Our Weekend...

To say that my long weekend didn't go as planned is an understatement

I got Thursday and Friday off of work for the extra evenings and weekends I worked recently and I was so excited to spend a long weekend with Harper since her daycare was closed all week for Spring break.

We started our Thursday with a dental appointment (okay, not so fun, but it had to be done and it's easier to do on a non work day). All was well at Harper's check-up and we headed out to meet my friend and her daughter for a little play date and story time at the library. I was feeling a little off in the morning, but I thought I was just tired.
 (a little puzzle fun before we went back to the dentist chair where there were tears and screaming)
(happier times with Margot at the library after story time)

On the way home from the library, I called Kevin and asked if he could help get Harper out of the car because I wasn't feeling well. About 20 minutes later, all hell broke loose.

I will spare you the vivid details, but let's just say I had some kind of stomach virus that I am now describing as "the worst ever in life" and "it feels like death." I actually got a similar virus several months ago, but it did not compare to the brutality of whatever the hell this was and only lasted a day, including the recovery time. 

So I spent the entire rest of the day and night becoming reluctant besties with our toilet and trying my best to drink some fluids and eat some crackers (none of which ever stayed down).

Friday morning, I woke up (I was able to get a little sleep after I thought the worst of it was over) and as the day went on, I realized that things were not good…at all. I was in so much pain, had the chills, could barely eat or drink and had a massive migraine. 

I ended up making a call and my doctor sent me to the hospital.  Sweet Candice drove me so Kevin could stay with Harper and stayed until I got too tired (she's so wonderful). To make a long story short, they did some testing, I was way dehydrated, ketones in the urine and all, and so they started me on IV fluids and Zofran and all that jazz. I was discharged late at night and spent the next two days at home recovering.
(dear IV fluids, thank you for making me feel human again)

I'm still fairly weak and am working on eating, hydrating round-the-clock and trying to feel normal again, which is a slow process right now. I'm still having some minor symptoms so I'm taking an extra day away from the office to work from home. 

I feel fortunate that both Kevin and Harper are healthy right now, so there's that. And I have to thank my wonderful husband for letting me rest and being an awesome caretaker to me (and of course to Harper, but he always is!) during these four crazy days.
(trying on her new apple sunnies to make me smile)

I don't have much else to share from this dreadful weekend, but some cute things did come in the mail while I was recovering, so I'll finish this post off with those, because I never want to think about this weekend again and new hair products always make me happy!

The lovely folks over at Living Proof sent me some samples of some products based on my hair type that they thought I would like. I have used their products for years including my beloved prime style extender lotion (I use it before every blowout). I'm excited to try the perfect hair day shampoo, night cap overnight perfector (it has a 5 star rating on Sephora.com) and the restore instant repair lotion. I will report back and let you all know how these products are working for me!
A few Spring items also came in from Old Navy and Baby Gap for Harper:
(it's actually a beautiful bright periwinkle IRL)

Thanks for reading and I hope your weekend was better than mine! Here's to a happier week ahead!

Our Weekend...

This weekend may have been our best Little Gym class yet. Harper was so excited about every single thing and proud of the "skill of the week" she mastered.
|  harper's top + leggings- cute heads |  hair clip- ryan and wren  |  

I'll be honest and say that it was nice to have such a fun and happy weekend, because this past week was an absolute disaster. I don't know how many of you with toddlers experience the same thing, but Harper has about one week each month that seriously makes me question everything (is this real life?) Thank goodness for the friends that text me "don't worry, my kid does that too." 

After Little Gym, we headed to a local park to burn off a little more energy before lunch and nap time.

|  harper's sunglasses- babiators  |  harper's shoes- mini melissa  |

During Harper's nap, I met my friend Chasity for brunch at Downhouse and we ended up eating and chatting for over three hours…it's fun to catch up over breakfast food and delicious waffles (seriously, do not leave that place without having the waffles with the strawberry jam).

Our waitress told me they're opening a few new restaurants all in the Heights area which made me super excited. This area is growing so much and there are so many families, parks, shops and restaurants here. We love it!
Later that day we visited a park closer to our house for some pre-dinner fun.
|  whisper buggy  |  

Once Harper was asleep for the night, I hit up Target where I felt old when I saw a bunch of (maybe slightly intoxicated) college kids running through the store buying drink mixers, chips and candy. I thought about how tired they're going to be the next day…and then I remembered how much energy I had "back then." Sigh. Who was I kidding? 

I picked up a few new tops for Harper that I can't resist sharing. 

How cute are they?! I'm so excited for summer dresses and rompers too.

Our Sunday morning started with Starbucks and donuts at our friend's house. Margot and Harper read books and played "hide-and-seek"…sort of.
 The rest of our day was pretty laid back…grocery shopping and a little fun with bubbles.
Hope you had a great weekend!

J.Crew Spring Sale Picks

I'm sharing a super quick post because I ended up ordering something from J.Crew's Spring sale. You can use code SPRINGSTYLE for 25% off of your order.
 I ordered the black stripe endless shirt a couple of weeks ago and I love it (I also have the blue stripe version) and today I ordered this pom-pom tunic. The blue was sold out, but the white is so fresh and crisp for Spring/Summer and I love wearing lightweight tunics like this when the weather warms up.

I am also majorly crushing on this llavender stripe top and this black and white stripe midi skirt. And that lemon yellow sweater is darling also. In fact, I don't think I own anything yellow…maybe it's time?
I'm officially excited for Spring and ready to get out of my neutrals/Winter rut!

The Corded Popover Tunic

I'm sharing a quick outfit today--- I picked up this amazing top at J.Crew during their 20% off sale a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy with it!  It's the corded popover tunic in blue and I ordered a 4T (it also comes in regular and petite!) It's on sale right now for 25% off using code SPRINGSTYLE.

And speaking of spring, who's ready for it? As a Houston resident I should really be the last one complaining, but I am ready for consistent sunshine and no more cold and rain. For those of you braving snowstorms in other parts of the country, I hope it warms up soon where you are too!

I always tend to like spring and summer clothing best, especially taking into consideration the climate we live in, so hopefully the bright colors and fun prints coming out in these next few months will mean some fun new additions to the wardrobe.
tunic- j.crew  |  pants- banana republic  |  shoes- banana republic (similar) |  necklace- kendra scott

Also--- here's a confession--- I have worn my BR sloan pants (alternating the three pairs I have) for months now. I basically wear them to work nearly everyday. I'm kind of in a rut, but I just love them so much and it's so easy to pair them on with a dress shirt and sweater or blazer. They're 40% off right now using code DAYBREAK, so if you're on the fence, now is the time.

Enjoy your week!
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