Maja Part Two: Fashion, Style & Beauty

As promised, I am going to post the second portion of gorgeous Maja's interview. This part focuses more on fashion and product faves. Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions for Maja, leave them in the comments below!

Who is your beauty/fashion inspiration and why?
I Definitely have my flavors of the month in this department (especially as I flip through the current Vogue mag), but if I had to name one above all, it would have to be Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Her elegance, class & sophistication is something I definitely admire.

She is the definition of “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” She was a woman who paved the way for CLASSIC fashion trends. She wore her clothes and never let them wear her, which is a very important thing that some women nowadays forget.

She knew which body features she wanted to accentuate, and where her flaws were (not that she had many). I respect that she never left the house (or I bet she never even left her bedroom) without perfectly coiffed hair, and dressed to a ‘T.’ She always exuded femininity, which is something to be revered.

As for my more current role models, I am a dedicated-diehard-Victoria’s Secret aficionado. My favorites are probably, Doutzen Kroes, Izabel Goulart, Marisa Miller and Adriana Lima. Popular for her Sports Illustrated spreads, I also LOVE Irina Shayk. She’s so exotic and unique. I love her bold features…and of course, I totally use all these girls as motivation for the days I am not feeling up to going to the gym!

Where do you love to shop for clothing? Describe your personal sense of style:
My personal style is very simple and classic with small accents. I find I am definitely not a trendy person who has each season’s “must haves”. I am just naturally attracted to the classic look. When I look in my closet, its mostly Black. I love Black! My bridesmaids dresses were even black which caused much discomfort with the old school relatives : )

I have a hard time finding clothes that fit me because of my body type. I have very long legs and very short torso! My inseam is 36” so it sucks that the standard is 32”! Also, my first place to gain weight and LAST place to lose it are in my thighs and bum. So – Finding pants or skirts that will fit my bigger legs AND small waist is difficult!

My job requires me to be in suits most of the time or at least at that level of business attire. For that, my hot spot shops are:

Holt Renfrew (for the staple items)
Club Monaco
Forever 21
(The last 3 are very hit and miss for me)

For those in the corporate world, I strongly believe there are a few items that you CAN’T forgo quality on. Save your money and get to a top shop for a few of the essential, indispensable items!

*1 pair of great fitting black pants
*1 pencil skirt

I personally love ‘THEORY’- Their philosophy for creating their line is on par with what my style is.

I am possibly one of the girliest girls I know, so whenever I have the opportunity to get dressed up, I LOVE it! I rarely shop for a specific occasion - I feel like I can never find anything when I am looking for it. So – to remedy that, whenever I come across a great gown or dress, I buy it! For dress shopping, my first go to place has always successfully been BCBG or Holt Renfrew. The most important thing for me is to ensure I am dressed appropriately for the occasion.

For instance, when we go to weddings, I’d never wear the same thing for the day time as I would for evening. My typical choice for the day, would be the perfect little black dress – usually ¾ length, fitted, with a great pump. Whereas for evenings, I’d like to step it up a notch. If the newlyweds were family, I’d probably go in a gown and if they are friends, I’d play it down a bit.

I love jeans, but only wear them when I’m lounging around at Starbucks, movies or shopping. I may have possibly tried on EVERY SINGLE Brand of jeans made in the world and am a die hard Rock and Republic fan! I also like Guess Jeans for my skinny’s.

What are some of your can't live without em' clothing items?

A GREAT Skirt Suit (not a pants fan too much)
Pair of Jeans that reallllllly fit YOU!
little black dress
A good bra!
A pair of lululemon crop pants

What are your top 5-10 favorite makeup products?

Christian Dior ‘FOREVER’ Extreme wear flawless makeup with SPF 25
A good set of brushes
Liquid Eyeliner*
Dark Eyeshadow
Light Eyeshadow
BLUSH! – the color varies for me. In Winter, when I am more pale, I like the Raspberry tone on my olive complexion, but in summer, I like a nice Coral tint.

*I never leave the house without eyeliner and mascara, I am usually light with the rest of my makeup

What are your top 5 hair products?
1. A good Shampoo and Conditioner. I am obsessed with the Rene Furterer Line – but they are so expensive that I do not use it day to day.

2. Leave-In Conditioner for my super long hair. After applying a few sprays, I can comb through it with no knots! If I do not use it, it literally takes me 10 min to comb through it in pain

3. Hairspray! Saying that sounds SO 80’s, but I LOVE hairspray! I use TRESemm√© Tres two extra hold hair spray. It’s a water free formula, so its not sticky and virtually eliminates frizz, even if its raining!

4. My curling iron – I have stick straight hair, but love a little wave in it that I can achieve with my curling iron. Do not cheap out on this item either. I good iron will be better for your hair health as opposed to a regular Conair or something. I use this ONE.

5. An accessory; barrette; diamond bobby pic to pin back my shorter layers, headband, clip

What are your best beauty tips and/or secrets that you'd like to share with my readers?

Since I have super long hair, it tends to be….flat to say the least. It’s too heavy to ever keep volume…unless I do this little trick:

After blow drying my hair upside down, I lift half of my hair and rest it from the roots on a barrel brush. Hair spray the roots and then blow dry it. I repeats this with the upper 1/4 layer of hair, then again with the top 1/8 section of hair, always taking a crown portion from temple to temple.

I always try to have my nails perfectly polished! As weird as it may sound, hands are the first thing I look at on people because it says so much about them! I’m not talking, run out and get a manicure every other day, but have a good exfoliator, moisturizer, and polish on hand!
I think taking time for yourself is another factor to your overall well being. If you’re in a perpetual state of stress, it is SO detrimental to your overall well being and health.

