Heathered Gray

Today was one of those days at the office where we all worked late and I just wrapped up some additional work from home. It's been busy, but those are my favorite days because they're fast-paced and exciting, especially when we get to work on a really interesting story.

I'm glad I was wearing this super comfortable Wilfred Free Lisiere dress from Aritzia. It's so soft and the fabric has some stretch to it, so it was just the perfect outfit for one of those longer days at the office. I also brought my charcoal gray exeter blazer because it's so chilly in my office and it was the perfect combo!
dress- artizia  |  shoes- nine west  |  necklace- kendra scott  |  
watch- michael kors  |  bag- tory burch 
 Hope you enjoyed your day!

Sweater & Lace

Of the skirts I own, I'm going to have to give the "most worn" prize to this navy lace one from Zara. It's my go-to when I want to feel feminine and pretty. 

Today I paired it with the new merino charley sweater I purchased last weekend at the J.Crew Factory store. I just love the shade of pink it is--- very bright and saturated. I also think it would look fantastic layered over a dress shirt and I plan to style it that way when the weather cools down a little more. This sweater fits exactly like J.Crew's tippi sweater.
sweater- j.crew factory  |  skirt- zara (old) similar DVF version on sale for less than $100! |  shoes- nine west   |  necklace- tinytags, ℅ |  watch- daniel wellington, ℅ USE CODE "veronikasblushing" for 15% off of your purchase  | bracelet- groopdealz, ℅  |  bag- tory burch 
Have a great night (or day if you're reading tomorrow!)

Harper Reese- 17 Months Old!

I remember looking at a picture of Harper as a six month old recently and marveling about how that was nearly a year ago…how is my baby 17 months old?

Harper has been a lot more vocal/verbal this month. She's always saying new and old words and making up some of her own!

She's still very shy at daycare and not talking as much there. Her teachers told me they will see/hear her talking or dancing or singing, but as soon as they notice her or encourage her, she will get shy and stop. She definitely has Kevin's more reserved personality in that regard but she's also quite a firecracker and has an outgoing side to her too. Her teachers are working on getting her to use her words more and speaking in a louder voice. Though she's more shy there, she loves her teachers and friends and when we ask her if she wants to "go to school" she says always says "yessssss." 

We got our half-year reports back from daycare and it was really interesting and fun to read what her teachers said about Harper and her personality. She is still very serious most of the time, but coming out of her shell. She is great at playing with her friends (I read that they all hold hands when they walk to the outdoor play area and they do puzzles and dance together) and she loves story time and crafts. She's also learning a lot of skills like working to dress herself…we're so proud of her!

Harper has been having tantrums and testing her boundaries this month, as you might expect from a toddler. Lately she likes to grab my face with her hand and scratch it. She finds it hilarious, of coursewe need to work on it. She's also still pretty dramatic when she doesn't get what she wants, but we continue to practice letting her calm down and resume good behavior. Oh toddlers.
I shared this on Instagram last week…but look at these twins! My husband and Harper are identical! They even have the same natural hair part. I'm so glad my MIL found this photo, it's so sweet how they have the same serious expression while riding a pony, too.
Favorite Moments, Memories & Milestones:
new words:
says "arrrrrrrrr" when asked "what does the dinosaur say?"
go go go
thank you (sometimes)
hot and "it's hot"
row row row (as in, the song)
juice (this is what she calls pedilyte which we give her when she is sick)
tries to say Harper, sounds like "ar-perrr"

This month, Harper still loves wheels on the bus but she's also branched out into "row row row your boat" and we try to sing it together, it's really cute! She's also still really into our dance parties and says "up up up" when she wants me to hold her and dance. Her favorite pop song is still "Shake it Off" (Taylor Swift).

We were naming body parts one day and I asked "where is your heart?" and she put her hand on her chest and made a "bump bump bump" noise. Then I asked where my heart was and she did the same to me. I almost cried! Her teachers taught her that. So sweet.

She is very independent this month, and wants to do it all by herself. She even gets mad if we try to help her with her spoon. She likes to try things on her own and doesn't like being helped unless SHE asks for it. She also wants to read her own books. She will only let us read to her if she really wants us to. Otherwise, she's happy to turn the pages on her own and look at the pictures and point out things she recognizes. She likes to say "NOOOOO" when we try to help her.

And speaking of that, she can recognize almost everything these days---when we read a book, I will ask "where is so and so" and she almost always knows it.

She imitates everything we do--- I was blowing on her food because it was too hot and then when I gave it to her she kept blowing on it. It was so adorable.

