Massive Post-Christmas Haul: I Went a Little Overboard...BUT...

I saved so much money.

Even my husband remarked how proud he was of me as he as he lovingly carried my shopping bags (bless his heart.)

I hardly ever buy anything at full price. I wait and wait until my most coveted (and sometimes pricey) items are 40-50% off of their original price. Why, you ask? Because shopping is more fulfilling when you get a deal, of course! Plus, a "recessionista" still has to be stylish- but at a reduced cost.

Luckily, most retailers have recognized the dwindling economy's impact on consumer purchases, and has responded with sales like never before (up to 75% off at some stores!)

The one splurge I did make today was on Pureology's "Nanoworks" shampoo, so I'll just get that out of the way right now because I feel guilty even typing this. I really felt my hair needed a change, and I heard this is one of the best shampoos, so I am going to give it a try despite its alarming price tag. It's concentrated, so I won't have to use a lot...and because I'm an "every three days" washer, I don't use much anyways.

Ok, so here we go. Let's haul away!

Let's start with Ann Taylor. Today they had a 40% off of your entire purchase promotion, which is always tempting. I bought one item, a black, long-sleeved top with ruffles (surprise, surprise) on the neckline. The top was originally $70.00 (I would have never paid that for it) and it was on sale for $29.99 plus 40% off. Now that's more like it! As much as the top looks loose on the hanger, it fits quite nicely and conforms to the body. I don't really own many long-sleeved shirts, so this will be a nice addition to my closet for those chillier days.

I've been coveting J. Crew's
Victoria ruffle tissue cami for quite some time now, and I was delighted to find the color "light flamingo" on sale for $29.99 today. It was originally $39.50 and I was reluctant to buy it at that price. The other colors were not on sale, but luckily I fell in love with this pretty bright pink top (and some of my readers will be happy to see a pop of color in my wardrobe.)

*Sigh* those ruffles pretty much make my heart melt. For reference, I purchased a size small, but I also tried on the extra small and it fit nicely. Because it's cotton, I got the small for length and shrinkage.

Though the line was 15 people long at Express, I endured it to purchase this pretty cropped cardigan with lace detailing. I had admired this cardigan for the last couple of months, but never allowed myself to purchase it at it's regular $69.50 price tag. Today, it was 50% off. Vindication at it's finest! I love the three quarter sleeves and the unexpected feminine touch the lace gives to an otherwise simple cardigan. I acually own another Express cardgian that's all black, and I wear it all the time. The quality is great and they wash and dry wonderfully (and they don't shrink!)

Now, onto the massive part of the haul. I don't know if you've ever been to a store called "PH8," but if you haven't you should really give it a chance. I remember it opening several months ago and passing it by because, to be honest, the stuff in the window display looked really really tacky. My husband actually encouraged me to go in there today because everything in the store was 50% off (not sure if he regrets it now or not!)

Reluctantly, I entered the store, and an employee told me that they store is actually bebe's sports store, re-branded. Interesting. I found bebe's workout clothes to be too flashy for my tastes, but what I was seeing in this store was a bunch of great merchandise (some of which reminded me of things from my beloved Lulu Lemon, for half the price.)

I went on a wild rampage through the store, excitedly gathering workout tops, sports bras and jackets galore. I couldn't believe how many amazing things I found! The prices are on the higher end for workout wear...but at 50% off, the price was right for me!

Let's move on to the first item. If this looks familiar to you, it might be because Lulu Lemon used to make a front-closure V-Neck bra that looks idential to this one, only they discontinued it (to my shock and could they!?) I am happy to report that this bra is almost identical to the LuluLemon one, and costs less too. For reference, I bought a size small, which shocked me since I wear a 34D at Victoria's Secret. The size medium was too big around my ribcage and extra fabric was poking out at the sides. The sports bras fit large in this store, so go a size down from normal. This bra retails for $34.50 and I got it 50% off.

Another made-in-heaven bra is this black and white striped one I got:

Isn't is marvelous? It fits like a glove and looks amazing on. Again, I got a size small. I especially love the detailing on the back. Hello Unique! It will look so cute poking out of a yoga or pilates top. This bra retails for $ 29.00 and I got it for 50% off.

