A New Year: Make Better, Not Make-Over

Elle Magazine's January issue featured an entire section about "making better" (instead of the dreaded "making-over".)

I thought this was a really positive message- because after all, most women want to be true to who they are when making improvements, not made-over into someone they hardly recognize.

I admittedly got sucked-in by the ads promoting
Elle Magazine's new "Make Better" Workout DVD Collection (available on amazon.com)

EDIT: Umm... I just went to Elle.com and noticed you can get ALL THREE DVD's for $44.95 and I paid $29.99 for just one on Amazon.com (I'm going to return the Amazon one because I ordered all 3 instead- way better deal and now I'll have 3 different workouts.) I hate when stuff like this happens, but I wanted to warn my readers so you too can get the better deal! (Oddly, Elle Magazine promotes getting the DVD's on Amazon in their ads...wtf?)

Brooklyn Decker is one of my favorite models, so when I saw the previews online, I just had to buy the video. I purchased the "Elle Beauty Sculpt" DVD, because I like to learn new moves I can use at the gym. I also like having the option of working out at home for the days where I don't feel like leaving the house, but don't want to feel like a lazy slob!

I got the "Beauty Sculpt" DVD, pictured above- it should arrive by the 31st!

I will let you ladies know how good the videos are when I start them. I previewed Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred" today too, and that looks like a good workout as well.

For some strange reason, my superhuman memory fails me when it comes to workout moves (yet I strangely remember plot lines from old Babystitters Club and Sweet Valley High books I read in 7th grade). That's why I like to have videos- they remind me and teach me the right moves that actually get results.

I remember Jessica Simpson was supposed to come out with a workout video when she was all toned for her role in "Dukes of Hazard" and I was disappointed that it was never released (she seems to be gaining lately so I guess she stopped her super intense workouts anyways.) Luckily, she is one of those women that looks good at any weight.

Do you ever use workout videos, or do you prefer going to the gym? Personally, I like to switch it up and keep things fresh, so a combination of group classes at my gym, gym workouts, home workouts and pilates classes at a seperate studio work for me.

And, because I just can't imagine leaving this post without some more pictures of the gorgeous Brooklyn Decker...here you go!

isn't she just stunning? *sigh*

and...her body is pretty darn good fitness inspiration, don't you think?

I could post 20 more pictures...but this has already gotten out of hand!



P.S. who is YOUR fitness inspiration? actor, model, friend, family member? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I loveeed the babysitter's club and sweet valley high! So funny that you mention that. I have been going to the gym as of late but there was a time that I was all about the videos- the 30 day shred is awesome! If you like Jillian I also recommend No More Trouble Zones- good stuff!

  2. oh and my fitness inspiration is Jennifer Aniston in The Breakup- love her!

  3. katie- jennifer aniston has an amazing body! You are so right!

    I too was obsessed with all of those classic 90's books. I used to be a big book nerd!

  4. I love Jillian Michaels, but have never been able to stick with The Shred. It's a great workout, but I hate how repetitive it is....10 days of on workout is too monotonous for me, I need more variety. As far as body inspirations...I have so many.....Carrie Underwood, Jillian Michaels, Ashley Tisdale....I could go on all day.

    I can't wait to hear how the dvds are!


  5. Veronika! I just found your blog somehow (through The Nest, I think) and I'm obsessed! Your sense of fashion and all things beauty truly inspires me.

    I love Kim Kardashian's body... but I'll never have T&A like her. Jennifer Aniston is perfection. So toned and lean, gorgeous. I also love Katie Holmes on her recent Elle cover... Can we say hot?

    I have a question for you: I'm transitioning from the dreaded daily hairwashing to doing it every third day or so, but by the third my blowout looks icky. What's your general hair routine as far as like day one- washing, day two- wake up and straighten, day three... and so on. I'm curious what dry shampoo or products and techniques you use? My hair will thank you for it!!

  6. Ashley- thanks for the very sweet comments :)

    I always use a volumizing shampoo, and I use conditioner ONLY from the nape of my neck down to the ends, NEVER near the roots of my hair.

    I also use volumizing hair mousse before blow-drying.

    I blow-dry with a round brush and then set the top/crown parts of my hair into velcro rollers.

    On the second day, depending how I slept and if I worked out the night before, I'll either set just the front pieces in velcro rollers again to freshen up the shape, or I'll just run a flat iron over the kinky areas.

    On day 3, I sprinkle a little baby powder on my roots and use a flat iron to get out any kinks.

    I use a bunch of different shampoos right now including big sexy hair and Nioxin, but I am going to switch to pureology and L'oreal professional products.

  7. I think Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have great bodies. I like the lean and toned look.

  8. Ellen Barrett's videos are great! She has a couple of hour long workouts on All Star Workouts on FitTv. I find her motivating and not at all annoying and she really kicks my butt into gear.

  9. Isn't that Andy Roddick's wife? She's so gorgeous.
    I would love to have a membership to a gym- but I've had one before and it just hasn't been worth it. I've found a ton of workouts through T.V's On Demand channel- and they are awesome. It offers every type of workout (including Jillian Michael's, abs of steel, etc.) you could possibly want- and it's all part of the cable/DVR package we have.

  10. Leslie- she is indeed married to Andy Roddick.

    It's awesome that you are motivated enough to work out at home. I think if we had a separate room just for working out, it would be easier for me. I guess I like to have all of the equipment around. When we move into a larger home, I hope to have a room made into a home gym so I can work out at home and take pilates classes separately once a week.

  11. great inspiration! and btw- I love that jillian michael's dvd (and the other one that came out around the same time, forget the name, something about trouble zones perhaps??) both are so much more challenging, at least to me, than most videos out there, and I just find her so refreshingly healthy and real looking.


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