Back to the Swing of Things

I wish the title of my post was true! I expected to come back from vacation and get "right back into the swing of things" and that's just not happening.

Our Christmas tree is still up. Our house needs a deep cleaning. I actually DID do laundry, but there's more. Oh and my closet is also a mess again. Massive massive mess and disorder.

We have no groceries, we haven't cooked (I'm eating cheerios and wheat thins with peanut butter for dinner and gross lean cuisines for lunch.)

It's been nearly a week since we got back and I just haven't gotten it together yet.
I'm getting my hair done and shopping Saturday (because Lord knows I can't go a week without doing SOME kind of shopping- but at this point, it really should be groceries.)

My one accomplishment this week was actually going to pilates class tonight, where I felt so out of shape it was borderline embarrassing. At one point, the instructor said change levels if you're tired...I'm pretty sure he was referring to me.

So, what's the plan to get things back to normal? I'm going to knock it all out this weekend. If I don't, my entire next week will lag on like this one has, and another seven days will go by with everything out of whack, and I can't let that happen, because I will go nuts.

As many of you know, my husband lost his job last April, and this past Monday he started a new job. I am so happy for him and proud of him, but I will definitely admit it has been a massive adjustment for me, for us both. In addition to being away for a week on vacation, we came back to a situation that was a complete 180 from the last 9 months. I definitely have to learn to divide everything up again now that we are both working.

For example, I haven't done groceries since May. I might have to take on that duty again since I actually enjoy picking out what kind of food we buy. It was nice not to have that on my list though.

Sorry for the boring entry, they will be back to normal next week, when I feel some relief from the sudden changes and lack of consistency going on in my life right now.

I think I'm just one of those "needs to have a schedule" people.

Thanks for listening. Do you still have your tree up? I hope at least one person says yes.


PS- isn't her hair gorgeous? I love the way it's layered! Hair-trim inspiration!


  1. i'm loving your blog! i'm also a 26 year old newlywed (we got married in may...does that still count as newlywed?). good luck this weekend getting all your stuff done!

  2. we got married in May too :) thanks for the comment! I hope to get everything done as well. Just need to get it all out of the way...maybe I'll start Friday night!

  3. Haha Don't feel bad! We didn't go on Vacation & our Christmas tree is still up! lol

  4. I just took down my tree this past weekend, and since you were gone for a week, that means we're even. Don't sweat it girl :)

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  6. I totally understand how you feel.. I haven't cooked in months due to my new work schedule.. I love having a set schedule.. You beat me w/ the laundry though lol this weekend I hope to catch up with everythign too good luck congrats on the new job

  7. Don't feel bad...I have been in a 'rut' since Christmas; yes, a month ago. I haven't worked out, been eating like a heffer and just lazily getting through each and every day. Its so annoying I actually vowed that TODAY is the day that I get motivated and back on my regularly scheduled program, so good luck with yours it happens to the best of us. congrats to your hubbs, mine's been laid off forever and I hope he goes back soon too.

  8. I am loving the hair picture! I am going to my stylist tomorrow and that has totally inspired me. Question though- do you have thick hair? Your hair looks great in your pictures, I am just wondering what the texture is. Mine is fine but I have alot of it- it seems like if I let it get past my back bra strap it starts to look really stringy, I'm wondering if I just need to get more trims. Hmmm....yes I am rambling.

  9. southern chic- my hair is thin but I have lots of it, and it's damaged too.

    I find that cutting your ends blunt helps to create the look of more thickness. HTH :)


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