Beautiful Blogger Award & 7 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by gorgeous Fetching Fashionista Justine to do this fun little "get to you know your weird quirks" post. I have so many, that I thought it would be fun to share just a few of them (I'll save the rest of them for another post!)

ETA: I realized Justine actually gave me one of the "Beautiful Blogger" Awards. I didn't realize that at first so thank you again Justine!

1. I was born in Slovakia (the former Czechoslovakia) and my family escaped communism when I was 3 years old (and when I say escaped, I totally mean that in the absolute truest sense of the word.) I lived in Canada until I was 23, and moved to the US after that. I like to think of myself as a citizen of all lands! (Except, I'm not really a US citizen...yet)

2. I watch every awful and cheesy TV show and reality show. One Tree Hill? absolutely; Jersey Shore? bring it on!; Southern Belles Louisville? it's on my DVR; Rock of Love? One of my faves.We switched to AT&T U-Verse just so we could record 4 shows at once. I love TV and I'm not afraid to say it!

3. I'm seven years younger than my husband (see Justine- I'm even more jail bait!)

4. I can speak 3 languages- English (obviously), French (I completed a French immersion program from grades 4 through 12) and my native language, Slovak. I don't ever get to practice my French, sadly, but I do still have a great grasp of Slovak. I secretly want to teach it to our future children so my husband won't know what we are saying. (tee hee hee)

5. I didn't get my dog until I was 22. I had to beg for years and years (and years) and my parents never let me get one (I was allowed to have fish and a hampster once-which they hated.) It took a divorce and more guilt-trip begging to finally convince my mom to let me have a dog. Now she has two of her own dogs (go figure!)

6. I don't like sushi. I had one bad experience, and it was all over for me. When people say they like sushi, I secretly think they only like it because it's trendy, even though in the back of my mind I know that's not true. Oh and once, I tried home-made sushi (obviously not made by me) and I thought it tasted like sewage (and that's not even the bad experience I'm referring to.)

7. I am the worst worrier ever. I worry about absolutely everything. I constantly picture the worst case scenario in every situation and plot out what I would do if it were to happen. I think it's a defense mechanism, but who really knows?

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Oh, and to make me feel better about my weirdness, please share your quirky traits with me in the comments below!




  1. Those silly Japanese-always trying to be so trendy. They do the darndest things.

  2. Justine and I were both tagged from The Look 4 Less and we BOTH tagged you! How funny! Cute tidbits!

  3. Miss K- that is too funny! this is a fun tag, I like getting to know more about everyone I read on the regular!

  4. Thanks for the nomination Veronika! I too find myself worrying often but to calm myself, I usually just try to answer the question "What if?" and it sometimes helps me to see that the what if really isn't that bad.

    Happy New Years Eve!

  5. This is scary to read - you know why! OMG - soooo scary!!!


  6. I really think you should teach your kids Slovak! I'm Norwegian, but was born in Canada, and I really think that it's such an advantage to learn two (or more) languages from a young age.

    Anyway - I love following your blog. Have you seen People post their outfits there, some cool styles imo.

  7. morethanok- I really want to! I think it's good for kids to learn serveral languages and they pick them up so much easier when they are young (I know I did)

    I have seen that site and I love it! :) thanks for sharing :)

  8. hmmm...
    1. my husband is 7 years younger than i am.
    2. i love any show that has to do with the supernatural.
    3. i'd rather curl up with a good book than go out.
    4. i don't go anywhere without putting on mascara.
    5. i can cry at the drop of a hat - just give me a good commercial and i'm a puddle.
    6. i was in gymnastics for 13 years and i can still pull out a few tricks.
    7. i abhor dog hair, which doesn't explain how it's come to pass that we have two dogs and a house plagued by fur.

  9. robyn-
    I love reading over going out as well. I also cry during commercials. I did gymnastics for more than 9 years and also coached when I was in HS. I hate dog hair too- our dog doesn't shed!

  10. We have lots in common...I'm a huge worrier and I feel the same way about sushi (trendy) + the dorky tv shows. Is SB Lousville on for another season?

  11. cMe- i'm not sure if SB will be on for another season, but I have some of the cast members on mt FB so I'm sure I'll know if they announce it!

  12. One Tree Hill is one of my guilty pleasures as well. I actually really like sushi, I think it really depends on where you have it. I always tell people to start with the cooked stuff.

  13. So fun learning about you! I too know a thing or two about escaping Communism- my family and I left/abandoned Albania when I was 10 and spent some time in Canada as well! It's cool learning about other young ladies our age that went come from the same region of the world and have made a home here!


  14. That is really funny on the sushi. I actually love it. Already planned to go out tonight for it in fact! haha. I think its delicious and the sushi I eat is super healthy. Protein and little to no fat- can't go wrong in my book! Its the perfect healthy choice!

    When you said where you were born and gave that background, it was sort of like everything clicked into place - I can definitely see the Eastern European in you! and the spelling of your name - with the K - its a little more exotic - anyway it just made total sense.

  15. Oh and BTW Rock of Love is one of my guilty pleasures. I love that show!! I wonder if he will be back for another season or if it would just be total overkill. Come on, Bret Michael's doesn't want to settle down... hah.

  16. mrsHark- a lot of people say that I look Eastern European... I guess I don't see it as much. The name spelling is a dead giveaway though :)

  17. I saw this in my Etsy perusing today and thought of you...

  18. omg I am Czech!! ANd Your first fact sound just like how my mm escaped the country!! Great list

  19. kristen- cute! I loe Tiffany blue :)

    Amber- thanks :) I don't remember the escape, but it's crazy to think that we had to do that!

  20. I fully agree with your sushi assessment!

  21. I just stumbled on your blog through The Nest (CO Nestie here!)! Love, love, love it! You are gorgeous and remind me so much of Kelly Monaco. Looking forward to future posts!

  22. I am the same way as you when it comes to worrying! I always think of the worst possible thing and it becomes an issue when your mind starts to wander off in the wrong direction


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