Going Rouge

No, I am not talking about Sarah Palin's new book, which is actually titled "Going Rogue," I am talking about the trend in Hollywood where blondes and brunettes are going rouge- red, that is. It also seems that natural red-heads are hotter than ever!

I've always loved red hair. There is something so rare and beautiful about it. My one stipulation is this: I only like shades of red that can occur in nature. Fire-engine reds or obviously fake looking red tones definitely do not appeal to me.

I sometimes wish I was brave enough to go rouge myself. I don't think I have the skin tone (or guts) to do it, but I have this fantasy of going to a wig store and just giving some red locks a whirl- just for fun! I think my obviously brown eyebrows would clash a bit, but it would all be in good fun.

The first red-haired beauty I'd like to discuss is the gorgeous Ashlee Simpson, who seems to have the skin tone to carry off every hair color from black, brown, golden and bleach blonde. I have to admit, her new red shade did take some getting used to for me (and shocker- I didn't even like it at first!) but now, I can't imagine her without it. I love how edgy, yet soft it looks on her. She is lucky to have the coloring to pull off so many shades, I am definitely envious of her ability to rock so many looks.

Then, there is Lindsay Lohan. I know, I know, she is not in a good place right now...but when she was in her prime, I coveted her gorgeous red hair. She also seems to be one of those girls that can pull off every haircolor- from rich raven to bleach blonde (which she is right now). However, I love her hair best in the varrying shades of red she's had in the past.

Joanna Garcia, previously a teen mom on the show "Reba," and more recently seen in the sadly cancelled "Priviledged" (*tear) and even more recently on "Gossip Girl" (love) used to be blonde and I almost didn't recognize her when she debuted her red locks on "Privileged." The color is perfection for her skin tone, and made her more appealing to me (and it seems to have helped her career too!)
One of my favorite natural redheads is the stunning Isla Fisher. What can I say? She is perfection! Her gorgeous, thick, long red hair always looks healthy and shiny and well, just simply stunning.
Now, I don't watch "Mad Men" (gasp!) but my husband told me about one of the gorgeous cast members from this show, Christina Hendricks. The voluptuous star has a gorgeous bright red color, and she has the confidence to carry it off too!

So, what do you think of the red-hair trend? Do you think it will last? Who are your favorite Hollywood red heads (I also want to give honorable mentioned to Debra Messing and Marcia Cross.)

Have you ever gone red- if so, did you love it? If you haven't would you have the guts to do it?

Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a great night (or day, if you are reading this tomorrow!).



  1. Isla Fisher is my fave. She is so cute! Its hard to imagine her with any other hair colour but I think she could seriously pull it off. I'd actually like to see how she'd look as a blonde! Ive gone red with a sort of purple undertone. It didnt look natural but it looked gorgeous if I do say so myself. Strangers were actually coming up to me to comment on my hot locks!

  2. I forgot to add that the problem with going rouge is that it fades VERY quickly. If anyone can throw in some tips on how to make it last without going orange (yuck), that would be much appreciated. Thats actually why Im not rouge right now!

  3. anon- my best friend recently went strawberry blonde, and she uses a color-depositing shampoo for red hair. It is from Italy and she got it at a Beauty First chain store here in Texas. She said you have to wear gloves to apply it (it is really strong and really deposits color) but her hair is noticeably brighter and has a more red tone after she uses it! I will try to find out what it is called for you.

  4. More recently, I love Scarlet Johansson's new red locks. Simply gorgeous. I also think Amy
    Adams is very pretty.

  5. I'm red and have been doing so for well over 6 years. I have done every shade of red and back. I love it and don't see myself straying from it. As for color fade, it's an issue, but I just started using Bumble and Bumble's color shampoo and conditioner for reds. I love it and it has changed my hair's life.

  6. Oh, I love love LOVE red hair. I went from a light brown to a beautiful russet red last fall. LOVED it! I didn't think it would look good with my pinkish complexion. But oh my! It did. The only reason I didn't keep it is because the color wouldn't stick. I ended up needing it recolored every 3 weeks and that was so damaging.

    Plus, too many mornings of washing my hair in cold water (helps preserve the color) or trying to skip shampoo (not possible with my gym schedule). My stylist warned me that it's more maintenance than blonde. I tried the Aveda Color Depositing S/C but it looked orangy-fake with my shade.

    I'm resigned to admiring it on other people. But your post is tempting me to go back! lol

  7. Amy Adams is a great example as well-I know that Scarlett Johanson, as someone mentioned previously and Ali Larter recently went red as well. Looks like it is here to stay...at least for now!

  8. I love red hair! Someday I will get brave enough to at least try an auburn shade! I think Isla Fisher is definitely my favorite redhead, but I also love the beautiful Angie Everhart! Her red hair is perfection!


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