28 Week Bumpdate- Baby #2!

I had an ultrasound scheduled for my 28th week of pregnancy to check on my placenta due to my previous complication, so I thought today would be a good day to share a pregnancy update!

Little did I know that on the way to that ultrasound I would be involved in a car accident. First of all--- thank you for all of the sweet comments on IG from you ladies. Y'all's words of support mean a lot. Secondly and most importantly--- both baby and me are OK and I am so grateful for that. It could have been so much worse and I realize how very lucky we are.

I left the house early this morning because my ultrasound was scheduled for 8:30 so Kevin was going to drop Harper off at daycare--- what a divine intervention that was.

I was driving in the leftmost lane of the road. It's a lane where you can either turn left or continue to go straight. I literally drive this route daily and have never had an issue. The driver in the lane to my right made an illegal left turn (you can only make a left turn from the lane I was in) and that caused a collision since I continued to go straight (he was found fully at fault). I was in such shock/distraught that it happened but I was also thankful that it happened right as the light turned green so that the impact wasn't at a higher speed. The driver of the other car didn't have a driver's license which is so frustrating, but it is what it is. We are okay and that's what matters today.

I called the police and Kevin met me at the scene of the accident. After giving my statement to the officer and calling my insurance company, I still had 30 minutes to get to the hospital since they were able to push my appointment up an hour. I switched cars with Kevin since mine had to go straight to the repair shop due to the damage it sustained and headed to the med center.

After my ultrasound at the MFM clinic, my OB ended up admitting me to the assessment center at the hospital as a precaution to get four hours of fetal monitoring plus my Rhogam injection since I'm RH negative. It was nice to have the extra reassurance that baby was doing well. The happy ending to this entire story is that baby boy is looking great and that my placenta looks good too so I won't need additional monitoring for the duration of my pregnancy.
Baby boy stats:
He is measuring at 3 lbs even, in the 78th percentile. I'm a little worried he will be even bigger than Harper was…

I also learned today that baby boy is breech…which I'll admit freaked me out a tiny bit even though I know there is still plenty of time for him to turn. Harper was transverse for most of my pregnancy but she did flip head down eventually. I did do some inversion techniques but I can't attribute them to her turning, because who really knows. Either way, looks like I'm going to be doing some more inversions over the next few weeks to see if we can get baby boy to move out of his comfy little spot he seems to have found. If you've had any luck with your breech baby turning, let me know in the comments!
(he has an upturned little nose, just like Harper!)

Pregnancy health:
The MFM doctor told me that this time around, they will perform an ultrasound after the baby is born to ensure there is no placental adherence like last time. I'm really happy with this plan and feel like it will help calm my nerves.

Total weight gain:
I have gained a little over 20 lbs so far. The weight packed on so much faster/at a different rate than my first pregnancy. I hadn't gained much in first trimester and then I seemingly had a growth spurt and gained an extra 10 lbs or so in a month and then it slowed down again. I have had numerous people tell me that you gain more weight with a boy (probably an old wive's tale) and others tell me that their weight gain evened out and ended up being similar to what they gained with their first baby. Only time will tell!

Maternity clothes? 
Oh yes. God bless maternity pants. I'm still wearing mostly non-maternity tops, but they are basically like loose tunics, so they could totally be maternity tops. I'm also still able to wear some regular dresses, but I'm mostly doing loose tops with skinny pants.
Stretch marks? 
No and I've been lazy this time around with slathering cream on every night. I'm going with the cross your fingers and hope for the best method.

The rib pain is back in full force. I had rib discomfort with Harper too and it sucks. Thank God for Gap's racerback bras because they're the only way I can function/breathe. I've tried going up a band size in regular bras and no, it still hurts too much. So soft and stretchy it is.

Other than that I have had some mild lower back discomfort especially if I sit too long and just general minor pulling and stretching pains as baby grows. 

I'm not sure if it's the heat and humidity of summer or just being pregnant for the second time, but it seems like all of the uncomfortable symptoms happen a little sooner than with baby #1.

I sleep fairly well. Once in awhile I'll have a night or two where I'm having trouble getting or staying asleep, but I can't complain.

Miss Anything? 
Sleeping on my stomach, not having to microwave deli meat, drinking copious amounts of coffee, not peeing every 30 minutes.

Baby boy has a pretty routine movement pattern. I feel him here and there throughout the day and then quite a bit in the evening/at night. Baby kicks are wonderful. I definitely feel a little difference in his kicks versus Harper's too, but it may just be the position he's in!

Food cravings:
Sandwiches, cookie dough ice cream, butterfingers, salads with lots of fruit, grilled shrimp.

