CONTEST: 100 Followers! Yay!


Happy Halloween to all of my wonderful blog followers!

I have been out all day trying to get inspired, but I am just not feeling totally into Halloween this year because I didn't plan in advance like I should have. I have a box of Halloween accessories from years past that I plan to tap into for tonight. I'll let you all know what I come up with (and post some pics, of course).

I just want you all to know how much I appreciate everyone who reads and contributes to this blog. I wouldn't be able to write it without all of you. I picked up a small treat while I was out shopping today to give away as my first blog contest prize to celebrate my first 100 subscribers.

The prize is a 4-piece mini OPI polish set from the Espagna Collection (it has "Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees, No Spain No Gain, Pink Flamenco and the RapiDry Top Coat). I also have the new Essie "Mint Candy Apple" nail polish to include in that prize, since it is such a fun holiday color, and a great dupe for Chanel's "Jade" polish (I got one for myself too, of course!)

These are the contest Rules:

1. You must be a follower/subscriber at the time you entered the contest (if you are not, you can go to the top of the blog and click "follow blog" and you can become a subscriber.

2. One entry per person. Please leave a comment saying "enter me" in the comments below. I will use to select the winning comment.

3. You must be a resident of the USA or Canada.

4. If you are selected as the winner, you must email me (I will provide the email address when I announce the winner) and provide me with your preferred mailing address.

5. You must use a name or Google user ID to post your comment (no anonymous comments will be considered, for obvious reasons).

6. You must submit your entry on this blog post only by Friday, November the 6, 2009 by midnight CST.

7. I will announce the winner on Saturday, November 7, 2009. I will ship out the prize when I recieve the winner's information.

I hope everyone enjoys these prizes. I wasn't sure what to get, but I thought nail polish was a good idea because it pretty much works for everyone, whereas makeup colors can be trickier depending on skin tone.

Before I go...tell me what you plan to wear or did wear for Halloween? You can include comments about your costume or halloween makeup along with your entry, but make sure you type the words "enter me" so I'll know you'd like to be included.

Thank you everyone!!!



If you have any questions about this contest, please post them in the comments below.

OOTD: A Friday Full of Meetings

Typically, I am able to dress down on Fridays for work, but I had an early AM meeting and also a filming to attend in the afternoon, so I was in full on Monday to Thursday mode.

Here's what I wore:
The skirt is the same as the one I wore in my last Outfit of the Day post (from Express). The top is from Costa Blanca (a Canadian store) and the cardigan is from New York & Co. I've actually never purchased anything from that store prior to this sweater, but I couldn't resist the sweater's floral applique and the vintage-inspired buttons:

Here's another look at the buttons. They are metal buttons with tiny vintage-esque crystals. (click to enlarge)
The top has some detailing at the neck and on the straps. It is kind of like a folded/pleated texture. (Did I mention I LOVE to mix textures!?)

But the most fun part of this top, has to be the back of it!

Isn't is wonderful? The back has a criss-cross design, so it makes for a good "going out" top as well (though, I almost never wear tops w/pants for going out, I almost always go with a dress). Excuse my frazzled hair- I had a super long day!

My love for texture was evident in my tights of choice: lace tights from Target (I think I paid $9). Now, before you get too excited- I did have to change their look. You see, when I wear them over bare legs, I look like I have a skin disease. I just can't pull it off.

So I layered them over regular black tights, and I loved the subtle texture it gave. It toned them down and made them more wearable.

It is difficult to tell in photos, but in person, the texture is very obvious and striking. It just adds a little something to the outfit without being too crazy to wear in a more corporate setting.

and...just for fun, here is me failing at taking a photo of the back of my shirt!

What do you wear to work on Fridays? Can you wear jeans or do you dress up throughout the week?

I'll try to post several updates this weekend, so please look out for those. I am delighted to have 99 followers- which means that I am going to go do a tiny bit of shopping tomorrow where I'll pick out a little prize for my 100th subscriber contest. I appreciate every person who takes the time to read this blog, and I want to give (a little) something back :)



Tressy Thursday: An Interview with my Hair Guru

Ladies, I am SO excited about this post, I can't even begin to write the words! This interview speaks for itself. My wonderful hair stylist and colorist agreed to share his best tips and tricks with us, and I am so thrilled that he did! He works at Cutloose Hair Salon in Houston, TX. If you live in this area, he is definitely worth a visit. He is the only colorist ever in my life that was able to color my naturally light/medium brown locks into a color that was so blended and natural, that I only have to get my roots done every 4-6 months! You can call 713.520.7401 to make an appointment.
David, my bestie Candice and I at Hotel Zaza