Now, onto this gorgeous workout top. Just look at it. So pretty and the pop of pink makes it fun too! I got this in a size large, because the medium fit awesome, but this one was a little longer and overall felt more comfy on, but I could have gone either way. Being 5'10, sometimes I get the larger size when there isn't a huge discrepancy to take into account shrinking and length. This top retails for $44.00 and I got it for 50% off.
My second top purchase was this simple black one with a zipper at the front. It fits nicely and has a pretty, but hard to see mesh/netting detail at the neckline. It retails for $49.00 and I got it for 50% off. It's a size medium.

I also got a pair of stretchy cotton pants there that I won't post a pic of because I couldn't for the life of me take a good one of them, but they retailed for $59.00 and I got them 50% off. I always have to be careful with cotton because of shrinking (they are they perfect length right now) so I'll always hang dry them. On a side note, I was really proud of myself for buying these pants, because they are a more fitted pant than I usually buy. I get self-conscious about my thighs in workout pants, but I guess I've been working hard lately because I thought I looked great in these (and trust me, I never ever say that about fitted stretchy pants.)

Ok, now onto the 2 awesome jackets I got. I would wear these on a colder day to run errands, and to and from the gym and pilates classes.

The first is a black zip-up jacket with a high collar. I fell in love with it when I tried it on. It doesn't look like much in the picture (kind of blah, to be honest) but on, it fits like a glove in all the right places. It's fitted at the waist and flares just slightly at the hips. The perfect coat. It retails for $98.00 and I got it for 50% off.

I also got a fun, thin, military-style zip-up jacket that my husband picked out (love him!) We were at the checkout and he mentioned I might like it. I quickly threw-on his choice, and loved it. It's just a really casual is was on sale for $19.99 PLUS and additional 50% off. I was sold. I can see myself wearing this jacket for sports, to the gym, on errands, with jeans etc. It is super thin, which is perfect for our Texas climate.

Again, doesn't look too special on the hanger, but fits very nicely. I got a size small in both jackets, by the way. Here's another closer-up shot:

So...I think I'm pretty much set for gym clothes for a long time! I'll admit it, I like to look cute at the gym. It motivates me more to have cute gym clothes that look nice on my body. Sure, I've gone to the gym in a baggy tee and sweatpants before, but a great outfit makes me want to work even harder!

Whilst at the Galleria, I paid a quick visit to Charlotte Russe, where I became immediately enamoured with this gorgeous top:

Need I say more? It pretty much combines all of my loves into one top: black and white, polka-dots and rosettes. It was $19.99 and not on sale...but I felt that was a fair price for this darling little top. I can already imagine it tucked neatly into a black pencil skirt with a pretty cardi overtop. Here's a close-up (
oh, and those gorgeous rosettes continue on the back of the top too-priceless!)

And, because I just can't seem to let a good deal pass me by at the checkout, I got this pretty charcoal nightie (on sale for $9.00). I sleep in these types of nighties every night, so I felt that was a fair price to pay.

My husband and I also stopped by one of those sungalsses mall kiosks (I k
now, I know) to buy some new sunnies for our vacation. I'll either lose or break at least one pair, so I always have to buy a few pairs to take on vacation so I'm not stuck making squinty eyes for the entire trip. Here are the ones I got:

I think the white ones will be a fun alternative to my usual black (gotta be mysterious y'all!)

These totally aren't new, but they were too cute not to share. I got them before Christmas from (but I believe Target sells them). I saw them on the blog The Look 4 Less. Juicy Couture makes a pricier version of them (like $70.00 pricey!), which was such a turn off (I mean, they are slippers!!!) The ones I got were about $12.99, if I recall correctly. So girly. Love.

Something else I wanted to share with you all are these absolutely adorable pins my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas (from Chico's of all places!)

She said they "reminded her of me." I'd say that's a very true assessment! I love them. They have a strong magnet to keep them on. I think they would look great on dresses, attached to a belt, a shirt etc. The possibilities are endless.

Some of you may have heard me ranting about Neutrogena discontinuing my beloved face wash- but I was able to find some at Ulta and Target. Ladies, if you love this face wash like I do, stock up now!

