A Little Beauty Trick: Apply Airbrush Self-Tanner with a Makeup Sponge for a Flawless Face!

As I got out of the shower tonight after my workout, I noticed how pale my skin was. I hadn't self-tanned in a couple of weeks, and I was starting to look...sickly (at least that's how I feel when I don't have a least a hint of color to my skin.)

When I'm working out regularly, I like to self-tan, even through the fall and winter. It makes me feel like my results are more obvious when I have a little color to my skin, because a tan gives the illusion that you've dropped at least 5 lbs from your frame.

Though I hate the smell, waiting for it to dry and feeling sticky...I caved and broke out my Ulta Airbrush self tanner, which I followed by using L'oreal Sublime Bronze Gel (I like to layer formulas.)

Tomorrow, I'll wake up to lightly bronzed skin (yay!)

Marisa Miller's pretty bronzed skin at the VS Fashion Show 2009 after party

Now, what I really want to focus on in this post is self-tanning the face. The face can be tricky...go too dark, and it will be horribly obvious...go too light, and you won't notice a wash of color at all.

One more pic from this year's show...don't want to show too many spoilers- the ones in a previous post were from last year's show.

Tonight, I tried a new technique. Instead of using my Clarins SPF 6 tanning milk on my face like usual, I sprayed the Ulta Airbrush self tanner onto a round makeup sponge (the one that comes with MAC's Studio Fix) and then I applied it to my face using the sponge.

I was able to blend right into my hairline, ears and neck with ease and it distributed the color evenly. I just thought I'd share this technique because it really makes using an airbrush product easier (I hate spraying it directly onto my face- I never feel like it gives an even application because my eyes are closed, and breathing the fumes in is quite awful.)

So yeah, that's what I did tonight. I'm sitting here on my laptop, on our couch, and I can still smell it! It's like the self-tanning smell never dies. UGH!

Do you self tan in the fall and winter, or is it part of your summer routine only?
I guess because I live in Texas, I like to have a light tan even through the winter.

Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I don't think you appear sickly at all in the pictures you posted below! You look normal. And I'm sorry but in the first photo of Marisa, the self-tanner just doesn't look natural to me. It looks odd, like they didn't blend it in well enough in the chest area and her face has an orange tint to it. It's my opinion that some women go overboard in the self-tanner department and end up taking away from their beauty. Pale is the new tan; at least that's what I keep telling myself. It's better than looking like a carrot! LOL

  2. anon- I think she is so dark in that pic because they really bronze them up for the VS fashion show. She is not usually that tan. I agree her tan is very dark in those pics!

  3. V- I get so scared about applying the tanner myself. Maybe Ill just stick with spray tanning. And I agree with you, I feel like I look sick when I have no color. No matter how much pink blush I use on my cheeks, I still feel BLEH....basically like a pale person with pink cheeks. lol. Are you going to post pics of your new tan face?

  4. Tay- I can try to post pics, but it won't be until tomorrow, because I go to the gym after work and I definitey don't want to be posting pics of my face post-workout hehe!

    It just looks like a really light tam. I find it evens out my skintone too. You see less imprefections.

  5. I spray tanned when I was younger but I don't anymore as an adult. I've come to appreciate my very pale skin.. I was blessed with a nice complexion and clear skin and I feel most pretty when my skin is 'cream and roses' in coloring.. there's a rosy flush on my cheeks and a tint to my lips, but otherwise I'm porcelein pale.

    I definitely think for some people with the right coloration tanners are a great idea but I personally prefer to use highlighter and concealer to even out my skin and blend away problem areas. My beauty idols skin wise are Liv Tyler and Nicole Kidman if that says anything!

  6. I self tan all year long...being a red head I cant stand looking pale and I know it wasnt as god intended me to look but I just feel thinner and more "normal" with just a little bit of colour. No matter how I try or what product I use my face is always lighter than my body so I use bronzers too. I dont mind that its not a real tan its a million times safer than a tanning bed and from the sun! I say go for it self tanners are amazing!!!

  7. anon- it is definitely safer and much better for your skin! risking skin cancer is not worth a tan in any way, shape or form!

  8. Hi Ladies, I just saw this post - I worked on the fashion show last year, and with all of the products used on the models to prep them for both shows that day (yes there are two!), by the end of the day everyone had quite a bit of product layered on their skin. Using a makeup sponge to apply the face tanner gives you the most control without risking any streaking. If you're looking for something with a light feel, and packed with a glowing bronze, you can use a makeup sponge to apply our Spritzers. It's a one-ounce bottle of our airbrush product for sprays on the go. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about getting the most natural-looking tan with sprays or lotions...I love this blog! :)

    - Kona Katie


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