I hope you ladies enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Name, Age, Occupation:
David Tran, 30, stylist/colorist and extension specialist

You've been a stylist and colorist for more than 10 years, what service do you like to do better, and why?
I've been doing hair for almost ten and a half years which is hard to believe. I honestly can't say I prefer one service over the other because I enjoy creating the total package from head to toe-- which is why I like to be involved in every aspect. Control freak? Maybe, but I think it's important that the cut, color (and extensions) go hand in hand because you want all the pieces of the puzzle to fit seamlessly.

What are the best ways a client can communicate to you what they want in a color or style?
Pictures work very well because sometimes clients can have a hard time articulating what it is they want. "Colored" Red heads for instance can vary greatly depending on the tone whether it's a true copper tone , a rich mahogony red brown, a bright punk influenced candy apple red, or just a warm brown with red undertones. Pertaining to up dos for an event, pictures work awesomely to get an idea of whether the style should be sleek and formal or loose and romantic.

Have you ever had a client who demanded a color or style you totally didn't think would work for her? what did you do?
Yes! Recently I had to turn away a potentially new client and told her that I didn't think i was the stylist for her. We were going through our consultation and I could sense her hesitation as she requested that I cut her hair with a #4 guard and clippers. She didn't understand how I could cut hair with cutting shears as she was used to a "pro cuts" style haircut. Now I'm not knocking pro cuts. They are skilled hairdressers but just because they are doesn't mean they will be the best for you. Same with me. I am trained by various schools but if we aren't communicating on the same level--I may not be the hairdresser for you.

It's always a good idea to set up a consultation with a stylist if you're doing an overhaul to communicate any fears you have. Another tip--never make a dramatic change before your wedding, switch stylists before your wedding, or cut off your hair while you're pregnant. But in the end, your stylist knows you best and can adapt your style based on what you want. That's why its important to find a stylist who you can connect with and knows technically and creatively how to create your own unique style.

You work with Bumble & Bumble products. Which products from the line do you think are essentials for a woman who likes to have healthy, bouncy hair?
The Damage Therapy line works wonders for color treated hair. It will keep it soft, silky, and luxurious. As far as styling products--the trinity is as follow: Prep or Tonic first, Thickening Spray, with a bit of Styling Balm on the ends. Of course the products will change based on the look that you're trying to achieve and the season but those are my go to products day in and day out.

What trends are you seeing in color right now that you love?
ROOTS and slightly lighter ends. diffusion of colors, reflective brunettes. Anything shiny and not too matte and one dimensional.

What trends in cuts/style techniques are you loving right now?

I love a strong fringe or what Texans call "bangs" (although not everyone can pull it off) and I am loving messy up-dos and I always love retro/period dos as well

Name 5 celebrities who you think have the best hair, and tell us why.

Charlize Theron because of her simple and elegant red carpet style, Drew Barrymore for her willingness to try different colors, styles and textures. I hate to say her because I was sick of doing her bob, but Victoria Beckham because of her chopping her hair off to a pixie then growing it out so gracefully. Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because only she can pull off that black mop hair do. My last pick would probably be Julianne Moore because of her beautiful copper hair. It's stunning.
What is the craziest hair request you have ever gotten?
A mullet!

What are your favorite magazines for hair inspiration?
W, In Style, Hairdressers Journal

What is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to caring for their hair?
Heat styling without any products or heat protectors. Pulling your hair back in a tight pony tail while it's wet.

How can a woman achieve the best blowout ever? What tools, products and techniques do you recommend?
I love ionic dryers, and it's always best to use the nozzle of the dryer if you have one. It helps to direct the air to eliminate any frizz. I think a good ceramic flat iron is always good for touch ups on second day hair if applicable and a good ceramic 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron is wonderful if you have mid length to longer hair to create some loose waves and texture. Oh--and headbands are great too for hiding roots, dirty hair, or to double as the perfect accessory!

What are the most damaging things a woman can do to her hair?
Wash, dry and flat iron EVERY DAY and not getting it trimmed regularly.

What do you like best about your job?

Seeing the smirk on a client's face when they love their hair. I love making people look and feel better about themselves!

