Dallas Bound!

Happy Wednesday! Tonight I'll be packing for a trip to Dallas to attend the RewardStyle Conference! I was invited for the past couple of years to go, but the first year I was too nervous to go (which is silly) and the next I was like eight months pregnant, so I decided to skip it. I promised myself I would go this year (if I was invitedso I was really happy to see that I was when the invitations went out in early February. 
(I should've started packing earlier, but I badly needed a mani/pedi tonight)

I’m hoping that more than anything, attending will inspire me to produce the kind of content I used to and that many of you came here for in the first place. I love sharing my life and family, but I miss the style, makeup, home d├ęcor and product review posts that used to be the primary focus of my blog.

The truth is, I became overwhelmed. I thought I could “do it all” with working full time, spending time with family and maintaining my blog. The more pressure I put on myself, the less and less I found myself inspired to create content. After Harper went to bed at night, I would sit there with my laptop open, exhausted. I didn’t want to create content just to do it, so often I would go days or a week between posts. 

It's really difficult to admit that you haven't "put your all" into something you care about, but I since I don't blog for a living, like many bloggers nowadays do (which is awesome!), I had to devote my time and energy to a lot of other priorities. I know it’s not realistic to maintain my blog to the level it used to be, but I want to feel inspired to share the things I love again (outside of family, of course).

Having said that, I want to thank all of you who have stuck around and followed me through all of these (five!!!) years--- and also to my new readers! Without y'all, these opportunities would not be possible, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

I’d like to keep my blog a mix of content so there’s something for everyone, but I also want to get back to what inspired me to blog in the first place--- and that’s creating outfits for the workplace, sharing favorite products and beauty tricks and decorating our home. I hope to learn a lot and bring you better, fresher and more frequent content. 

Thanks for reading!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is just around the corner so I put together a gift guide of some of my favorite things--- some I own and love and others are wish list items!
This is probably one of my most-worn jewelry items of all time. This sweet necklace goes with everything and I love having Harper's name, birth date and Kevin's initial as a wearable jewelry piece. The last day for standard orders to get to you in time is 4/26 and they have a lifetime warranty on their products.

I love the fresh mint green color of this tote for spring and summer and the size is perfect.

This gold watch with hot pink details has been on my wish list!

I have two of these adorable spoons and they are a perfect gift. My favorites are from the coffee & tea collection. They also have a special collection just for mother's day. A super unique and resonably priced gift! I also love their stacked rings.

I met Kilee on the StitchFix trip I went on last year and she makes the most beautiful leather earrings and accessories. I have a pair of the rose gold ones and I'm loving these gold ones for the summer--- they would look amazing with an all-white outfit with a little bit of a tan! The best part is that they're so lightweight, you can barely feel you're wearing them.

I love this simple, clean design. You can get anything typed onto it--- a name, special date, coordinates, etc. It's a beautiful everyday piece. I have one in rose gold and wear it often!

On the more practical side, moms are busy and iPhone batteries are terrible. Trust me when I say you need one of these, stat!

I can't get enough of a bright mint color as the weather warms up and Kendra Scott's "morgan" earrings continue to be my most worn. I think I need to add this color to my collection!

Okay, so maybe I tried these on last week…they were out of my size at the time, but they're oh-so-cute and I may have to order them online.

Happy shopping for yourself, your mom or any mom you know and love :)

Our Weekend…& Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Before Harper turned one, we decided that we would buy tickets to Disney's Frozen on Ice as soon as they went on sale, because, she will love it right? I mean, she'll be almost two, we thought.

It was kind of a risky move on our part and truthfully I was a little worried she would have a meltdown or not sit through the two-hour show. We went to the 3:30 show which is conveniently after her nap time, so at least there was one good thing on our side--- a well-rested toddler.

Fortunately, we were also super close to the ice. We were on the floor and about seven rows back, so she could really see all of the action and I really think that's what kept her engaged. The only time she got restless was during intermission! As soon as the show started again she was just mesmerized. There were lots of kiddos her age there, so I guess we weren't the only crazies who thought this would work out…we got lucky…this time! Her favorite part was when Sven and Olaf were on the ice. She would say their names, point and wave to them! It was darling.
(taking her right up to the front of the ice at intermission- our row was right behind that little barricade you see!)

