Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Accessories Picks

Norstrom's Half Yearly Sale is finally on and today I'm sharing my favorite accessories picks!  Accessories can be one of the most fun and inexpensive way to update your look. Check out my picks below.
Hope your week is going great!


Simple White Dress

This dress has been in my closet since last Spring and I find myself drawn to it as soon as the hot and humid temperatures hit Houston. It's so light and airy and most of all, comfortable. I will say it's not the most ideal dress to wear on a super windy day, but it's perfect for those super hot and sticky spring/summer days.
 dress- gap (three very similar styles from this season- 1, 2, 3)  |  shoes- nordstrom (on sale for 33% off and I also love this year's style- they're nearly identical to the ones I'm wearing)  |  necklace- dolceave, ℅  |  earrings- kendra scott 
(I'm 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow!)

I hope you're having a great week so far!


A Spotted Dress

Last Friday, I wore this new dress to work and I absolutely adore it! LOFT has been carrying some amazing dresses lately and this is definitely one of them!

I ended up pairing it with a navy blazer, Kendra Scott earrings and a rose gold bar necklace from Bip & Bop shop. The outfit wasn't complete without nude sandals--- my current favorites!

I'm also rocking a 17-week bump here, but as you can see, this dress is totally accomodating to that. I purchased a size up from my usual and I think I'll be able to get a few more months of wear out of this.
dress  |   earrings  |  necklace  |  shoes
If you follow me on IG, you may have seen a shot of this gorgeous iPhone wallet that I got from Gigi New York at the RS Conference. It has my initials on it in gold and I love the nude/peachy color. I love their clutches and bags too. Particularly love this one in the magenta and island green colors! 
I also recently added a rose gold band from Sweet Olive Jewelry to my ring stack. I had one there before, but it was a cheapie and it soon began to discolor. This one is plated so it should last a long time. I love mixing and matching different bands together. I really think it creates a unique and special look to select each ring and have them be mis-matched. I have found so many affordable options on Etsy with lab created diamonds too--- like this band and this one from a shop called TigerGemstones, so you can definitely get this look for less,

Hope y'all have a great week!


Our Weekend...

I've started to think about baby boy's future nursery and how we might decorate it (and maybe I even started a secret Pinterest board of baby boy nurseries when I was five weeks pregnant…you know. maybe...) And in doing so, it has forced me to think about the "big girl bed." I was kind of hoping to keep Harper in her crib until she was about three or so. She loves it and sleeps so well in there, plus, she changes positions so much, it feels secure to have her contained (and, thank heavens, she has not attempted to climb out yet, even though oddly enough she loves to climb all other things).

When we bought Harper's crib, I bought it with a second baby in mind, too. It's neutral and can fit well with any nursery theme/color pattern. Since baby boy will sleep in our room for the first few months just like Harper did, it looks like by the time we'll be ready to transition to the crib, Harper may be ready for a big girl bed anyway (by the way, we plan to go straight to a full bed versus a toddler bed). It makes me kind of emotional to think of transitioning away from that last "baby" thing, but I'm also excited and have tons of ideas for her big girl room.

We visited RH Baby & Child on Saturday to check out some light fixtures I had seen online and also to see if there were any big girl beds we liked. I love RH furniture, but some of the little girl rooms look a little more grown up and sophisticated than the look I'm going for which is more bright, whimsical and colorful, so I'm looking at other options too (here's my inspiration board for Harper's room). She can have a sophisticated room when she's a teenager!

Harper loved it there and even had a little tea party in the back of the store that they have set up just for little ones. I think she had more fun than we did. When she saw the wooden horse she yelped with delight "I wanna ride the horsey!"
Then we headed over to Crate & Barrel just for fun and she pulled out a chair, sat at a desk and declared "I'm working" and pretended to type. When we told her that it was time to go she said "I busy mommy." Maybe she's building a strong work ethic? Ha.
We ate lunch at Escalantes (their shrimp tacos were on point) and Harper surprisingly enjoyed the salsa which was moderately spicy. She actually ate it both with and without chips with pure delight.
After lunch we visited Pottery Barn Kids where this little one became attached to a cash register and collected money in a tea cup.  She also kept declaring "it's mine" with a confused face whenever she saw something she owned. Explaining to an almost two year old that the "neigh neigh" and stroller were indeed the ones she has, but not hers...
Today we had a play date with Amanda, Ben and Cami and the girls had fun making tea, putting on necklaces, coloring and causing chaos. We ended up packing up a lot of toys Harper doesn't play with a ton to give our play area a little more breathing room.
And before I go, I'll share a few recent additions to Harper's closet and bow collection! I realized this weekend that I still had so many bow headbands that Harper won't wear as headbands, so I got out my glue gun and some double pronged clips I got on amazon and made all of her bows into clips so she can wear them again. Yay!

I also got these bows in the mail Saturday from the shop Free Babes and oh my goodness they are too cute for words. They have this sweet almost vintage vibe to them and I absolutely love them on Harper.
Before I get into more purchases, I would be remiss not to tell you about the beautiful pink dress I linked last week--- it's on sale for 50% off (use code SECRET50)! Seriously go buy it now, it's gorgeous!

I forgot to share a few items I picked up for Harper at Target and Baby Gap recently--- how cute?!

I also picked up these adorable palm-print shorts for myself! They're so soft and comfy for sleeping or around the house.


Hope y'all had a great weekend! 

Before I go, I would love to hear your crib-to-big girl/big boy bed transition stories! Share them in the comments below :)
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