Tressy Thursday: An Interview with my Hair Guru

Ladies, I am SO excited about this post, I can't even begin to write the words! This interview speaks for itself. My wonderful hair stylist and colorist agreed to share his best tips and tricks with us, and I am so thrilled that he did! He works at Cutloose Hair Salon in Houston, TX. If you live in this area, he is definitely worth a visit. He is the only colorist ever in my life that was able to color my naturally light/medium brown locks into a color that was so blended and natural, that I only have to get my roots done every 4-6 months! You can call 713.520.7401 to make an appointment.
David, my bestie Candice and I at Hotel Zaza

I hope you ladies enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Name, Age, Occupation:
David Tran, 30, stylist/colorist and extension specialist

You've been a stylist and colorist for more than 10 years, what service do you like to do better, and why?
I've been doing hair for almost ten and a half years which is hard to believe. I honestly can't say I prefer one service over the other because I enjoy creating the total package from head to toe-- which is why I like to be involved in every aspect. Control freak? Maybe, but I think it's important that the cut, color (and extensions) go hand in hand because you want all the pieces of the puzzle to fit seamlessly.

What are the best ways a client can communicate to you what they want in a color or style?
Pictures work very well because sometimes clients can have a hard time articulating what it is they want. "Colored" Red heads for instance can vary greatly depending on the tone whether it's a true copper tone , a rich mahogony red brown, a bright punk influenced candy apple red, or just a warm brown with red undertones. Pertaining to up dos for an event, pictures work awesomely to get an idea of whether the style should be sleek and formal or loose and romantic.

Have you ever had a client who demanded a color or style you totally didn't think would work for her? what did you do?
Yes! Recently I had to turn away a potentially new client and told her that I didn't think i was the stylist for her. We were going through our consultation and I could sense her hesitation as she requested that I cut her hair with a #4 guard and clippers. She didn't understand how I could cut hair with cutting shears as she was used to a "pro cuts" style haircut. Now I'm not knocking pro cuts. They are skilled hairdressers but just because they are doesn't mean they will be the best for you. Same with me. I am trained by various schools but if we aren't communicating on the same level--I may not be the hairdresser for you.

It's always a good idea to set up a consultation with a stylist if you're doing an overhaul to communicate any fears you have. Another tip--never make a dramatic change before your wedding, switch stylists before your wedding, or cut off your hair while you're pregnant. But in the end, your stylist knows you best and can adapt your style based on what you want. That's why its important to find a stylist who you can connect with and knows technically and creatively how to create your own unique style.

You work with Bumble & Bumble products. Which products from the line do you think are essentials for a woman who likes to have healthy, bouncy hair?
The Damage Therapy line works wonders for color treated hair. It will keep it soft, silky, and luxurious. As far as styling products--the trinity is as follow: Prep or Tonic first, Thickening Spray, with a bit of Styling Balm on the ends. Of course the products will change based on the look that you're trying to achieve and the season but those are my go to products day in and day out.

What trends are you seeing in color right now that you love?
ROOTS and slightly lighter ends. diffusion of colors, reflective brunettes. Anything shiny and not too matte and one dimensional.

What trends in cuts/style techniques are you loving right now?

I love a strong fringe or what Texans call "bangs" (although not everyone can pull it off) and I am loving messy up-dos and I always love retro/period dos as well

Name 5 celebrities who you think have the best hair, and tell us why.

Charlize Theron because of her simple and elegant red carpet style, Drew Barrymore for her willingness to try different colors, styles and textures. I hate to say her because I was sick of doing her bob, but Victoria Beckham because of her chopping her hair off to a pixie then growing it out so gracefully. Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs because only she can pull off that black mop hair do. My last pick would probably be Julianne Moore because of her beautiful copper hair. It's stunning.
What is the craziest hair request you have ever gotten?
A mullet!

What are your favorite magazines for hair inspiration?
W, In Style, Hairdressers Journal

What is the biggest mistake women make when it comes to caring for their hair?
Heat styling without any products or heat protectors. Pulling your hair back in a tight pony tail while it's wet.

How can a woman achieve the best blowout ever? What tools, products and techniques do you recommend?
I love ionic dryers, and it's always best to use the nozzle of the dryer if you have one. It helps to direct the air to eliminate any frizz. I think a good ceramic flat iron is always good for touch ups on second day hair if applicable and a good ceramic 1" to 1 1/2" curling iron is wonderful if you have mid length to longer hair to create some loose waves and texture. Oh--and headbands are great too for hiding roots, dirty hair, or to double as the perfect accessory!

What are the most damaging things a woman can do to her hair?
Wash, dry and flat iron EVERY DAY and not getting it trimmed regularly.

What do you like best about your job?

Seeing the smirk on a client's face when they love their hair. I love making people look and feel better about themselves!

Thanks so much for answering my questions for everyone, David! <3 you! Ladies, if you have any questions for David, please leave them in the comments below, and I will ask David to answer them for you! He is the expert!

Thank you SO much for reading...I noticed I am at 93 followers, wow, I feel so excited and amazed at that. I wanted to do a contest when I reached 100 followers, so please watch out for that. Thank you for all that you contribute!



  1. wow!! your blog is so awesome, so diversatile! thank you for updating as much as you do! it leaves something to look forward to :) great tips David

  2. Veronika, the tips are great! But now I want a David in my area!!! Where can I find one? ;)

  3. Thanks for the interview and for all the great tips! I just found your blog and I'll definitely be reading along!

  4. Great blog, first!! But I have a question for David - I do blowdry and straight iron my hair EVERY day - but I get more than regular trims (have the posh angled bob) I'm looking for something new to do to my hair, love the cut but its just sooo boring day after day same straight blah blah...suggestions?
    Might I add - i'm NO good at styling so it'd have to be something somewhat simple :) thanks


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