Beautiful Brunettes!

My hair (color, particularly) has been in a state of change since I was old enough to learn about the orange-hair-inducing "Sun-In" (note: I know better now).

From brown with blonde highlights and red lowlights, to dark brown, to almost black to golden blonde to almost platinum, my hair has been through quite the "tress stress."

I loved the brightness that came with being blonde, but the maintenance (and cost!) was so not my style.

Then, I went dark a-la-Adrianna Lima, and what works for her, unfortunately didn't work for me.

I finally came to my senses and decided to attempt to go back to a (somewhat) natural state. I headed to a new salon with a photo of Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio's gorgeous sun-kissed locks and asked that my drab, dark hair be transformed into a mane of superfine, very blended blondeish highlights with a warm medium brown as a base. Perfection.

Now, I maintain my hair by getting a touch up of highs and lows every 4 to 6 months. Yes, you read that right. My colorist is so geninus, and blends the color so seamlessly, that I can get away with months upon months of roots that are hardly noticeable.

The secret is that he uses the natural color in my roots as my "in between" color, adds tiny highlights and then hand-paints on some brown lowlights for a bit of brightness (randomly). Eventually, it all fades and blends into something that looks fairly natural.

With that in mind, here are some of my favorite A-List brunettes:

Cheryl Cole

Kate Beckinsale

SI Model Yesica Toscanini

VS Model Alessandra Ambrosio

Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Cheryl Cole (a bit darker here)

Jennifer Garner

And, there are many more. I think I could probably do an entire blog just about Cheryl Cole's hair and makeup (always stunning). Which Hollywood brunettes inspire your color? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I also go to Cutloose! I see Stephanie and Chad, but I know David. I love everyone who works there, and I agree...I can also go forever between colors, cuts and eyebrow waxes. They are just that good!

  2. When I went from blonde to brunette, Rachel McAdams was my inspiration.

  3. I am always in love with Cheryl Cole's look in general! Gorgeous!

  4. There's a gorgeous color by Natural Instincts called "Egyptian Plum" which works magic on my olive skin. Unfortunately not too many celebs do this hair color. The Natural Instincts line always leaves my hair SUPER soft and gorgeous, and if I'm not a fan it fades into a beautiful brown with some dimension of red in the light. Plus not that harsh difference between the dye and my natural outgrowth!

  5. And TOTALLY forgot my most favorite color EVER - Loreal Feria's #36 "Chocolate Cherry" as seen on designer Jim Mullin's gf Emy Cracra:

    STUNNING! Especially when straightened - a great color for fall/winter. It suits "winters" best (people with naturally dark hair and eyes, and who look good in black and jewel toned clothing - blue-based reds, navy blue, pine green, if you want to know more about this you can go here:
    A good way to judge this is by the clothing section - pick the clothes that best look good on you and the rest of the descriptions match up pretty closely)

    One bad thing about burgundy hair - bronzer bronzer bronzer!! - the intense, unnatural color can look alienish so to balance it out, lots of browns must be used. I'll do some brownish-grey eyeshadows, bronzer, and pale pink lips with this hair color.

    Geez why do my comments end up being so long? Lol maybe I should start my own blog...

  6. so I also decided to go back towards a more natural colour, which first meant I had to figure out what colour my hair really is. Turns out that I wasn't as blonde as I thought I was and it's sort of a goldy light brown's been growing out un-dyed for about a year now. I've been avoiding my flat iron at all costs in an attempt to get it healthy enough to start putting some lo lights and a few highlights, I have crazy fine hair and not much of it unfortunately so it takes extra care :)


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