Thanks so much for answering my questions for everyone, David! <3 you! Ladies, if you have any questions for David, please leave them in the comments below, and I will ask David to answer them for you! He is the expert!

Thank you SO much for reading...I noticed I am at 93 followers, wow, I feel so excited and amazed at that. I wanted to do a contest when I reached 100 followers, so please watch out for that. Thank you for all that you contribute!


A Bright Idea: I Saw the Light

We have a windowless bathroom in our master bedroom. It has a nice big shower and we each have our own sinks...but what has always been lacking in that room is light. Achieving a good makeup application requires great lighting- and if you have natural sunlight, that's even better.

Every makeup artist who has ever done my makeup has sat me in front of a window with lots of natural sunlight coming in. Sure, it shows every flaw and imperfection- but for a flawless makeup application, those are exactly the things you need to see!

I never noticed just how dark it was in there until we came home from walking our dog one day, and I turned on the lights in our bathroom and it felt...really really dim in there. It was literally so dark that I wondered how I ever did my makeup in there at all (and more importantly, how it's possible that my makeup didn't look absolutely treacherous).

We have recessed lighting, so it can be tough to get brighter lights, but I was on a mission! I told my husband to get the brightest bulbs they make and he did (and they are energy efficient to boot!).

This morning, I applied my makeup for the first time in the fabulous new lighting, and it was so shockingly bright I actually had to turn one of them off (there are 3).
I am slowly getting used to seeing more imperfections than ever before, but seeing the light definitely feels great.

In more exciting news: my Sigma brush set arrived today, and I absolutely cannot wait to use the brushes. I will review them after I've had a little time to "play" with them more.

Where do you apply your makeup in the mornings? What is your lighting like? Please let me know in the comments below!



Outfit of the Day: Going to Work

Some of my lovely readers requested this and I thought it would be fun, so here goes my first "outfit of the day" or "look of the day" post.

I had an after-work function to go to, so I chose all black- a simple black tulip skirt, silk top with flutter sleeves with black tights and pumps.

I work for a PR firm, and my look changes based on what my day looks like. If I have meetings and/or an event that day, I will usually dress up more (I typically wear skirts or dresses, very rarely pants) and on days where I know I'll just be in the office all day, I'll wear something more casual, but still nice.

I love dresses and skirts because they make me feel really feminine. Dresses in particular are super easy too- just slip it on and go! I am currently looking for knee-length 3/4 sleeve dresses to add to my winter collection. I just add tights and a cardigan in the winter, and rock dresses through all seasons (though, to be fair, we really only have two seasons in Houston...summer and fall).

Ok so here goes:
I swear that sweater coat is black. It photographed navy for some reason. I got this sweater wrap at Zara for about $39.50. I wear it to the office over my tops when it is a bit cooler outside. It actually looks much cuter in person, but you get the idea. I use this sweater as a jacket, and it also looks great on casual days over skinny jeans or even with yoga pants! It is very versatile.

The rest of the outfit consists of a black tulip skirt from Express ($59.50) and a black ruffle/flutter-sleeve silk blouse from Forever 21 (about $22). My shoes are patent leather black pumps by Jessica Simpson.

Here is another shot of the ensemble. Please ignore my unmade bed and messy bathroom (hey, I said I organized my makeup collection, not the entire bathroom!)

The key necklace was about $4.50 at Forever 21. I love it! I wear it almost daily, it just seems to go with everything!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I will definitely do more in the future! I think it is so fun to see what other people wear on the daily. Feel free to let me know what YOU wore today, and even post a pic if you have one!



NOTD: OPI's "Sapphire in the Snow" & Ivanka Trump Ties the Knot

I was browsing around at Beauty First on Saturday hoping for an early release of Essie's Holiday collection (I am eager to get my hands on "Mint Candy Apple" to soothe my sorrows of not being able to get the Chanel Jade nail polish), and just as I was about to make my way out of the store, I stumbled upon the most gorgeous color...possibly ever. It is from OPI's Holiday Wishes collection, and it is called "Sapphire in the Snow." I can best describe it by saying it is a dark almost indigo purple. If you love dark polishes, you will LOVE this one. It brings a little something unexpected to the table. It has that indigo quality to it, without being harsh. In person, it is dark and glossy and you can really see the indigo undertones in the light. I love it so. Here are some pics:

without flash
with flash

with flash

I just love this color. I would say it looks more true to the non-flash image (dark) but as I said before, in the light, you can see those gorgeous indigo/sapphire tones. It is just a very rich and gorgeous color. I definitely plan to purchase a second bottle if it doesn't become a part of the permanent collection. I have seen it on other blogs and it photographs more blue there, but I definitely see it as more purple-blue, and less of a true blue. It even looks more purple in the bottle (to me).

