Black Friday Madness and Spin Class Awesomeness

Yesterday, after I awoke from my post-Black Friday shopping trip nap, I took a spin class at my gym for the first time. My bestie Candice told me it would be "hard, but worth it," and she was right.

The thing about spin class, is that it passes by so quickly. That hour is over in a flash. I also love the upbeat music they play. It's so motivating and keeps you pumped. Not to mention, before the class began, the instructor said "If you're lazy, and don't like to work hard, this is not the class for you." I loved him!

So here's the thing about spin ummm...lady area is sore. Yep, it actually feels bruised. They say you can buy a little gel seat cover to make it more comfy, and I may just have to invest. I'f you've ever done spin class, do you have any tips on making the seat more comfy?

I plan to take spin class at least once a week. You can't beat how many calories you burn, and it really breaks a sweat. You leave feeling like you really worked hard.

Now, onto my Black Friday shopping. I focused on swimwear, since we are going on vacation soon. I bought a super-cute bikini, beach bag and beach cover-up at Zingara Swimwear. They only have one location in the US, and it happens to be here in Houston (yay!) They have some of the prettiest/most unique swimwear I've seen, and I always know that not many other people will have the same suit, because it is unavailable elsewhere (unless you live in South America.)

The first suit I got is similar to the one above. Only the top I got is a triangle top, and it has 3 layers of ruffles, in all different prints. The suit's colors look brighter in person, and look amazing with a tan! The bottoms also have a cute little ruffle, but are cut super small in the back, which is why I've been working out so hard!

I also got this gorgeous animal print beach cover-up. It is silk, and sooo comfy and soft. It will look perfect over a bathing suit on the beach!

The wrap has a pull that cinches it at the waist, creating a beautiful sillouhette. I absolutely cannot wait to wear it on the beach! It's so chic! The last item I got was a bright purple beach bag. It is like a traditional beach bag made of that "wheat-like" material, but it is purple with an awesome tan leather handle. I was going to get a beige colored bag, but then I thought a brighter color would be more fun!

The only other item I bought after braving the blood-thirsty Black Friday crowds, was an incredible 3/4 sleeve black top with small white polka-dots from Club Monaco. Can I just say how much I adore that store? If I had unlimited funds, I would definitely buy a large portion of my clothes there, especially work and evening attire.

Speaking of blood-thirstyness, I just read the third Twilight installment, "Eclipse" on Thursday and Friday. It was that good. I just couldn't put it down.

Now, I want to read the fourth book to see what happens next. I may just start reading it today.

Did you brave the Black Friday frenzy? What did you buy? Leave me a comment below!

Hope everyone had a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Hi Veronika - I did a spin class yesterday too. I rarely go to spin, maybe twice a year? The thing is, it reallly hurts my bum. A lot. And, I don;t really know why, because I have plenty of extra padding. Anyways, as a result, I tend to try it every so often and then don't go back - I find I can't get the greatest workout b/c I am in pain for 50 of the 60 minutes. I would buy a gel seat - but I think I will just stick to my other classes - boot camp, ball-core and hot yoga. :)

    - boobytrap

  2. anon/boobytrap- I definitely need to get the gel seat...I actually feel completely bruised there. Very strange! I asked the instructor (jokingly) yesterday why they can send a man to the moon, but they can't invent a comfier bike seat? hehe.

    I actually wasn't in pain during the class, the pain came when I woke up this morning!

  3. V, love the suit and cover-up--so cute!
    About the soreness, the day after my first spin class I felt like I had been kicked repeatedly in the crotch, but it was only after that first time. I guess that area got used to it after that! LOL. I would go to a few more classes before deciding to get the gel seat or not. I didn't hurt at all after the first week. But yeah, the first day after is a rough one.
    Oh, and hell no I didn't go shopping yesterday ;)

  4. Salt- I will try it a few more times without the seat- I posted on H&F and they said the seat makes it worse?

    I do love spin THAT is a workout! It makes 30 mins on the elliptical seem like nothing, in comparison!

  5. My hybrid bike seat and spin class both do that to me when getting back into them after not riding for awhile. Like pp said, after a few go's it should get better, but they do make padded bike shorts (with padding in the 'seat' area). They are what serious cyclists wear, but I see a lot of people wearing them at spin class, too. You can always try those!

    Keep up the great posts, your blog is always entertaining :)

  6. I love spin class! The first class really hurt my "Britney" but I promise, it gets better. I don't remember it hurting at all after the first initial class. I don't think that the gel seat is necessary, you get used to it. Stick with it, you'll grow to absolutely love it! I spin twice a week and it's my favorite workout of all time.

  7. oh I love your finds...the cover up is really pretty you can throw on a cute hat or head piece and go to lunch.. very cute! No tips on the spinning class.. I kinda just took the pain it went away after a horrible pain..hope you find a solution

  8. I LOVE spinning, it will defintely get better after a couple of classes, you won't need a gel seat.

    PS I absolutely love your swimsuit!!!

  9. After you go a few times, it does not hurt AT ALL. Spin is great. Also, if you stand up a few times throughout the workout I find that really helps a lot.
    ps-I love your blog :)

  10. thanks so much ladies for all of your reassurances and tips about spinning. I will just let this discomfort fade and take another class this week :)

  11. Glad you enjoyed it. I teach spinning and can honestly say, just give it time. Once you perfect your seated position and get used to it, it won't bother you anymore. The gel seats are actually not very comfortable and can lead to more bum pain.

    -Cassie (Nestie usernametaken)

  12. I go to Spinning regularly and bought a seat cover that is extremely padded and comfortable at Target. It was $18 and well worth it!!


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