Of course we left with an Anna doll, and of course Harper insisted we hold her hand too.
Now onto Sunday. After the whole Jason Wu for Target fiasco (which I admittedly went a little crazy over and then never ended up wearing or enjoying most of the pieces I purchased) I kind of swore off these designer collaborations and didn't buy anything from the collections released over the past few years. And then, Target announced the Lilly Pulitzer collab and my co-worker and I added it to our calendars immediately and made a plan. After seeing the look books online, this isn't one we wanted to miss.

So we headed out to a Target near work bright and early. We got lucky and were about the 15th people in line. There were some girls there who had been there since 5:45 a.m. We got there a hair before 7 and after that more and more (and more) people lined up. I would say there were about 250 people by the time the doors opened at 8.
(Lindsey + me, with the sun shining down on our faces…and yes, we were sitting on concrete, gotta do what you gotta do)

We actually had a lot of fun getting to know some of the women near us in line. We even joked about "forming an alliance" Survivor-style, in light of the Black-Friday-like craziness past collaborations have brought.

And yeah, it was a little crazy. Though not quite the insanity we read about on Twitter. I heard that in some stores people literally cleared ENTIRE RACKS of clothing and other items in all sizes and threw them into their carts. What the heck is wrong with those people? Thankfully our Target had a limit of two of the the same item per person. Though that clearly hasn't stopped people from re-selling on eBay in a matter of hours--- there are currently over 22K listings, many for 2-3 times the price items cost in stores :(

Our experience was good--- we were among the first in the store and we both left very happy with our purchases. There was no pushing or shoving, no arguments or insanity. In fact, we found there to be a sort of camaraderie--- we all happily gave away items we passed on to those who were patiently waiting in the fitting room area and people were trading items. It was smooth sailing.

Looking back, I wish I would have skipped women's all together and just gone to the toddler and housewares section. I missed out on some of the home collection pieces and I found the fit on the women's dresses I was most excited about to be disappointing. 

The first thing I did snag when I got to the store is this gorgeous hot-pink bag for the summer! It's perfect for weekends and pool days--- and it came with the scarf! It even has a zip pocket on the inside. So perfect and I'm thankful I stopped to get this first thing as they were in very limited supply.
Below is what I tried on from the women's section. As you can see, the pink and navy dresses were super short on me so I passed (and they actually look longer in these pics--- they were so short I could have flashed peope if I bent over--- not good, friends). The yellow/green/pink dress was a little longer because I sized-up, but I decided to trade it with a girl who really wanted it and she had a gorgeous basket I had my eye on, so it was a win-win.

The one item I did buy, is this flowy cover-up on the left, though I am planning on returning it. I don't find it that exciting/flattering and I think I just bought it on impulse since it was the only clothing item I had left for myself. The maxi on the right was cute, but the elastic waist cut me in a weird area and if I pulled it up, it made the dress too short. My friend bought it and it looked fab on her!
The items I got for Harper are absolutely precious and I'm so glad I went over to the toddler section as soon as I escaped the fury that was the women's section. I think I was the second or third person to that section because the racks were still fully stocked when I got there.
 Oh, and here is the aforementioned basket. It's lovely and has gold handles. Need I say more?
For those of you who weren't able to shop online or in store (or maybe just got there after everything was gone!) like with all of these collabs, check your local store in a week or two. These collections have a 14-day return policy so things start to trickle back in as people have buyer's remorse or find that items don't fit.

I think my favorite item is this precious romper. Don't you agree? Bow is by happinessliveshere.
After my #lillyfortarget experience, I came home and we had friends over for a little play date. Harper insisted they both wear aprons to play and color and it was too sweet not to capture.
Hope your weekend was amazing!

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! We had so much fun this Saturday at Cami's second birthday party! Harper was so excited to go she ran to the car like a little escapee.
harper's sweater  |  dress (same style) |  sandals  |  hair clip 

Cami and Harper are wearing dresses made by her mom, Amanda. She also made Harper's Easter dress and will be making a birthday dress for Harper. I can't wait!