....and because I can never seem to write about just one topic at a time, Ivanka Trump got married this past weekend, and the few wedding photos I saw absolutely took my breath away. Is she gorgeous or what? She is so classic and polished and elegant. I just loved her entire look- from the hair, makeup, jewels and dress (Vera Wang).

Star Magazine said Ivanka was going for the "Grace Kelly" look, and I think she nailed it. I think her makeup was just flawless- the soft, brown smokey eye and nude makeup elsewhere enhanced her features in a soft, beautiful way.

I think she was simple radiant and glowing (like every bride should be on her big day!) She obviously takes care of herself. I have seen a lot of photos of her at various events, and she is always so refined and put-together. I recently read a piece about her in In Style Magazine where she talked all about her love for jewelry (she has her own line). You can get a peek at her wedding day jewels here.

You know how sometimes you see a bride, and her wedding and you think to yourself "she just did everything right,..." that is how I felt when I saw these photos. I have always thought she was gorgeous, but on her wedding day especially, she was perfection. What do you think? Did you love her wedding day look or was it too traditional for you? I can't wait to see the rest of the photo set. I'll be sure to post them when I find them.

Thanks for reading!



Makeup & Product Organization 101

Many of those who know me, know that I am an organization freak. I like things placed a certain way and can always tell when something has been moved or changed, even if it's just by a few centimeters!

I finally came to terms with the fact that my makeup collection needed a new home. A more loving, functional and practical space to be stored.

In my quest for the perfect makeup storage containers, I turned to the trust "Container Store" (now that's a no-brainer!). I searched online and found these mini plastic drawers. At just $9.99, I couldn't believe that these drawers would be the magical storage device I was looking for, so I headed to The Container Store to check them out. (By the way, for anyone who doesn't have a container store near them, it is like the Holy Grail store for organization advice is to enter with caution. I never go there without my husband, because if I did, I'd spend hours just looking at containers, touching them, and imagining them in my home...not good).

I took some photos so I could show you all how everything turned out. Here is the "before" shot:

As you can see, I used to keep some of my makeup in this long rectangular basket. It worked OK, but it took up a lot of space, and it wasn't as organized as it could be. I kind of just threw everything in there all of the time. There were no separators and I had to keep all kinds of products on the ledge (on the outside of our shower) so the area always looked messy! Plus, I had to have all of these additional storage containers for things like mascara and lip gloss. As Tim Gunn would say "Make it Work!," and so I did...

Now, to the wonderful new storage system:

Ahhh, so organized and refreshing. Just looking at it makes me glow with pride. Now, onto the individual drawers, to give you a better idea of how I categorized everything:
The very bottom drawer contains skin creams, eye creams, spot treatments for pimples, etc. I only use these at night, so I put them at the very bottom.
This is my lip gloss drawer. Notice they are all PINK? I don't stay from what works, that's for sure (or maybe I'm just too afraid to try something else!)
Here are my mascara (notice my beloved DiorShow) along with some eye pencils, eyebrow pencil and eye brightening pencil.
Here are my eye shadows and my beloved MAC Fluidline gel liners (totally HG!). I don't wear eye shadow on my lids (I use MAC's "brun" to line underneath my eyes- it looks softer than gel liner). I only use eye shadow if I am going out, which explains my smaller collection. I'd like to start wearing it more often, but everytime I put it on, it feels like "too much" for day (on me). I always see other people who can pull it off, but I can't seem to. I'm more of a liner girl (never leave the house without it!)
Ahhh my beloved blushes. So wonderful and again, PINK! I do have a peachy-pink in there too! The plalette underneath it is actually an eye shadow and bronzer palette. It is by Too Faced, from their Holiday collection, called French & Fabulous. I plan to review it soon. It is a gorgeous palette and it has a Marie Antoinette theme, so of course I just had to buy it!
Lastly, the top drawer contains my MAC studio concealer (the best!), NARS bronzer, my MAC quad (so far, only the "brun" e/s is in there) and a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in "porcelain pink" (gorgeous!). I also have the LORAC Tantilizer bronzer in there, but have not used it thus far. It looks a bit too shimmery for the day time.