Anything making you queasy or sick:
If I have too big of a meal.

Belly Button in or out? 
I honestly don't even think it looks like a bellybutton anymore. Just a blob of protruding skin with four holes in it. Oh how I regret the piercings.

Wedding rings on or off? 
On, but on really hot days, they're tight.

Looking forward to: 
My glucose test next weekjust kidding!  I'm looking forward to a fun family weekend and a good checkup next week with my OB. I'm also looking forward to my car being fixed so I can drive it again.
Harper is getting pretty excited about her baby brother. I can't wait to see what they'll be like as they grow up together.

Thanks for reading!

Summer Poolside Essentials + Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

We're officially in the thick of summer and that means blazing hot temperatures and lots of sunshine. We love going to the pool and splash pad as a family, so I thought I would share what I pack in our pool/beach bag as well as some of things we do at the pool to protect our skin from the insane UV rays.

I hate over-packing so I try to keep things pretty simple while still bringing all we need. Some things I like to pack include (and not all of these things are shown in the photo below): sun hats, sunglasses, sunscreen (we love honest, badger and babyganics), Larabars for a snack, Harper's water baby, extra swim and regular diapers plus wipes, water bottles, SPF chapstick and of course, towels.
If you've read my blog for awhile, then you know I'm kind of a freak about sun protection. I'm considered high-risk for skin cancer due to my tanning bed use in high school and college (still regretting those days) and the fact that Harper has red hair and super fair skin makes me extra cautious as well. That's why I always bring multiple forms of sunscreen with us to the pool or beach--- I find that an initial generous covering in lotion is best, followed by re-application via the spray (spraying onto hands first as the instructions read). Then, after we eat lunch, I will re-apply with lotion again so it has the time to seep into the skin before we go out into the water again. The Environmental Working Group has a great list of highly-rated sunscreens that you can check out here

I also have Harper wear a rash guard, hat and sunglasses. I would love to put her in a darling little swim suit, but I know would be too paranoid about exposing her skin and missing a spot of sunscreen, so the high-SPF rash guards are my go-to. I typically have her in long sleeves, but sometimes on cloudier days she will wear a short-sleeved one. My favorite rash guards are from baby gap, j.crew and carter's. The one she is wearing in these photos is from old navy.

Harper has always been sensitive to the sun and actually asks for her hat and sunglasses now. Her eyes, just like mine, are extremely sensitive to the sun so she wears her sunglasses happily. People ask me all the time how I get her to keep them on… and the answer is truthfully that if the sun is bright, she prefers to wear them (just like I do!)  I realize not all babies and toddlers will wear hats and sunglasses, but we started her off with them at a very young age so perhaps she just got used to them. 

She has also always seen Kevin and I wear sunglasses (and in many cases hats) when we are out in the sun and kids always want to be like their parents, right? (haha). Head and eye protection are definitely an essential part of any trip we take to the pool or beach. I find a lot of cute sunglasses at baby gap and we also love our tried and true babiators.

Harper absolutely loves to play at the splash pad so we spend a lot of our time there burning energy (which almost always means at 3 hour + nap will follow!)

I hope you enjoyed my pool essentials post and I would love to know if you have any pool-time essentials/sun protection tips for yourself or your kids I may not have thought of. Leave a comment below!

Beautiful Summer Styles from GoldenTote

 Happy Tuesday!

There are a lot of subscription boxes/services out there--- from clothes, makeup, jewelry, skincare and fitness/nutrition. 

I've only tried a few out myself, but I was intrigued when GoldenTote contacted me because you actually get to choose two of the items in your tote which appealed to me right away. It meant that I would be sure to love the two items I was sent and I would still get the surprise factor of a bunch of other items that were mine to keep (the surprise is part of the fun!)

I filled out my style profile online and of course in addition to things like my sizes and general style preferences, I mentioned that I was nearly in my third trimester of pregnancy.

I was pretty impressed with the fact that everything I was sent actually fit me! They definitely sent me pieces that work with a growing belly.

First I'll share the two dresses I picked out myself--- a beautiful white tunic with crochet/lace detail (also comes in a beautiful bright coral color) and a striped tunic with a high neckline. 

The white tunic is a beautiful, well-made piece that's perfect for summer. It's a nice cotton material and it's lined too, which is essential if you're going to wear it as a dress. On my 5'10 frame with a pregnant belly, I can't get away with wearing it as a dress other than to the beach or pool, but if you're shorter than me and not hugely pregnant, it would be a perfect little boho-chic dress for spring and summer. 