I sometimes cover my eyes and count to 10 and tell Harper to "go hide." One day, she put her hands over her eyes and started to "count" and kept saying "dos dos dos" and I realized the intonation of her counting was in Spanish. Sure enough, her teachers were counting in Spanish that week…she can still only say "dos."

She saw my MacBook one day and pointed and said "apple, apple" when she saw the logo

Harper pressed the Siri button the other day and said "poop." Siri replied "let's keep it clean here." I nearly died of laughter. Oh, and she does in fact tell us now, when she poops.

She is becoming a pickier eater. I expected this so we just try to keep a variety of foods in the mix. She's not a huge fan of meat unless it's mixed into something, with the exception being salmon. Some days she won't eat chicken, other days she likes it. She keeps us on our toes, but for a toddler, she's still a very good eater.

Does lots of pretend play--- answers and talks on the phone, gives milk to her stuffed animal friends and dolls, pushes her friends around in her stroller.

Growls or roars when she sees animals like tigers, lions and dinosaurs. There is a house we walk by all the time that has a lion statue and she always points at it and roars.
hair bow by WillowCrowns
 Have a happy week!

DIY Flamingo Halloween Costume for Toddlers!

This year, I had fully intended to buy Pottery Barn Kid's white swan costume as Harper's Halloween costume. I just loved it, though it did have a steep price tag (it's on sale now though!) 

Weeks went by and I realized I had pink tulle leftover from Harper's first birthday party…then we went to the zoo, I saw the beautiful flamingos there and put two and two together.  So, if you need a costume for your little one this Halloween this tutorial is for you!

When I sat down to make this costume, I put all of the materials I had purchased at Michael's in front of me, opened up my laptop and checked out some of the flamingo costumes (store bought and DIY) that were already online.

I had decided the day before that instead of tulle, the costume really needed feathers, so I purchased three pink boas at the craft store and they're really what make the costume, so it's a good thing I went with those instead of tulle.

My original plan was to make some kind of headpiece that looked like a flamingo head, but I soon realized that was a) really complicated and may require more tools and materials than I had b) Harper would rip it off of her head anyway. So I was back at square one, just trying to come up with something as my crafting materials laid before me on our kitchen island.

I decided to do my own version of this tutorial. It allowed me to have all of the fluffy feathers, without a headpiece and still have that flamingo look. Win!

In terms of execution, I totally winged it.  I got out my glue gun and scissors, and hoped for the best. I took me two tries to get the right beak shape, but I was very happy with the finished product.

Here's what you will need:

  • Existing pink dress- this is an inexpensive one from H&M in a 12 month size
  • Three feather boas (or more, depending on the age and size of your child)
  • Light pink and black felt
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric scissors
  • A couple of cotton balls
  • Elastic

You'll want to start your project by laying out the dress and applying hot glue to where you want to stick the boa. I just did a little zig zag down the length of the dress until it was covered. I did have to add an extra row both front and back to account for fabric that had not been covered the first time around. Then, repeat this for the backside and you're done! This was by far the easiest part.
Next, I used a roll of packaging tape to trace a circle onto my light pink felt to make the head of the flamingo. I free handed the flamingo's beak, eyes and other parts of the flamingo's face and adjusted as needed.
After I had it all set up, I took a cotton ball and spread it out on the round head of the felt that made the flamingo's head. I guess it gave it some extra dimension/cushion. Then I used hot glue to put it all together.

Here is the dress completed, front and back:
(above s is before the extra feathers were added, below is after)
 I hot glued the flamingo head to an extra piece of pink tulle, which served as its long neck.
I didn't want Harper's head to be completely bare with such a fun costume, so I decided to make her a hair bow with some feather flair. I literally googled "how to make a felt hair bow" and I free handed the cutting I did based on the templates I saw in the tutorial I used.
Once the initial hair bow was made, I added pink feathers, also with hot glue:
Lastly, I made these flamingo feet and I affixed some elastic to them so they could go over Harper's shoes. Unfortunately, she wouldn't wear them…but they're a cute touch!
So, how did it turn out? I have to say it has been my favorite DIY to-date! Just look at this sweet little flamingo! I will have to figure out how much to adjust the length of the neck part so the flamingo head is positioned better, but I still have until Friday :)
Thanks for reading and hope you have a happy Halloween! Let me know if this tutorial worked for you. This entire costume probably took about an hour to make, not including the time it took to vacuum the feathers off of my floors..haha :) Happy crafting!
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