And (if you're still reading this longer than long post) I wanted to post a picture of the wonderful Flip cam my wonderful husband bought me for Christmas. I might make some videos for the blog. Would you be intrested in seeing some videos that go along with my blog posts? Let me know in the comments below.

As always, thank you so much for reading, and, if you've made it to this point, extra love for you!




  1. Big haul, and great deals! Gotta love that! BTW, I think you will love Pureology. I was a faithful user for about two years, but stopped because I just couldn't afford to buy it anymore. It's amazing though, I might just have to go buy a bottle for old times sake ;)

  2. Beautygirl- how fast were you going through the bottle? I imagine it will take me a few months considering I don't wash daily.

    I noticed the pureology volumizing formula is much less expensive, so I might try that after the nano works to save some money. This is the most expensive shampoo I've ever purchased, so I'm interested to see the results.

  3. I made it to the end!

    I also made out nicely at Ann Taylor yesterday and I thought about getting the J.Crew top, but it was too long and just didn't have the right fit on me. So cute though.

    and I used to use pureology, took at least 2.5-3 months to go through a bottle, I was using the blue bottle formula - forget the name.

  4. EHayes- I actually loved that the J. Crew top was longer because I can never find ones long enough, and when I tuck them into my skirts, they always pop out when I sit down (so frustrating! I think length doesn't matter if you are tucking it in, but if you leave it un-tucked, too long can be a problem for sure.

    Glad to see the pureology lasted you long :) I think every woman needs to try expensive shampoo at least once, right?

  5. fantastic haul!!

    that charlotte russe top looks so surprisingly un-charlotte russe like.

    and that pink j crew top- love it, have it in that color and the chatreusey/light olive shade as well.

  6. I wish we a PH8 store in Austin, may be they will expand. Our bebe sport closed a while back and I was hoping it will become a PH8, but it didn't. I guess I need to make it to Galleria one of these days.

  7. ooo I love the J Crew top (and everything else haha)! I am super jealous of all the goods you snagged at PH8- I am always on the lookout for cute, fun workout clothes! I don't think I have one of those stores located near me. I'll have to look into it!

  8. I loved reading this post, esp. how your husband was supportive and even helping you choose items! My hubby comes shopping with me too and is my quality control man! :)

  9. ashwini- he is definitely an awesome shopping partner. As long as he has something to drink (like a smoothie) he doesn't complain. He holds all of my bags and waits for me outside of the fitting rooms. More stores need to have couches for guys!

  10. we carry that shampoo at my work. It really is great.

  11. Just found your blog and love it! You have great taste and found some great deals!

  12. thanks so much Olivea :) I love the way your name is spelled, so unique!

  13. I got the same slippers from my little cousin on Xmas. They are comfy and cute!

  14. Great haul! You've totally inspired me to be a smarter shopper...I hate buying things full price only to see them on sale weeks later. I need to work on resisting the temptation to buy everything I like. Perhaps a 2010 goal...! Keep doing what you do :)

  15. trust me Anjali- shopping is that much more fun when you get more (for less) :)

  16. cute! I love the CR top. Seriously good job. hehe... was the galleria crazy-busy? Northpark was ok until around 1 pm, and then it was insanity. Good thing I went early. :)


  17. Justine- LOVE your blog! The Galleria was pretty busy, and some stores had super long lines but it wasn't awful.

    The worst is when an entire family of 7 people come to the mall and they walk in a line, blocking every single person from passing. They need to learn to layer their lines so people can pass on either about adults in the back, kids in the front?

  18. I love the CR tank! Is it on their Web site? I can't seem to find it...

    I just stumbled on your blog and will bookmark it!

  19. Teresa- it's probably not on the website. I'm actually wearing it today and I love it!

    You can become a follower of my blog by clicking the "follow" button on the upper right :)

    thanks for commenting!

    The CR shirt was right at the front center of the store when I bought it, FYI.

  20. loooove the pink ruffle slippers. how would one go about searching for them on amazon? what brand are they?

    thanks so much!

  21. try "the look 4 less" blog
    I think they are Target brand slippers


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