I also styled it with black skinny maternity pants so y'all could see how it looks as a tunic. I also think it would pair well with denim boyfriend shorts and distressed skinny jeans!
dress- goldentote  |  necklace  |  earrings  |  sunglasses

The second dress I picked out as part of my tote is a black and white striped swingy tunic. It's actually a dress, but again, it's pretty short on me so I also styled it with pants so you could see how it works as a top.
I was very happy with this piece as well! It's simple, versatile and can be worn as both a dress in the summer and as a top if you're tall or expecting.

The other pieces I was sent include a few tops and one dress. These are the surprise pieces that come as part of your tote and are based on your style profile and sizes, so no worries about inconsistencies there. All of the items I was sent are a size medium.

This blue top is cute, though I wish it were a bit longer. I will have to save this one for post-baby as it's getting quite snug on my bump. But I like the color and style of the shirt!
 This flutter-sleeve tunic was made for pregnancy. Plenty of room in the bust and belly area and it has a little bit of an open back which is a nice touch. The top is also lined, aside from the sleeves and has a fun paisley print.
 This bicycle print dress gave me some pause when I first saw it. I didn't initially have a positive reaction to it, but when I tried it on, I thought it was pretty cute and whimsical. Not something I can wear to work, but nice on a hot summer day with some flat sandals and a big hat.
 Lastly, I was sent this loose top (which again, could totally be a dress if you're about 5'2-5'5) and I wore it to a birthday party last Saturday. It's super comfy, has a little stretch to it and the print is fun and bold. It's not normally something I would pick out for myself in terms of the pattern, but I actually really liked it once I put it on. I would also LOVE this top in some solid colors to get me through the rest of my pregnancy.
Overall, this was a really fun service to try out and I especially like that it's a mix of pick-your-own and surprise items. I think the surprise element of subscription services is what's so fun about that box showing up at your door, but since I'm picky, I also enjoy getting to pick out a few items myself that I know I'll love right off the bat.

GoldenTote has three pricing options--- a $49 tote where you pick one item and get one item as a surprise (comes out to about $26 per item and you can add more items as a reduced cost if there's something you really must have); a $99 surprise tote, where you get four items but don't pick any out yourself and a $149 tote where you pick two items you love (the option I chose) and the rest are a surprise (5-6 items total). At about $26 per piece, you're looking at about 50% off of retail prices.

Here are some of my current favorites from their offerings:
If you're interested in testing out this subscription service, you can sign up for GoldenTote here!

FTC disclaimer: I was gifted a tote from GoldenTote. I was not additionally compensated and these are my honest thoughts after experiencing the brand.

Our Weekend...


I hope y'all had a great weekend! It's a bagillion degrees here right now and I will fully admit that getting through the summer with a pregnant belly and 20 extra lbs of weight on your frame isn't as fun as it looks (no, really).

My ribs have been hurting again (they did the last time too) and I'm uncomfortable pretty much daily. It started much earlier this time around, just like everyone told me it would. Nevertheless, I'm thankful for this sweet babe, but please can it just get a little cooler outside?
 (taken at 26 weeks wearing this top…I'll be 28 weeks on Wednesday…eeekk!)

Harper has been quite the sweetie lately. She will suddenly say "I need hugs" or "I need cuddles" and I'm always more than happy to oblige.
 Speaking of being sweet, Harper got a super sweet delivery on Friday of a beautiful romper from Shop Stork. How precious are those three little ice cream cones? 

Shop Stork has generously offered a 20% off code for my readers too--- just enter VERONIKASBLUSHING at checkout through July 31st! It's also free shipping in the U.S. (yay!)
 They also sent some super cute items for baby boy -- a Beau Loves onesie and KiraKids leggings. Love all of the online shops I'm seeing carrying fun, trendy and different boy clothes!
Harper wore her new romper and a LouLou & Company bow headband to her friend Margot's second birthday party on Saturday. It was so much fun and my friend did an amazing job hand-making the decor. It was the sweetest little fiesta theme.

Saturday night I celebrated Candice's birthday with friends. A group of us had dinner at SaltAir Seafood Kitchen and they brought out a massive cotton candy dessert with a sparkler after we ate our meals. Yes please!
Today we enjoyed a train-themed birthday party at Little Gym celebrating Harper's friend Tyler (Happy second birthday little guy!) and then after nap time we all hung out with Candice and went out for dinner together. Harper had a blast exploring Candice's house and playing with her wooden tea set.
 And before I go, I'll remind you that Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale is nearly ending and you can still pick up this beautiful Kate Spade wallet at the discounted price. I've been loving mine!
sunnies (under $10!)   |  lipstick  |  wallet

Coming up on the blog this week, I have a fun review of a subscription service I recently got to try out…stay tuned for this look and a few others!
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