on, including at least one day's worth of a change of clothes just in case my luggage gets lost. So my carry-on often has any expensive shoes, jewelry, bags, special outfits, a bathing suit, PJs and an outfit for the following day.

  18. You TRY to hard to be perfect or make everyone think that you are. Geez!! Knock that off. It only makes you look foolish. By the way you wear very cheap clothes.

  19. Great dresses!!! I especially love that very first black one with the flowers and the one you wore to your RD. I am the same exact way with packing, very precise; I roll everything to fit as much as possible and of course, use zip loc bags. Seriously, the instant I step foot in my room I unpack and hang everything and put non-hanging items in the drawer - hubbs would live out of the suitcase if he could, but that doesn't fly with me...I even organize all the products in the bathroom. I like easy access to all of my belongings. Have such a good time! I'm so jealous

  20. Wow...sounds like Mandy is jealous : ) First off, putting your toiletries in zip lock bags is called being a SMART PACKER and NOT trying hard to be perfect. Also, as for Veronika's "cheap clothes". What's wrong with shopping at Forever21 or Zara (which actually isn't a 'cheap' store). Veronika proves you can shop someone, look good, and not go into debt while doing it. Mandy, jealously is an illness so get well : )

  21. LOL @ Mandy- if I hadn't said where I bought my clothes or how much they cost would they still look cheap to you? Most people are surprised when I tell them a cute dress I got is from Forever 21.

    As for "trying too hard to be perfect" (BTW it
    s "too" not "to") I just like to pack in a way that protects my belongings and is practical :)

  22. Hey..

    I have recently come acorss your blog and trust me you have amazing tips, ideas, suggestions, details on almost everything... i love the detail explanation about every little thing you have along with the ideas to fix and organize certain things...love the pictures you have shared.. you look amazing ... Will definitely try most of the ideas and suggestion shared by you...

    Take care

    Kay Robert

  23. Like Kay I stumbled on your blog when looking for basic work clothes and now i'm hooked. you have great ideas with items that wouldn't have crossed my mind. Keep it coming. God bless.


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