Olivia Palermo from "The City" Hair & Makeup Inspiration

I've admired Olivia Palermo since the first season of "The City" for her great sense of style, gorgeous hair and flawless makeup. Polished is the best word I can use to describe her. My jaw dropped at the gorgeousness of the outfit she wore when she first went to the Elle magazine offices on last night's season 2 premiere- stunning. Sporting sun-kissed locks this season, she continues to have hair I think a lot of women wish they had. I'd love to know how she styles it- it has just the right amount of volume, toussle and bounce to it. The curls are defined, but not fussy. I also wonder if she has extensions, since her hair seems too good to be true (especially after going lighter, which typically causes damage). Someone told me the other day that my makeup reminds them of the way Olivia wears hers. While I certainly don't think I look even close to as polished as she does, I realized that we do wear makeup in a similar way. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to her "look." She seems to line her eyes with dark brown liner (like I do- I use MAC fluidline gel liner in "Dipdown") and she always has bronzed skin with pink blush on her cheeks and soft, pink lips. I love certain celebritiy makeup looks because they remind me of the colors I like to use and the looks I try to achieve. I even used a gorgeous photo of Hayden Panitierre that I ripped out of a celebrity weekly to show my wedding makeup artist, and she replicated the look for me (the one below is smilar to, but not the exact photo I used).
Kate Beckinsale's makeup always impresses me. She looks so fresh and her skin always glows, even when she is not super tan. She also seems to be a fan of the dark brown liner and pink, glossy lips. Then then of course, there is my beloved Cheryl Cole, who's makeup (and hair) I covet so much that I am determined to somehow find out which products she uses. I may have to hit up some British tabloids at the bookstore...after all, there must be a UK equivilant of "US Weekly." Rachel Bilson's makeup always looks perfect- and I read somewhere that she usually does it herself! I notice she tends to stick to a more classic look- black or brown lined eyes, soft cheek color and pink lips. Which celebrity's makeup do you always find yourself admiring? I can think of so many more examples, including Rachel McAdams- always stunning no matter how her makeup is done. Leave me a comment and let me know who's makeup style you covet most- and who's reminds you the most of how you do your own makeup.




  1. One of the best things you can do for your hair is to stop blow drying and wash sparingly. Many salons are now telling their clients, the longer their hair, the less they should wash it because the natural oils are then stripped. The oils your hair produces are there for a reason.

    Second, to get that adorable curled/wavy look Olivia has - first off the hair needs to be in good condition. Lay off washing it every day and try to go washing it from every day to every other day. I'm up to washing mine once every 5 days. And totally lay off blow drying. I started blow drying mine on a regular basis after I got a cute cut from a salon. It only took 3 weeks for it to start feeling like straw and disgusting. It then took about that long to get it healthy again - with the help of those protein infusing healing masks from Sally's of course.

    If your hair is in fine condition, here's what you do: after showering, towel dry hair. When slightly damp, run mousse through. When completely dry, straighten. Put large rollers (like 2 inches) in the top of your hair. In the meantime do your makeup. Take a 1.25 inch curling iron and curl all the hair not in rollers. Immediately after, spray with a "crunchy" hair spray. By crunchy I mean the kind that's rock hard (like Redken 25 is my fave). The hairspray that you can "run your hands through" feels good, but usually isn't very good for much else other than spraying your roots to get a little lift without making it look wet. Then remove the large rollers and curl those sections as well. Once those are curled you'll see everything come together - every time I've curled my hair (which is not very often cuz so much work goes into it!) I've gotten asked "What hairspray do you use? What curlng iron do you use??" lol and that was when I worked at Ulta!

  2. Annette- thanks for the great advice! living in Texas, it would be hard to wait 5 days between washings, but I could definitely try to wait 4 if I am not working out. I am going to try and stop blow drying my hair...but I find it takes super long to dry naturally...do you just sleep on it? I am going to try this the next time I wash my hair so that I can test out your method :) thanks for posting and glad to see you blogging!

  3. Yeah that's exactly what I do - usually wash at night and sleep in it and by the time I wake it's dry!

    Also, if your hair is prone to being greasy what you can do is put baby powder in it and brush through, it absorbs the grease right away!!

  4. Cheryl Cole uses the following products:
    1. Mac face & Body foundation
    2. Melba Mac Blush
    3. Sisley eyeliner
    4. Mac lipglass in 'underage'

  5. I have very greasy hair and have to wash it every day and it will not in culey so do you know any thing that will help and do you know any really good culers but not too pricey!!

  6. kat--you need any dry shampoo and a curling iron that gets hot---i like the "Hot Tools" brand


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