So that is the drawers, so far. Note that I bought two sets of the drawers, for 6 total. I just stacked them on top of eachother.
There's a side-view of the containers. Notice I have a glass container on top containing some of my brushes. In previous photos, you can also see I have another empty glass container on the ledge, which will soon hold the Sigma brushes I just ordered (I will review them as soon as I get them). They are supposed to be as good as MAC brushes, but for much less. A lot of the YouTube beauty gurus have just raved about them, so I'm excited to use them! I ordered the set of 12, minus the brush roll because I already have a brush roll type thing I use when I travel.

Here is another close-up. I did replace my camera batter, but had to use it on manual mode (no flash) to get these photos to be clear.

I also wanted to show you all my bathroom cabinet that holds a lot of my products (hair stuff, lotions, self tanner, face masks, etc). I like that it is all hidden behind those doors, because I have a lot of products I don't use on a regular basis and don't want them making my bathroom look cluttered.
Firstly, here is the bottom of the cabinet. It has little cubbies to store stuff. On the very left, I keep Q-tips in a glass container from West Elm, and in the middle I keep some perfumes (D&G Light Blue, FCUK for Men and Burberry Brit). Then, I just have some towels rolled up that I don't even use...they kind of look messy, I need to fix those.

Onto the cabinet's contents:
As you can see, there is quite a variety of products. I used to keep my cleansers near my sink area, but in my attempts to go as minimal as possible in that area, I've decided to make the effort to put them away after each use. It will take some getting used to, but overall I think the lack of clutter will be worth it.

I know that some people like to "show off" their products and have them really easily accessible- and I would be one of those people, if it were not for my very limited sink space. My husband and I each have our own sinks, but truth be told, I'd rather only have one if it mean having more counter space. Our massive shower makes up for it, but I keep saying when we get a new house, I want a massive bathroom with tons of shelving and counter space.

How do you store your cosmetics? Leave me your storage solutions in the comments below! I hope this was helpful to anyone looking for a bathroom storage solution for their makeup and products. I can also do a post about my nail polish and hair tool storage if that would interest you all! I even have special drawers to store medications in! (I know, I know, obsessive!)

Thank you SO much for reading, I appreciate each and every one of you!

Maja Part Two: Fashion, Style & Beauty

As promised, I am going to post the second portion of gorgeous Maja's interview. This part focuses more on fashion and product faves. Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions for Maja, leave them in the comments below!

Who is your beauty/fashion inspiration and why?
I Definitely have my flavors of the month in this department (especially as I flip through the current Vogue mag), but if I had to name one above all, it would have to be Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her elegance, class & sophistication is something I definitely admire.

She is the definition of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” She was a woman who paved the way for CLASSIC fashion trends. She wore her clothes and never let them wear her, which is a very important thing that some women nowadays forget.

She knew which body features she wanted to accentuate, and where her flaws were (not that she had many). I respect that she never left the house (or I bet she never even left her bedroom) without perfectly coiffed hair, and dressed to a ‘T.’ She always exuded femininity, which is something to be revered.

As for my more current role models, I am a dedicated-diehard-Victoria’s Secret aficionado. My favorites are probably, Doutzen Kroes, Izabel Goulart, Marisa Miller and Adriana Lima. Popular for her Sports Illustrated spreads, I also LOVE Irina Shayk. She’s so exotic and unique. I love her bold features…and of course, I totally use all these girls as motivation for the days I am not feeling up to going to the gym!

Where do you love to shop for clothing? Describe your personal sense of style:
My personal style is very simple and classic with small accents. I find I am definitely not a trendy person who has each season’s “must haves”. I am just naturally attracted to the classic look. When I look in my closet, its mostly Black. I love Black! My bridesmaids dresses were even black which caused much discomfort with the old school relatives : )

I have a hard time finding clothes that fit me because of my body type. I have very long legs and very short torso! My inseam is 36” so it sucks that the standard is 32”! Also, my first place to gain weight and LAST place to lose it are in my thighs and bum. So – Finding pants or skirts that will fit my bigger legs AND small waist is difficult!

My job requires me to be in suits most of the time or at least at that level of business attire. For that, my hot spot shops are:

Holt Renfrew (for the staple items)
Club Monaco
Forever 21
(The last 3 are very hit and miss for me)

For those in the corporate world, I strongly believe there are a few items that you CAN’T forgo quality on. Save your money and get to a top shop for a few of the essential, indispensable items!

