A Bright Idea: I Saw the Light

We have a windowless bathroom in our master bedroom. It has a nice big shower and we each have our own sinks...but what has always been lacking in that room is light. Achieving a good makeup application requires great lighting- and if you have natural sunlight, that's even better.

Every makeup artist who has ever done my makeup has sat me in front of a window with lots of natural sunlight coming in. Sure, it shows every flaw and imperfection- but for a flawless makeup application, those are exactly the things you need to see!

I never noticed just how dark it was in there until we came home from walking our dog one day, and I turned on the lights in our bathroom and it felt...really really dim in there. It was literally so dark that I wondered how I ever did my makeup in there at all (and more importantly, how it's possible that my makeup didn't look absolutely treacherous).

We have recessed lighting, so it can be tough to get brighter lights, but I was on a mission! I told my husband to get the brightest bulbs they make and he did (and they are energy efficient to boot!).

This morning, I applied my makeup for the first time in the fabulous new lighting, and it was so shockingly bright I actually had to turn one of them off (there are 3).
I am slowly getting used to seeing more imperfections than ever before, but seeing the light definitely feels great.

In more exciting news: my Sigma brush set arrived today, and I absolutely cannot wait to use the brushes. I will review them after I've had a little time to "play" with them more.

Where do you apply your makeup in the mornings? What is your lighting like? Please let me know in the comments below!




  1. I literally laughed out loud at your "saw the light" picture. :) That's very exciting! I know you were just talking about that in your organization post, the lack of lighting, that is. I mentioned it that, but I'll mention it again. I do my make-up in our downstairs powder room as it is right next to french doors and in our kitchen.

  2. For anyone that wants the brightest indoor bulbs..according to lowes:

    Bright Effects "bright white"

  3. My lighting is HORRID...I know this when I get outside in my car, say, and see my makeup in teh sunglight and am borderline embarrassed. I NEED new lighting too thanks for reminding me


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