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Hello and happy Thursday! 

Megan texted me from Maine to tell me that I absolutely had to try Urban Decay's new Perversion mascara as well as Anastasia's new Dipbrow pomade tout de suite. We tend to like the same kinds of makeup products, so I can't wait to try these! 


|  URBAN DECAY Perversion Mascara & Deluxe Subversion Prime  |

I also picked up a new bottle of my beloved Ojon shampoo. It looks like they changed the packaging recently and when I got to the store I thought they had discontinued it and panicked (for a moment). 
|  OJON- Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo  |
My Nine West Martina heels are the most comfortable pair I own, so they get worn most often (and they go with almost everything!)  Needless to say, I was in dire need of a new pair after nearly three years of wear. They're my absolute favorite nude heels and you can bet I'll be purchasing them for years to come.

And last, but definitely not least, are these absolutely adorable bows from HappinessLivesHere. They're fantastic quality and the size is perfect for Harper's pony tails. She wears clip-in bows way more often than headbands now and these come with great non-slip grips!
|  The Meg Bow  |
 |  Nora Bow Set  | 
(mine were a custom set of different patterns I liked!)
 Thank you so much for sending these Jackie! I absolutely love them.

Have a great night everyone :)

PS- I forgot to mention these sweet prints I purchased from! I used these to make a photo wall/collage as well as a banner for Harper's first birthday and I currently use the prints to decorate my cube at work. I got a new set recently since I hadn't ordered in three months!

Wednesdays in White

Thank you for all of your feedback on getting back to the DSLR photos! Kevin has been a champ dealing with taking these every morning while holding Harper on his hip, so if there's anyone to thank for no more mirror photos, it's him!

I pretty much compulsively buy white dresses and this J.Crew bow-back dress from a couple of years ago is a favorite. I paired it with a navy blue cardigan (not shown) when I got to the office.

The one thing that's tricky about this dress is that the fabric wrinkles like crazy. It's a cotton linen-ish fabric. I always have 20 or 30 extra minutes in the morning before we leave the house, so I just get on the floor in my work clothes with Harper so we can have a little quality time before we have to start our commute. This isn't ideal for the outfit situation, but I'd rather have those moments than a perfect-looking dress.
dress- j.crew (white dresses I love  1 |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6)  |  shoes- nordstrom  |  necklace- tiffany & co.  |  earrings- baublebar
 Here is a closer-up shot of my gorgeous earrings!

Misty Mornings

If the weather forecast and temperature gauge in your car haven't convinced you that it's too hot outside, behold today's photos.

I had to deepen the contrast in them in iPhoto because as you can imagine, the entire lens fogged right up in the morning humidity…and I didn't notice until after we took them. Sigh. 

Getting dressed for the office in this weather is not fun, and yes, I plan to complain about it until the weather is at the very least in the low 80's.

Foggy photos aside, I must profess my love for these Banana Republic Adelia heels that I purchased last week. I just love they way they are cut and they're pretty comfortable. They may need a couple of weeks of breaking-in, but I would say they're a 7/10 on the comfort scale right out of the box.
shirt-  artizia  (similar- comes in tall + petite) |  skirt-  zara (old) similar, similar (pricier but gorgeous) |  shoes- banana republic  |  sunglasses- gucci  |  watch- michael kors
I first spotted the heels in this online preview for the new Sloan skinny pants and I immediately noticed how flattering they looked. I happened to see them in store and they had my size, so I purchased the midnight blue ones.
They're definitely a must-have pump for fall! I got mine for 40% off during last week's promo, but they have promos almost every week so I would add them to your cart! It looks like sizes in midnight blue and black are going fast.

Have a happy week!

Harper's One Year Photos!

The morning of our last day in Toronto (just a few hours before we headed to the airport to catch our flight), Adam came over to capture some shots of Harper. I've known Adam for over a decade, he is one of my cousin's closest friends and we spent a lot of time together growing up. 

I was delighted to learn that Adam was growing his photography business, Adam Biesenthal Photography, and I asked him to come and snap some photos of Harper---and he showed up with coffee, so that's automatically an A+.

You may have recently heard of Adam because a wedding photo he took with Jeff Goldblum and a wedding party running from a dinosaur went viral.

I'm so happy with these sweet photos of Harper. Our conditions weren't ideal (she was due for a nap/a little cranky and the sun was super bright) but he was able to capture her sweetness and personality with the 20 or so minutes he shot for.

Here are some of my favorite shots:
dress- baby gap (love this one)
flower crown- custom piece by willow crowns
hair bow- willow crowns
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