Austin Retreat

Happy (almost) Friday! I've had a little bit of a crazy work week that also involved a quick trip to Austin for our annual team retreat, so I thought I'd share a few snaps.

Though we had two cold and rainy days in Austin, the trip was productive and we even squeezed in a little fun, starting our day with a scavenger hunt via Watson Adventures.

The seven of us split up into two teams and walked around the city finding all of the clues and the extra challenges were to take certain photos like "two heads popping out of something" and "ordering or eating food in a strange way." The fun is all in seeing how each team came up with their photo ideas. I snapped most of the photos so I'm just in a few of the 10 or so we had to complete.
We tried to spell out "y'all"…and it didn't work out quite how we envisioned…but…FREE HUGS! Seriously, there are people who stood outside all day offering free hugs. #onlyinaustin.
We stayed at the Hotel San Jose. I wish it had been warmer because they had a really cool heated pool.
You can't tell in the above photo, but in our welcome buckets there was a box of Sarah's Kale Chips and they are UNBELIEVABLE. Like, I'm literally eating them as I type this at 8:30 at night unbelievable.  

Wednesday night we went out for pizza (I forget what the restaurant was called but it was busy and the food was delicious) followed by a visit to Amy's Ice Creams. I got the Mexican vanilla with extra cookie dough. Highly recommended.
This morning, we had our meeting where we review our goals for the year and discuss new ideas, strategies, etc. It was great…and yummy!

Until next time...

Recent Purchases...

Hello and happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a round-up of recent purchases.

I mentioned in my weekend post that we went to Anthropologie and we picked up another long-legged bird to add to our collection. Meet Olivia the Ostrich. She's fluffy, long-necked and super cute.
Harper's obsession with puppies has reached epic levels and so of course when she picked out a book, she selected Gaston. It's a super-cute story. I also picked up this candle and a cute place mat
While shopping Sunday, I popped into Lululemon. I had a gift card from LAST Christmas and hadn't yet spent it (???) I picked up this lilac Breezy Tank. I love the straps and the color.
 Here it is, on:
Lately I've been obsessed with dalmatian print. I saw these curtains and these walls on Pinterest recently and knew I had to add some of this print to our home.
So I purchased these pillows from ElemenOPillows on Etsy and they are amazing!  The fabric is a very nice quality and they add a great pop of pattern to our bedroom.
So I admittedly got a little carried away and also ordered two smaller pillows in the same print for our couch as well. It's just such an easy print to mix and match with other neutrals or even bright colors and prints like florals.

I fell so in love with the print that I also ordered this crib sheet for Harper after seeing it in this nursery on Pinterest. It seems this crib sheet is popular now because I also saw that Jessica got it for her little one!
(paci party in Harper's room)

So, I think it's safe to say we're good for now on dalmatian print. If we ever move, I'm seriously considering painting or wall papering a small powder room with the print…kind of like this one, in Jessica's house (we actually graduated from the same corporate communications program, her home is beautiful---check out her blog here).
Moving on to more purchases--- I've never shopped at Crazy 8 before, but I found this cute dress there and picked it up for Harps!
 At Old Navy, I picked up some leggings (hearts + stripes) and this HELLO LOVE tunic.
Lastly, I picked up these PJ's from Baby Gap for 40% off.
One more thing I wanted to share is this sweet calendar my co-worker and friend Lindsey got me for our holiday gift exchange. Each month is a different color palette, it's so cute! I'm going to use it at my desk.
 Hope you have a great week!

Our Weekend...

It was finally (after two weeks of cold, rainy and gloomy weather) warm and sunny this weekend and we took advantage of that and spent a ton of time outdoors. One major bonus of living in Houston is our mild winters. Enjoying time outdoors sans snowsuit in January is pretty awesome.

Outside time + toddlers = happiness and nice long naps.

There's this great park near our house that's always packed and has lots of different play areas plus a stationary train. We recently learned that a park even closer to our home is being completely renovated, and I can't see what they come up with because park time is also a great way to meet other families in our area!
harper's top- baby gap (dress version- so adorable!)  |  leggings- h&m  |  boots- baby gap outlet (similar)

When we weren't outside, we relaxed, read, had our faces squished, and gave Lulu lots of love…
Today Harps and me made a quick trip to Michael's to pick up some Valentine supplies and then we met Megan and Olivia at City Centre and had lunch at Ruggles Green. Harper came with presents in hand- My Little Ponies and Frozen necklaces, of course.
 My salad was delicious and Harper very much enjoyed her grilled cheese and fruit.
City Centre has this great outdoor area of AstroTurf and the girls were able to play in the sun after lunch. Some nice little boys lent them a ball and they loved chasing after it. Note to self- keep ball in car.

There was also a yoga class going on while we were there which was pretty cool. 
harper's dress- old navy (on sale!)  |  tights- old navy (love these with little hearts on the knees!)  |  shoes- baby gap
After playing, we did a little shopping at Anthropologie. I'll share some of my purchases in my next post--- but how gorgeous is this stuff?!
We also picked up Olivia the Ostrich to our growing collection of long-legged birds. They're best friends already!
Harper took a nap when we got back from our lunch and shopping trip (three whole hours! hallelujah!) and then we took our well-rested gal to the park for some fun.

Now I'm sitting here, relaxing while I mentally prepare for a long week at work. Sundays are always so awful for me. I can never sleep until super late and my mind is just running 100 miles a minute. Does that ever happen to y'all? 

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!
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