*1 pair of great fitting black pants
*1 pencil skirt

I personally love ‘THEORY’- Their philosophy for creating their line is on par with what my style is.

I am possibly one of the girliest girls I know, so whenever I have the opportunity to get dressed up, I LOVE it! I rarely shop for a specific occasion - I feel like I can never find anything when I am looking for it. So – to remedy that, whenever I come across a great gown or dress, I buy it! For dress shopping, my first go to place has always successfully been BCBG or Holt Renfrew. The most important thing for me is to ensure I am dressed appropriately for the occasion.

For instance, when we go to weddings, I’d never wear the same thing for the day time as I would for evening. My typical choice for the day, would be the perfect little black dress – usually ¾ length, fitted, with a great pump. Whereas for evenings, I’d like to step it up a notch. If the newlyweds were family, I’d probably go in a gown and if they are friends, I’d play it down a bit.

I love jeans, but only wear them when I’m lounging around at Starbucks, movies or shopping. I may have possibly tried on EVERY SINGLE Brand of jeans made in the world and am a die hard Rock and Republic fan! I also like Guess Jeans for my skinny’s.

What are some of your can't live without em' clothing items?

A GREAT Skirt Suit (not a pants fan too much)
Pair of Jeans that reallllllly fit YOU!
little black dress
A good bra!
A pair of lululemon crop pants

What are your top 5-10 favorite makeup products?

Christian Dior ‘FOREVER’ Extreme wear flawless makeup with SPF 25
A good set of brushes
Liquid Eyeliner*
Dark Eyeshadow
Light Eyeshadow
BLUSH! – the color varies for me. In Winter, when I am more pale, I like the Raspberry tone on my olive complexion, but in summer, I like a nice Coral tint.

*I never leave the house without eyeliner and mascara, I am usually light with the rest of my makeup

What are your top 5 hair products?
1. A good Shampoo and Conditioner. I am obsessed with the Rene Furterer Line – but they are so expensive that I do not use it day to day.

2. Leave-In Conditioner for my super long hair. After applying a few sprays, I can comb through it with no knots! If I do not use it, it literally takes me 10 min to comb through it in pain

3. Hairspray! Saying that sounds SO 80’s, but I LOVE hairspray! I use TRESemm√© Tres two extra hold hair spray. It’s a water free formula, so its not sticky and virtually eliminates frizz, even if its raining!

4. My curling iron – I have stick straight hair, but love a little wave in it that I can achieve with my curling iron. Do not cheap out on this item either. I good iron will be better for your hair health as opposed to a regular Conair or something. I use this ONE.

5. An accessory; barrette; diamond bobby pic to pin back my shorter layers, headband, clip

What are your best beauty tips and/or secrets that you'd like to share with my readers?

Since I have super long hair, it tends to be….flat to say the least. It’s too heavy to ever keep volume…unless I do this little trick:

After blow drying my hair upside down, I lift half of my hair and rest it from the roots on a barrel brush. Hair spray the roots and then blow dry it. I repeats this with the upper 1/4 layer of hair, then again with the top 1/8 section of hair, always taking a crown portion from temple to temple.

I always try to have my nails perfectly polished! As weird as it may sound, hands are the first thing I look at on people because it says so much about them! I’m not talking, run out and get a manicure every other day, but have a good exfoliator, moisturizer, and polish on hand!
I think taking time for yourself is another factor to your overall well being. If you’re in a perpetual state of stress, it is SO detrimental to your overall well being and health.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
I am very proud of two things:
First: My lifestyle.
Second: Obviously my degree in Biomed with a minor in Physics (which has nothing to do with my current line of work, but I am still proud of having earned that).

A Cardio Tip and my Love for Marisa Miller

Today is a good day. I've finally discovered a way in which I can power-through more than 20 minutes of cardio. E! News. I was on the elliptical today working away when I noticed the TV several machines down was about to air E! News. I looked for an opportunity to take over a "prime real estate" elliptical machine near that TV and as soon as someone got off of that machine I made a bee-line over to it, and it was smooth (cardio) sailing for the duration of my workout (which, I proudly want to say was about 45 mins of cardio, which is very rare for me.)

