Sunday, April 13, 2014

Our Weekend...

We had a pretty fun-filled weekend starting with a playdate at Meg's house with Katie, Judy and Michelle and our kiddos. Meg is launching an online baby boutique called Little Kennedy Boutique so we got our little ones together to shoot some of the offerings!
Katie, me and Meg

Harper and daddy had a special story time moment later that night since we were gone most of the day. I just love this photo!
Today I treated myself to a much-needed pedicure and a trip to Target during Harper's nap time. 
tank- target  |  leggings- athleta (obsessed!)  | jacket- nordstrom
(some Target finds)
Later, we had lunch as a family at a local restaurant! It's so close to the house that we decided to walk! It's a nice perk of living inside the loop!
All weekend, there was a lot of this!  She just loves that walker.

After Harper was down for the night, I went grocery shopping (so much easier to go on your own!) and did some food prep for the week for Harper's daycare lunches and snacks.
We boiled some organic chicken breast tenders and baby carrots for her lunches and chopped up a bunch of fruit. YUM!  I also cleaned out our fridge tonight. Not a fun task but it can get gross in there.

Speaking of baby food---what kinds of lunches and snacks do you send if your baby is in daycare? Once she's in the toddler room the food is provided (and it's a fantastic menu) but I sometimes feel like I run out of ideas. Right now I send pasta with meat and veggies or just veggies, plain Greek yogurt with fresh blackberries and other berries crushed into it for flavor and a mix of various fruits (up to 5 kinds) all chopped up in little pieces. I would love to hear your ideas for fresh, healthy baby meals :)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Skirting It

It's getting to that temperature in Houston where when you get into your car after work, you have to blast the AC at maximum levels because your car has been baking in the sun all day. But I said I was looking forward to warmer weather, so no complaints here!

Today I wore this beautiful full skirt from Madewell. It's comfortable and simple, yet has a semi-bold pattern to keep things interesting (though it would be beautiful in a solid color as well).  Madewell doesn't sell this skirt anymore, but here's a similar one and this one is beautiful as well.
tee- SixTwenty ℅  | skirt- madewell  | shoes- gap (similar, similar)  | necklace- ℅ Stella & Dot (similar for less than $20 and also love this one

If you've never heard of Six Twenty, check them out. They make beautiful basics with incredibly soft and high-quality materials that wash well---and it's all made in the USA (in sunny California). I've had this v-neck tee since last summer and wear it all the time. It's fitted (but not too tight) and the material is a quality opaque one. Absolutely love it!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recent Outfits...

My love for pants continues to grow…and grow and grow. Here are a few recently worn outfits, including today's!

shirt- gap (on sale!!!)  |  pants- j.crew  |  shoes- nine west  | necklace- ℅ TheModernSiren

A note about the shirt--- it's a stunning pinkish/neon lilac color and I got a size medium tall. It's a little too big on me but it was sold out in size small tall and I tried it on in store in the regular length and it was a no-go. Maybe it will shrink a bit when I wash it. Overall though, the fit is good and I don't mind if it's a teeny bit loose. I also wore a blazer over this shirt at work but didn't wear it for the photos.

shirt- j.crew  |  pants- banana republic (on sale!)  |  shoes- nine west  | necklace- ℅ Stella & Dot (similar for less than $20 and also love this one) |  blazer- aritzia
shirt- aritzia  |  pants- j.crew  |  shoes- j.crew factory (on sale!)  | necklace- groopdealz  | cardigan- j.crew
shirt- express (old) (this is also super cute or try this or this)  |  pants- j.crew  (mine are the tall ones) |  shoes- nine west/j.crew factory  | necklace- banana republic (similar, also love this) | cardigan- j.crew

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Victorinox Knife Set Giveaway (For All of You Cooks!) via Very Sharp Things

A couple of years ago, I got to meet one of my lovely readers, Sheryl and her husband Warren.  
(after lunch at La Madeline)

They were taking a trip to Houston and Warren emailed me to let me know his wife was a fan of my blog. We arranged to meet at the Galleria and I invited Sheryl and Warren to have lunch with us. It was fun to meet a great couple, and they were Canadians to boot, so I knew they'd be awesome :)

Warren recently started a new business called and he generously offered to host a giveaway for my lovely readers. If you or your husband like to cook, this one's for you!