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of?
I am very proud of two things:
First: My lifestyle.
Second: Obviously my degree in Biomed with a minor in Physics (which has nothing to do with my current line of work, but I am still proud of having earned that).


  1. Your friend is very beautiful and intelligent! I am curious as to how she landed the job with a completely different degree! That is awesome!

  2. Hey Jenn - (its Maja) thanks so much for the uber compliment!

    I had taken a year off from school to study for MCATS/buy some time to decide if thats even what I wanted to DO! haha. Probably a little late in the game to start REALLY thinking of my future but... ;). Science/Math was just something I was good at & not something I loved. Subsequently, I just so happen to be in the right place at the right time and found an opportunity that was too good to give up. 3 years & many promotions later, I am still here and love it (although the workload could be more polite somedays).

    So to that, I leave one message & its to have NO FEAR and listen to your gut. Its never ever too late in the game to make a life change even if its in the total opposite direction from what you thought you wanted :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Maja: How do you find the time to fit everything in each day like working out, looking beautiful etc...

  4. Ally- I know this question wasn't directed towards me, but I think a lot of it has to do with just making everything part of your routine without excuses.

    For example, in the mornings, I am not the kind of person that wakes up and lingers around and has coffee and reads the paper. I get up, shower, put some makeup on, fix my hair, get dressed and go to work. I make sure I use my morning time towards putting myself together so I feel good for the rest of the day.

    I think most people would be surprised just how little time it takes to incorporate little beauty routines into your daily life.

    For example, I keep eye cream and cuticle cream in my nightstand drawer, and everynight while laying in bed I apply them. I also have the exact same "day time" makeup routine, and I'm totally condifent I could do it with my eyes closed and can do it really quickly if I need to!

    Something else that helps- bring your gym bag to work with you, change for the gym at work, and get in your car and go! I never end up going if I go home first.

    Hope this helps and I am sure Maja will have some tips too.

    ps: beauty is definitely on the inside, so being a nice, caring person gives people beauty they don't even have to work for!

  5. Maja -
    What shampoo and conditioner do you use daily ?
    Also what leave in conditioner do you use?

    You have such shiny hair !!!

  6. Thanks Veronika, I appreciate those tips. I agree too, it only takes a little bit of time to look presentable, if in a hurry. I will have to make more of an effort to wake up before class instead of pressing snooze lol :)

  7. Hi Girls is Maja!!

    Sorry for the delay!

    Ally - echoing Veronika, its all about routine and planning!! I am literally OBSESSED with my agenda and calendar. I never used to be until I realized that prioritization goes right out the window if you don't. I used to always pick the 'fun' things to do as opposed to the tasks I needed to get done (i.e homework when i was in school). BEWARE, this may cause some major frustrations with your family/friends at first when they call on you last minute to 'hang out', and you decline because you have an essay to write and get to the gym (for an example). This will last until they realize that you are starting to put yourself FIRST!!

    I also realized how much MORE I got done in one day when I had them all in my calendar. It forces you to leave the mall when you plan to; its a stress reliever; and helps you prioritize when things pop up because you can see everything you had planned in one shot.

    Some good tips that stand out in my mind and am religious with:

    - I never ever hit snooze

    - Get a planner or PDA that you'll actually use. Don't buy a Big book because it'll be too hard to lug around with you everywhere. My BlackBerry is glued to my hand most of the time.

    - I pre-pack my daily lunch and snacks the night before which cuts time in the morning and forces me to eat healthy

    - I pre-pack my gym bag with 2 days worth of clothing and have it in the car so I can reduce the time between that and wherever I am coming from

    - I cook about 5 days worth of food on the weekend so I don't have to do it every night (HUGE time saver)

    - I rarely ever divert outside of my agenda unless something urgent comes up.

    *Hope this helps :)*


    To Anonymous:

    I KNOW its bad to wash as often as I do, but I wash my hair every other day. I idolize people that can go for longer because its much healthier, but I just can't. I have insanely bad days when its a bad hair day haha.

    That being said: I use these as my main shampoo/conditioners:
    I use AG Protect for colour treated hair. I know its only available in Canadian salons, so an alternative brand available in the U.S is 'Joice - K-PAK Reconstruct' Its a deep penetrating reconstructor for damaged hair.

    *Nota Bene* DO NOT get these at a salon because they'll be so expensive. I always find them on sale at Trade Secrets or the Beauty Supply Outlet stores. They're about $35 - $40/bottle in salons and $18 - $19/bottle in the outlets. This is for the jumbo size (I go through a lot of it)

    When I am feeling fancy or like I need a GOOD clean rinse I LOVE Rene Furterer. It is a french line, but VERY expensive so that's why I only use it on occasion. It really rinses your hair squeaky clean spotless from all detergents and products. its not too 'sudsy' which is a good sign because the more suds, the more detergents in it. It's called: "Rene Furterer OKARA PROTECT COLOR PROTECTIVE RADIANCE SHAMPOO (for color treated hair)". It comes in a very small bottle for about $35

    I use its sister conditioner

    For my leave in conditioner, I use "Rene Furterer Okara +80 Color Protection 2 Phase Leave In Protective Conditioner", small bottle for about $30, but lasts a long time as you only need a few squirts in the knotted areas.

    I hope hope hope this helps and let me know if I missed anything...also sorry, for the novel long response guys, I always start off thinking it will be a quickie, and end up writing too much : )



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