Coach Handbags: I May Have to Reconsider

Coach handbags- Love em' or hate em' everyone has an opinion.

I don't particularly like their fabric bags with the logo plastered all over them because one, everyone has them, and two, everyone and their mom has the fake/counterfeit versions.

I've always liked their leather bags with less logo action on them, and this year's holiday line really impressed the point where my entire view on the brand is changing (in a positive way).

I'll start with the LARGE ZEBRA HAIRCALF BROOKE bag. Sigh. It is gorgeous. At $1,400.00, it's no steal, but a girl can dream, right?

The bold print...the gold chain strap.... it is just completely priceless (and uh, apparently completely sold out too, says the Coach website.)

Then, there's the KRISTIN EMBOSSED EXOTICS ZIP TOP TOTE bag. Again, at $1,000, it's not really a "deal" but I've seen less attractive bags retail for more. This is from their business bags line, and it is a very roomy tote, perfect for the girl on the go!

Isn't it just lovely? The texture, color, and gold details look so expensive (well, I guess it is...but you know what I mean!)

Then, there's a little something most women can afford: this adorable POPPY LARGE WRISTLET that retails for $98.00. I absolutely loathe bringing a handbag when I go out, so a clutch or wristlet is the perfect way to stash my gloss, cell and digital camera while still looking chic.

Now, I must admit, I don't own even one Coach handbag. The problem is that the ones I can afford I don't like, and the ones I love I can't afford (or feel too guilty to buy!) I think one year, I'm just going to have to splurge on one of their bags that is classic, like the Kristin Embossed Tote above. I think when you invest in a pricier bag, it needs to transition through seasons.

I tend to use the same bag for fall/winter and spring/summer. I'm pretty loyal- I don't like to switch purses a lot, it's too much effort to transfer all of the contents. It comforts me to know that if I ever dared to spend a grand on a bag, at least I'd use it every single day, possibly for several years.

Do you like Coach bags? How many do you own? Which styles do you like best? Please let me know in the comments below!




  1. I am guilty of the Coach bags w/ the "c's" on them I actually have 4 plus 2 of the messanger style bags lmao However, recently I've been playing with color and textures and kinda getting over the brand thing. I love the 2nd bag you posted..,its drool-worthy

  2. iiris- I've got nothing against anyone who has a heavily-labeled authentic Coach bag, but they are just not for me, I guess. I prefer a more classic bag that goes with everything.

    Isn't the Kristin toe just gorgeous? I love that it's white too...perfect for spring/summer!

  3. I have 3 leather Coach bags (camel, brown, black). Honestly, I hardly ever carry them anymore. Recently I've been getting bags that retail for much less, but that have a little more to offer visually (ie. colored or textured clutches, bags with different sheens and straps). It's easier to play with different accessories when they're <$100 or so. The more I 'grow into' my style, the less I care about labels and the more I care about overall quality and design, which (luckily for me) often leads me to a more attractive price point. The bags you posted are gorgeous, though!!

  4. Stephie- I typically buy my bags at Aldo. I find they have comparable styles to some of the pricier stuff. I agree, I'd rather spend less on a bag that's got more to offer. Sometimes pricey bags are just that- pricey, and not much else. I think Coach has stepped up their game in their offerings, but the bags I love are still the priciest ones they sell :(

  5. I have a few that I haven't carried in years. They were from the very first patchwork line so I'm saving them for quite a few years and will sell them (I kept the original dustbags and receipts).

    I wouldn't use Coach as my splurge bag. Just save a bit more than they are asking and you can buy a smaller but basic Chanel or something else truly timeless. = ) The thing about Coach is that you can tell exactly which year it was made/sold by the style or material. Not so much with Chanel, YSL, etc.

  6. cMe- I think the Kristin bag is quite classic, compared to the rest of them. I see what you mean...the Poppy line, for example is more trendy. I think many of their leather bags like the plain Brooke bags are really classic as well. I think it all depends on the style.

  7. Funny you should post this. I am in the process of purging my Coach collection. I have several and I'm tired of all of them. I was really into Coach the last 3-4 years. Bought majority of them at Coach outlets. All leather bags, I was never into the logos. Anyway, they're so mainstream now they've lost luster for me.

  8. JCH- are you donating them or selling them? I think the problem is that almost ALL purses lose their appeal after carrying them for a season or two. You just get used to it, and what was once "the best purse ever" now sits in your closet, withering away.

  9. I'm not a fan of the coach logo bags, but the ones you posted are GORGEOUS! I just found your blog and love it.

  10. I'm also not a fan of coach bags with the logo plastered all over them, but I'm so in love the ones you just posted!

  11. In the UK, there is only 1 Coach shop (in an airport?!?!) so it's quite rare. I like the brand mainly because it's unique over here and have a coach wallet which has lasted so well. It's the logo kind but I love it!


  12. i love the clutch you posted. i need a new one and might have to invest soon. (right now i just have a basic black one that i use all the time.) i also still need a classic coach wallet to upgrade from my target one! i don't necessarily love the new coach logo but agree with you about the new designs, much more contemporary and modern. i have a classic dark brown/black/tan coach bag that was a $450 investment for life... it goes with brown and black outfits and has lasted several years without visible signs of wear and tear. long live coach!

  13. There was a time I loved Coach. And sometimes I still find a bag I really love. I own four bags, one suede, one leather and two logo. My logo bags are black and the logo is hardly noticeable. I honestly don't carry them much now. My heart will always belong to Volcom, and my two main black bags are "leather-like" by Volcom. They go with everything and were a mere $40 a pop.

  14. I love Coach for their wristlets and clutches, and I have at least 6 in all different colours (including a gorgeous purple one from last Spring I got for my birthday).

    I only have one purse, which is comparable to many other non-Coach purses. I am also wanting a nice leather one for Christmas and have been shopping around for a good one.

    What I love, however, is my Coach messenger/laptop bag. It's simple black, no logos or anything besides a little tag on the side, and very durable. I take so much stuff in it to and from work each day and it still is not worn or broken!


  15. I used to love Coach bags, but not so much anymore. I hate that they have jacked their prices up so much - its ridiculous, if I am going to buy a purse for anything over 500 dollars, its definitely not going to be a Coach purse! especially when we are talking in the thousand dollar range. Yeah right! There are a couple I bought that I still use, but they are/have always been plain leather, not logos.

    Right now I am really loving Rebecca Minkoff.


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