A Cardio Tip and my Love for Marisa Miller

Today is a good day. I've finally discovered a way in which I can power-through more than 20 minutes of cardio. E! News. I was on the elliptical today working away when I noticed the TV several machines down was about to air E! News. I looked for an opportunity to take over a "prime real estate" elliptical machine near that TV and as soon as someone got off of that machine I made a bee-line over to it, and it was smooth (cardio) sailing for the duration of my workout (which, I proudly want to say was about 45 mins of cardio, which is very rare for me.)

I literally am able to almost completely tune-out the fact that I am doing cardio when I am watching E! News. I plug my headphones in, and I'm just taken away to the world of tabloids for a sweet 30 minutes (a whole hour if I watch "The Daily 10" too!). From Nicole Richie's new baby, to Britney finding love, there is always a bountiful amount of juicy celeb buzz on E!

Anyways, to get to the point of this post, while I listened intently to the lastest Hollywood gossip, I saw a segment for the new $3 Million Victoria's Secret Holiday Fantasy bra...modeled by Marisa Miller. Sigh. It was like a commercial for an abdominal workout system. Double sigh.

Those who know me, know that I absolutely adore her. The long beachy hair, the perfectly toned body...her signature sultry smokey eyes, nude lips and glow-y skin...and those legs, those incredibly long, toned and tan legs. Clearly, I have a girl-crush.

Gorgeous, glowing skin
The long, bouncy, volume-tastic hair

Among the many reasons I love her is the fact that she is upfront about her workout and eating habits. She admits she works hard for her body, and that she ocassionaly has a sweet treat or slice of pizza. I think some celebrities' publicists must tell them to tell every reporter they "eat clean, all of the time," because I am always pleasantly surprised to find a celebrity who says "I EAT CARBS AND CANDY!" out loud.

Marisa Miller has the exact body I want. I mean literally, if I could choose a body I would want hers (there may be a few others in the running, but hers is so much more realistic). If I could have her muscle tone and still have a nice bum and boobs, and some curves here and there I would be one happy lady!

I think Marisa is one of the less super skinny VS models, which makes her appealing to a wider audience (though, I have to say it, I think most of those models appeal to a wide audience). I just think she has this natural, California sunshine kindof beauty with a little hint of Southern Belle. I am almost certain her hair isn't all natural (as in, she wears extensions at times- who doesn't!?) but it is gorgeous nevertheless.

For anyone interested, click
here for a summary of her workout plan.

Do you love Marisa Miller? Do you get as excited as I do for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, or is it just me?

Who is your favorite model (VS or otherwise) and why? Leave me a comment below!



  1. Hey Veronika! Its Maja (Man I really need to make an account on here). She is hands down my fav Vic Secret model! I used to Love Adriana Lima more, but she is new improved Fave! I would die to have her body!!!! So yes - def my fav VS model!

  2. Beautiful blog, I'm a new subscriber. Miranda Kerr is my fav for catalog work, she and I have a similar frame I won't even look at a bathing suit she doesn't model because some of them are made for the chestier or curvier models.

  3. Thanks for subscribing, Carolina! I agree- Miranda is absolutely gorgeous- I am currently in love with this suit that she models, but it is back ordered until December!


  4. hey love marissa miller she is awesome.. do you know what makeup she uses or her skincare routine?Love your blog. I look forward to updates on your blog:)

  5. Your obsession with a Victoria's Secret model is kind of creepy.

  6. Amy- I am not sure what makeup she uses or what her skincare routine is like- but here are some articles I found online about her makeup:



  7. She is very pretty and obviously takes care of her body, however, her sun-damaged skin and bolt on breasts are a turn off for me. I was suprised to learn that she is only 29.

  8. anon- Her breasts are real, according to many sources. I think they are real, based on how different they look in different swimsuits and clothes.

    I don't think she looks older than her age, but again that's JMO :) She definitely has been in the sun a lot, but I am sure with her model's salary she will be able to afford the best skin treatments money can buy!

  9. I just discovered your blog through The Chloe Conspiracy blog and I just love it! I totally agree about Marissa Miller, I countdown for the SI Swimsuit edition just to check out the hair/makeup/swimsuits!
    She does have the absolute perfect everything...oh to daydream...instead I live in my 5' 2" body. Hah!


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