I literally am able to almost completely tune-out the fact that I am doing cardio when I am watching E! News. I plug my headphones in, and I'm just taken away to the world of tabloids for a sweet 30 minutes (a whole hour if I watch "The Daily 10" too!). From Nicole Richie's new baby, to Britney finding love, there is always a bountiful amount of juicy celeb buzz on E!

Anyways, to get to the point of this post, while I listened intently to the lastest Hollywood gossip, I saw a segment for the new $3 Million Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy bra...modeled by Marisa Miller. Sigh. It was like a commercial for an abdominal workout system. Double sigh.

Those who know me, know that I absolutely adore her. The long beachy hair, the perfectly toned body...her signature sultry smokey eyes, nude lips and glow-y skin...and those legs, those incredibly long, toned and tan legs. Clearly, I have a girl-crush.

Gorgeous, glowing skin
The long, bouncy, volume-tastic hair

Among the many reasons I love her is the fact that she is upfront about her workout and eating habits. She admits she works hard for her body, and that she ocassionaly has a sweet treat or slice of pizza. I think some celebrities' publicists must tell them to tell every reporter they "eat clean, all of the time," because I am always pleasantly surprised to find a celebrity who says "I EAT CARBS AND CANDY!" out loud.

Marisa Miller has the exact body I want. I mean literally, if I could choose a body I would want hers (there may be a few others in the running, but hers is so much more realistic). If I could have her muscle tone and still have a nice bum and boobs, and some curves here and there I would be one happy lady!

I think Marisa is one of the less super skinny VS models, which makes her appealing to a wider audience (though, I have to say it, I think most of those models appeal to a wide audience). I just think she has this natural, California sunshine kindof beauty with a little hint of Southern Belle. I am almost certain her hair isn't all natural (as in, she wears extensions at times- who doesn't!?) but it is gorgeous nevertheless.

For anyone interested, click
here for a summary of her workout plan.

Do you love Marisa Miller? Do you get as excited as I do for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or is it just me?

Who is your favorite model (VS or otherwise) and why? Leave me a comment below!


Going Rouge

No, I am not talking about Sarah Palin's new book, which is actually titled "Going Rogue," I am talking about the trend in Hollywood where blondes and brunettes are going rouge- red, that is. It also seems that natural red-heads are hotter than ever!

I've always loved red hair. There is something so rare and beautiful about it. My one stipulation is this: I only like shades of red that can occur in nature. Fire-engine reds or obviously fake looking red tones definitely do not appeal to me.

I sometimes wish I was brave enough to go rouge myself. I don't think I have the skin tone (or guts) to do it, but I have this fantasy of going to a wig store and just giving some red locks a whirl- just for fun! I think my obviously brown eyebrows would clash a bit, but it would all be in good fun.

The first red-haired beauty I'd like to discuss is the gorgeous Ashlee Simpson, who seems to have the skin tone to carry off every hair color from black, brown, golden and bleach blonde. I have to admit, her new red shade did take some getting used to for me (and shocker- I didn't even like it at first!) but now, I can't imagine her without it. I love how edgy, yet soft it looks on her. She is lucky to have the coloring to pull off so many shades, I am definitely envious of her ability to rock so many looks.

Then, there is Lindsay Lohan. I know, I know, she is not in a good place right now...but when she was in her prime, I coveted her gorgeous red hair. She also seems to be one of those girls that can pull off every haircolor- from rich raven to bleach blonde (which she is right now). However, I love her hair best in the varrying shades of red she's had in the past.

Joanna Garcia, previously a teen mom on the show "Reba," and more recently seen in the sadly cancelled "Priviledged" (*tear) and even more recently on "Gossip Girl" (love) used to be blonde and I almost didn't recognize her when she debuted her red locks on "Privileged." The color is perfection for her skin tone, and made her more appealing to me (and it seems to have helped her career too!)
One of my favorite natural redheads is the stunning Isla Fisher. What can I say? She is perfection! Her gorgeous, thick, long red hair always looks healthy and shiny and well, just simply stunning.
Now, I don't watch "Mad Men" (gasp!) but my husband told me about one of the gorgeous cast members from this show, Christina Hendricks. The voluptuous star has a gorgeous bright red color, and she has the confidence to carry it off too!

So, what do you think of the red-hair trend? Do you think it will last? Who are your favorite Hollywood red heads (I also want to give honorable mentioned to Debra Messing and Marcia Cross.)

Have you ever gone red- if so, did you love it? If you haven't would you have the guts to do it?

Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a great night (or day, if you are reading this tomorrow!).


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