Countdown to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I read the Glamour Magazine Girls in the Beauty Department Blog on the daily, and today they had some backstage pics from the VS fashion show (it's being taped tonight, and will air Dec. 1st).
I know I've said it before, but this is my favorite fashion show of the year. I don't know if they can technically call it a fashion show, but they do, and that is OK with me!

Where do I start? I love the creative accessories, jewels and other costume-ish adornments they add to the lingerie. I love the angel wings and how they change every year to go with the themes in the show. I love the super-toned bodies, full voluminous hair, bronzed skin and shimmery eyes.

Please tell me that there are some of you out there who are as excited as I am every year for this show!?

Also- have you been following the VS model search? Who do you think will win? You can check out their boot camp videos here. It is actually quite amusing. Celeb personal trainer David Kirsch asks each of the girls to strip down to their bikinis prior to their workouts, and then asks them what they think they need to improve upon. One of the girls appeared to be fairly perplexed and I could totally see her saying"I don't really know, my body is pretty perfect," but she somehow managed to keep in her head. You can watch the boot camp videos here.

Yesterday evening, I took a Power Pilates class at Your Body Center and it was incredible and very challenging. I definitely plan to supplement my regular workouts with at least one tough class like that a week.

Tonight, I tried Hot Yoga at the same sutdio, and I will say this- it is extremely difficult. It is also very rewarding and cleansing. It is literally like detox. The room is 105 degrees and you do 90 minutes of yoga during the class. I believe there are 40 positions you go through.

Hot Yoga is the kind of class you just have to try once. I plan to continue to do it once in awhile. It is best described as grueling, but the more you do it, the better (and easier) it gets.

If you work out regularly at a gym, I 100% recommend taking supplemental classes either at your own gym (good) or at a studio that specializes in the type of workout you are after (even better!)

I find that the pilates classes offered at my gym are not as intense as the ones at the studio. They are good, but the ones at the studio focus on doing a full body workout and feature a larger variety of moves, IMO.

I also want to try the pilates classes that use the machines like the reformer and the proformer, but they are very pricey, so those will have to wait.

I hope you all had a great week, and HAPPY FRIDAY!




  1. I joined a new gym which offers a bunch of classes included in the monthly membership. All I do now is take these intense classes 3 days a week and add 1 regular gym workout. I feel like dying during the class but feel terrific afterwards (when I finally have caught my breath, haha).

    I agree that everyone should try these classes as they are a good challenge and keep your muscles guessing.

  2. So excited for the show! my sister and i go back and fourth calling each other every year while watching. Always amazing and fun to watch : )

  3. Heidi Klum is amazing--looking like that 6 weeks post baby. Gorgeous!

  4. Regarding Hot Yoga, if you go a few times in your 1st week, you'll notice a SIGNIFICANT difference. The change from the 1st class to the 2nd is crazy, but only if you do them a few days apart. I did Bikram 2-3x a week for 3 months leading up to my wedding. It really toned me up and just overall made me feel really good, where running and weights weren't cutting it. Not to mention it's a great mental break. Make sure you drink plenty of water before class and afterwards have some healthy sugars (oranges, apples) and a Emergen-C helps too.

    Keep it up, it's an amazing workout!

  5. These pics are gorgeous! I can't wait for the show!

  6. I just stumbled onto your blog and it's lovely! The VS fashion show always makes me feel like I need to go run. The girls always look A-MAZING! No, gym here in Smalltown, USA. Only a local YMCA. They offer two aerobics classes a day. That's it! And I miss both of them because I work full-time. Makes me miss college and the WONDERFUL facility we had there!

  7. i am so so excited for the fashion show. my besties and i are having a party on dec. 1, just for the show.

    Keep up with the hot yoga - it's amazing!

  8. My mom who is 50 does pilates on the reformer. She started several years ago, and she looks amazing. I swear, her body transformed when she started the pilates on the reformer! Its amazing. I take classes with her whenever I visit her - she foots the bill ;) By her, in South Florida, prices are fairly reasonable - still expensive, but nothing like it is out here in California. Out here they charge 80 dollars a sesson, its inSANE!

  9. My best friend who lives in Vegas is friends with a girl who may be the next VS Angel. She has been hinting to her but really isnt allowed to say...My friend seems to think it's a sure thing. The girl is really pretty though.

  10. I love the VS fashion show! I thought Adriana Lima (last pic) was pregnant though and due next month?!

  11. Janine- those are from years past. The new pics are avaialble online, but they weren't at the time of this posting! :)

  12. i love victoria secret store is the best stores ever


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