I picked up some new PJ's for Harper and Cami this weekend as well as the denim dress. Had to share this cute popsicle and boat pattern!
I've been making an effort lately to snap some of my weekend outfits which are usually way on the casual side. I like to really get comfy on weekends since I dress up more for work all week.
top- gap  |  vest- nordstrom (similar, similar)  |  tights- lululemon  |  sandals- tory burch  |  sunglasses- amazon

Before I move on to Sunday, let's talk about Saturday night. We have been weaning Harper from her pacifier for the last two weeks. We cut them down so they have less suction and she tells us "Nounou broke it." Sorry, Lulu. It has been going well but on Saturday she barely took a nap (usually 2.5-3 hours and she only slept an hour) and then she had hours of fun at Cami's birthday. She ended up taking a 25-minute nap in the car on the way home and so we put her to bed a little later. We did our bath and nighttime routine, all was well. We sang "happy birthday" together ("again, again, again mommy!") in her crib and she seemed fine and dandy.

I left her room after some songs and rubbing her back and all hell broke loose. She began to sob uncontrollably. So I went back in there and she stopped immediately. I took her to her glider and rocked her and rubbed her back thinking she was drifting off to sleep. Suddenly, she pops her head up, looks me right in the eye and does this crazy wide-eyed smile and is all like "hi mommy!" She wanted to chat. So we talked back and forth and played "this little piggy" with her toes and sang some more songs. Tried to put her back in the crib, screaming/crying again. This is very unlike her. She is a creature of habit and just goes right to sleep in her crib with a few songs, no fuss---she even says "I love you mommy" and "goodnight mommy" and waves to me as I leave her room most nights.

So we did what any rational toddler parents would do after Kevin went up there and also failed at getting her to sleep. We let her come downstairs and watch Frozen. We thought "this will make her tired." Except for it didn't and at 10 p.m. she was still wide awake and laughing at us (probably over her victory). Well played.

Eventually, we caved and gave her a normal paci, which she initially spit out and subsequently threw at us. Then she realized it was one of the ones Lulu didn't in fact "break" and happily took it and went to sleep. Harper 2, us, zero.

She pulled the same routine tonight, only this time we went up once, and I had the strength to turn down the volume a little on the video monitor and let her settle herself for a few extra minutes. She is sleeping right now, thankfully. All is restored (I'm jinxing myself, right)?

It rained all day today so during nap time I decided to go shopping at the mall, for myself only, something I haven't done in ages (okay so maybe I bought Harper one dress, but to be fair, it was an exchange!)

First, I went to Nordstrom. I was loving all of the spring dresses and tried several on! I have some events coming up and wanted some new styles.
I didn't purchase this one but I do really like it. It struck me as something I'd also want to wear to work and it wasn't long enough for that but the print is darling!
This lace dress is from the Topshop in Nordstrom. I liked it, but there are so many lace styles out right now that I felt I could find one that is longer and more flattering (more on that later!) This is a similar style I found on their website.
These eyelet dresses (the yellow and white) are by cece by Cynthia Steffe. I loved a lot of her dresses and ended up getting the white eyelet one for spring and summer. I love the drop waist!
I also tried on this blue cece by Cynthia Steffe dress and I'm really (really) kicking myself for not buying it. The powder blue color is perfect and I love that it can be worn with or without the belt. Sigh. I may order it online.
Next, I tried on this Kate Spade dress. It's a little pricey and I thought it fit was kind of blah on me anyway. I also found this very similar (and was more affordable at $65) dress here.
I was on a roll with white dresses, as you can see and this pretty Trina Turk dress caught my eye. They didn't have my size (I needed one down) but I loved the fabric and silhouette. It was pricey so I decided to keep searching to see if I could find something else I liked just as much!
After Nordstrom, I headed to one of my favorites, LOFT. They were having a 50% off promo on all of the dresses and this white lace dress with powder blue underlay caught my eye immediately! It is so gorgeous and it's 50% off online as well!
I also loved this striped dress but alas I needed a size down and they didn't have it in stock. I may order it online. What do you ladies think?!
Lastly from LOFT, I further entertained my love of white eyelet for the summer and got this button-up sleeveless tunic dress. I love that the shape is different from the others I purchased today (if that's not a justification, I don't know what is…but come on, how could I have left this one there?) It also comes in yellow (just sayin').

LOFT has a ton of great dresses in stock right now--- don't know how long the 50% off will last, so go now!
Next, I visited J.Crew. I really wanted to love this dress but they didn't have my size and the sleeves looked a little wonky on me. Love the color and texture though!
That's it from me this weekend!  Hope yours was great!
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