As you all know, my husband does most of the cooking in our house (God bless him!) I love to grocery shop and I love making scrambled eggs, baby purees, peach basil oil salad, lucky charm marshmallow squares, and tortilla soup--- but there's where my relationship with the kitchen ends. 

We got a lot of items from generous family members and friends when we got married, but one thing we never got was a great set of knives. We already owned knives so we didn't think to get better quality ones that would last a really long time.  Luckily for us (well, mostly for Kevin) Warren hooked us up with a beautiful new set by Victorinox. They make I Swiss Army knives, so how could we go wrong?

Plus, they look fab in our kitchen and let's just say I appreciate something that's functional and pretty.
Though Kevin uses the knives daily for our dinners, I do most of our weekly food prep, and I've come to appriciate them since they make chopping up all of our stuff for the week a cinch.
 I chop up various fruits and make fresh fruit cups for Harper to take as a snack at daycare.
Even though the website is based in Canada (the homeland!), the shipping you pay is very similar to what you would pay for other things you order online if you're in the US like me. You can also email Warren anytime for advice on knives if you're not sure what would best suit your cooking needs. He's kind of a knife aficionado and he returns emails promptly. 

Warren is giving away one Victorinox 7-piece forged block set (that's a $495 value, folks!) to one lucky Veronika's Blushing reader. All you have to do is go and "LIKE" Very Sharp Things on Facebook and your name will be entered into a random draw. Please make sure you complete the rafflecopter form below so we know you entered!

The draw will be open until 12 midnight on April 14th. The winner will be announced on the Very Sharp Things’ Facebook page.

Thanks for entering and good luck!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Weekend...

I love weekends. It means two straight days with Harper and my hubs. After a long workweek, I cherish that family time and enjoy the relaxation.

We started our Saturday with a 3K walk at the Texas Children's Family Fun Run. There was also a fantastic family fun zone sponsored by H-E-B that had a ton of great activities for kids including rides, bounce houses, etc. It will be really exciting when Harper can enjoy those things when she's older.
(someone was tired #skippednormalnaptime)
We started in the 27th (and last) heat of the participants with a lot of the other families with strollers (there's a special section for families with strollers so we don't interfere with people who are actually running the 1K or 3K routes).

After the walk we stayed for a bit at the family fun zone to chat with some friends and then we went home for naptime and lunch from Zoe's Kitchen (yum!)
Today we relaxed at home, cleaned up the house a little bit and meal-prepped for the week. Harper doesn't eat purees anymore so we chop everything up for her to take to daycare for the week. I love that we can feed her normal food now and not have to puree and freeze stuff. I also love that once she enters the toddler room, the food is provided and included in our tuition dues. It was really important to us that her daycare have healthy food options and the menu is wonderful and everything is chef-prepared daily. Lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies, just like we would feed her at home.

We introduced Harper to a walker toy this weekend and she is obessed. She has always been great at cruising along furniture but she hated walking holding our hands. I'm in zero rush for her to walk because it's already a workout chasing her around when she crawls, but I think the walker has made her comfortable walking forwards. Some experts believe that walkers actually delay walking because babies use them as a crutch and don't develop the balance they need as quickly, so we decided to offer it a couple of times a day for a limited time so that she's still practicing cruising and crawling to move around. 

We got this V-Tech one and she loves the front that has all of the thing she can play with too. As soon as she started to use the walker, she will walk with us holding her hands too. We also noticed (even before she started using the walker) that she would sometimes stand for a few seconds on her own. Her teachers told us the same thing so she's been getting more and more comfortable with balance. She's also gotten a lot better at falling and more often than not catches herself or plops down onto her butt.
Harps on the go!
She also loves the DK Publishing First Words flashcards- she takes them out of the box one by one and we name each object/thing and talk about the shape and color, etc.

Harper's Bow- thanks to Liv's Lane |  Harper's Romper- Baby Gap
A 5 minute weekend chalkboard (I seriously just now erased the Valentine's one…whoops!)
Naptime cuddles…I didn't even wash my face or put on makeup today. You can see the previous night's mascara smudged underneath my eye, Britney style. Lazy family Sundays are the greatest of all :)

 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
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